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Hello, Template:USERNAME! I am Skyblade743, also known as Sky, Skyblade, Skibabble, Shulk, Dark Lord of the Sith, Piercing Light of Abun-Ra, Paragon of Torna and Eater of Cake. This is my user page.

<tabber> |-|About me=I am Skyblade. I am British, 18 years old and heterosexual at the time of writing, and I am a self confessed geek. My room is littered with video game books, Star Wars art books and D&D manuels. I'm also a gamer, mostly playing JRPGs and fighting games (except Street Fighter. I'm horrible at Street Fighter). I enjoy some anime and I want Eren Yeager to die a slow, meaningless and painful death.

That said, I'm a cheery guy. I just hate Eren Yeager. A lot.

Things I Like

  • Video Games. In particular:
    • Xenoblade. All of them.
    • Pokepark 2.
    • Lego Universe (RIP).
    • Club Penguin (also RIP).
    • Sonic (duh)
    • Mariokart (except the original).
    • Astral Chain
    • Hollow Knight
  • D&D, especially Warlocks.
  • Writing.
    • Deconstructing tropes.
  • Katanas. Legit, almost all of my female characters have ended up with katanas and I don’t know how.
  • The word defenestration.
  • Star Wars Actually, just sci-fi in general.

Things I don’t like

  • Quality Street.
  • Boredom.

Things i want to like but can’t

  • Drawing (I suck at it).
  • Writing fantasy (Legit, no matter how hard I try I always slip into another genre somehow).
  • School.
  • Common anime tropes being used completely seriously.
  • Mario platformers.

People I Have Positive Emotional Relationships with

Stuff I Did

21.1.18-1000 edits.

30.6.18-Won featured user and Chronosabre won featured article, the first time anyone's won them simultaneously.

10.8.18-2000 edits.

27.2.19- Rugal Paramount won featured article.

28.3.19-3000 edits.

1.1.2020-Won featured user.

3.4.2020-Tel-Eth won featured article. |-|My pages=

If you want to talk to my characters, do it Here! |-|Other Stuff=

My To Do List

Warning:may contain spoilers for future projects!

Tier List

This isn't an exact power ranking, so just use it as a rough guide.

Video Game Section

Currently Playing

  • Pokepark 2: Fuck these tournament fights

Mains for games that have those things

  • Injustice 2:Scarecrow.
  • Smash 4:Cloud, Lucas, Ness.
  • Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite:Jedah/Black Panther, Mega Man X/Gamora.
  • Smash Brawl:Meta Knight, Kirby.
  • Heroes of the Storm:Generally tanky solo laners like Azmodan, Blaze and Dehaka. Also, Lost Vikings.
  • ARMS:Min Min.
  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle:Yu/Naoto.
  • Smash Ultimate: Lucas, Joker.
  • Mortal Kombat 11: Noob Saibot, Spawn

Games I need to Play/Finish During Lockdown

  • Twilight Princess
  • Recore
  • Octo Expansion
  • AC Origins
  • Sonic Unleashed (both versions)
  • Blazblue CS
  • Pokemon Black w/o cheats
  • Pokemon Black/White 2
  • Hollow Knight. Soak Godhome in blood.
  • Xenoblade X sidequests
  • Xenoblade 2 challenges

The Star Wars Movies from worst too best

10.Episode 2 (I don’t like sand.)

9.Episode 8 (It's bad. It's just really bad. It has it's moments, primarily Luke and that one death, but otherwise it's hampered by a really bad script and plot holes larger than the Supremacy. If it wasn't for those moments...ok, it probably would still be better than Attack of the Clones, but still.)

8.Episode 1 (If Episode 8 was consistently bad with a few good moments, Episode 1 was consistently meh with a few good moments, namely the Podrace and the lightsabre fights. I don't mind Anakin too much in this film either. And, yes, Jar Jar Binks is annoying. That's the main reason the film's down here.)

7.Episode 3 (I’ll be honest, Episode 3 is a guilty pleasure of mine. The Battle of Couriscant is the best space battle in the season, General Grievous is an awesome villain, and Ewan McGregor does an awesome job as Obi-Wan in this film. However, it still suffers from overused CGI and a bad script.)

6.Rouge One (Rouge One is a great film for what it is. The main problem with it is that it tried too be a war movie and just ended up as a standard blockbuster with little development to possibly one of the most unique casts of characters in Star Wars. However, Krennic is a great villain, the protagonists are all likeable and K2SO is hilarious.)

5.Solo (The characters aren't as memorable as Rogue One, the stakes aren't as high as the Skywalker Saga and it lacks the dark tone of some of the more recent films, but damn if it doesn't stop Solo being an absolute blast. It's a shame that it had to come of the back of the teeming pile of garbage that was The Last Jedi.)

4.Episode 6 (God damn it, Ewoks, is it wasn’t for you this would be higher on this list.)

2. Episode 7/4 (Honestly not sure about this one. They're basically interchangeable.)

1.Episode 5(I don’t need too explain myself. This film is amazing)

My D&D characters

  • Dallian Daggerfall, grief-ridden Level 3 Rogue(Swashbuckler). Only person not to fall unconscious in the final battle. Also, awful lier.
  • Astalvale Ashelton, eccentric Level 8 Warlock(Fey), and his raven familiar Horatio Blackbeak IV(original was shot by crossbow bolts that would have killed him 32 times over, second murdered by shrapnel of exploding wizard, third burnt to death by dragon breath). Does not like being a T-Rex. Eats cereal.
  • Kedar Kerro, Level 4 Paladin(Oath of Vengeance)

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If I ever leave the wiki, characters will go to the people below. If no one is listed for those characters, they will be up for adoption, my friends getting first pick. Please make a seperate subpage for your version assuming an original page exists.