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West Angel Island is a location created from Angel Island from Cosmic Reboot's dimension fusing with West Side Island and Angel Island from ρς-ϕξς into a single location that shares features of all three of its original locations and has the power to travel between dimensions. This article should give more details on how West Angel Island wound up existing in the first place, as well as giving information on various locations and characters that exist in this universe.


In ζπ-χιμ, Iblis was randomly destroying the world. This dimension's Knuckles, realizing what was going on, activated a failsafe in Angel Island that was intended to use the power of the Emeralds to keep the island from being destroyed should Iblis reach it and attempt to destroy it. However, the failsafe only partially worked; instead of Angel Island remaining intact or being destroyed, it was hurled into another dimension.

Meanwhile, in ρς-ϕξς, around 257 SY, Rinnahssiah-0 was destroying that dimension in a regard closely resembling Iblis's destruction of the other dimension. ρς-φξς's Steron, the guardian of ρς-φξς's Angel Island, had been avoiding interfering with Rinnahssiah-0's destruction, as the inhabitants of the world appeared to be dealing with it well enough by themselves. However, when Rinnahssiah-0 neared West Side Island and started attempting to destroy that, Steron realized that Rinnahssiah-0's highly destructive attacks, combined with the highly destructive lava found on the island, could wind up destroying the island and everything in its surroundings, providing far more massive consequences than ρς-φξς's inhabitants could handle.

Thinking fast, Steron used the power of Angel Island's Master Emerald to maneuver Angel Island over to West Side Island, then started attempting to counter Rinnahssiah-0's destruction of the island by using the Emeralds to pulling all of the lava out of both Angel Island and West Side Island to form a defensive shield around the island. The magic involved in doing so created a dimensional breach that sucked in Cosmic Reboot's Angel Island (due to that Angel Island's similarity to ρς-φξς's Angel Island), smacking ρς-φξς's Angel Island into West Side Island and causing both Angel Islands and the West Side Island that were now all filling the same spot to merge, also merging Knuckles and Steron (who were occupying roughly the same spot on their own Angel Islands) into a new being. When Rinnahssiah-0 attacked the makeshift lava shield, this exploded a significant chunk of the island, launching the rest of the island into the dimensional breach that it came out of. However, as there was still a dimensional void on the other side of the dimensional breach, the new merged island wound up landing in a new dimension of its own.

Waking up in this new dimension, the merged-Knuckles-Steron being had no idea what had happened. Calling himself by a completely new name, Wechnia, this being decided to explore the new island, which he called West Angel Island (putting together a few bits of names that he remembered belonging to this island). Eventually, he discovered that the island had fifteen extra-powerful Emeralds: seven Fissure Emeralds (each caused by the combination of a pair of Chaos Emeralds), seven Hyper Emeralds (each caused by the combination of a pair of Super Emeralds), and one Ascension Emerald (caused by the combination of the two Master Emeralds). Using the power of these Emeralds, Wechnia discovered that he could teleport West Angel Island throughout dimensions at will. After using the power of the Emeralds to rearrange the island's contents for maximum defense and efficiency, Wechnia embarked on a journey throughout all of space-time…


Please ask me, Wikikinetic, if you want your character to live anywhere on West Angel Island. If I say yes, you can add your character to the appropriate list below.

Metal Jungle

A series of pipes, steel coils, and a small number of vines form the Metal Jungle, a system that wraps around the edge of West Angel Island, fending off most potential intruders from entering. These wrap not only around the island but above it as well, meaning that the only real method of entrance to the island is the Sky Fortress located above the island.

Notable Residents

As of right now, there are no notable residents of Metal Jungle.

Sky Fortress

Located above the center of the island, this is a heavily defended building that provides the main method of access to the island's livable areas. However, its high defenses require that one either be incredibly stealthy or have permission to enter in order to get to the island's livable areas.

Notable Residents

As of right now, there are no notable residents of Sky Fortress.

Sylvania Castle

More of a series of ruins than a castle per se, Sylvania Castle is a forested area full of water, as well as lots of ruins (both on land and underwater). Probably the second-nicest area to live on the island.

Notable Residents

  • Lawrence the Bat: The reclusive retainer and primary resident of Sylvania Castle. Owned by Wikikinetic.

White Park

A snowy area full of amusement park rides and bright lights. While it can certainly be an entertaining place to be, it's not exactly livable. It's definitely the island's biggest tourist attraction, though.

Notable Residents

As of right now, there are no notable residents of White Park.

Oil Desert

An expansive desert filled with quicksand, oil slicks, and vast quantities of machinery to keep it all in line. Probably the least pleasant of the potentially livable areas on the island, but still usable (Wechnia made sure of that).

Notable Residents

As of right now, there are no notable residents of Oil Desert.

Perfect Garden

The island's heart in a sense, this is an area containing lots of ruins, crystals, and other interesting phenomena. This can't be accessed except by traveling through Sylvania Castle, White Park, or Oil Desert. Probably the nicest area to live on the island.

Notable Residents

As of right now, there are no notable residents of Perfect Garden.

Emerald Cave

The absolute least accessible area on the island, this is located below Perfect Garden, meaning that anyone who wants to get here has to travel through about half of the island's sub-locations to get here. It's where the Emeralds are stored, which accounts both for its inaccessibility and for the large number of death traps that Wechnia has set up in the area.

Notable Residents

  • Wechnia the Echidna: The guardian of the Emeralds and the original resident of West Angel Island. Owned by Wikikinetic.

Fun Facts

  • This is Wikikinetic's first location page that is neither a dimension nor a piece of a dimension.
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