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My Characters

Not all of them have links. Also I give them cool taglines because why not lol.


  • Mackenzie Hartley the Tiger - The Tantalizing Blue Thunder
  • Marlee Hartley the Tiger
  • Camille Hartley the Tiger
  • Vitos Aorki the Lemur - The Invincible Paragon 
  • Amelia Aorki the Lemur - Graceful Perfectionist Surpassing the Almighty 
  • Jamal Boeztan the Falcon - Ignition of the High-Flying Spirit
  • Buster Cojol the Wolf - Hulking Youth, Small Hopes
  • Yael the Spider
  • Bayard the Bat
  • Scarlet June the Fox - Volcanic Eruption of Potential
  • Hestia Wuff the Fox - Beacon of Hope from Desolation
  • Kennedy McLeod the Chaos Tiger - Awakened Defender of the Precious
  • Schnee Ainekas the Hedgehog - Peppy Mechanic of Circumstance
  • Alexia Wynter the Hedgehog - Destiny!!! The Blizzard's Calm
  • Terra Fauna the Ocelot - Pride of a Thousand Warriors
  • White Ainekas the Rabbit - Prosthetic Aria of Circumstance
  • Tina Dante the Bat - Free Spirit with a Sonar Message
  • Sephtis Briona - Gleeful Uprising Terror-in-Training 
  • Leunga Sephtis Briona the Fourth
  • Max Irvaron - The Preteen Punisher
  • Skam - Resurgent Robot
  • Crys Wynter the Hedgehog - Murderous Gold with a Piercing Glare
  • Hercules Baker
  • Tronci the Monkey - Rebellious Metal Demeanor 
  • Mai the Koala - Burning Passion in an Iron Fist
  • Tasha Zorion the Raccoon - Flashing Savior of Hyperactivity
  • Gilbert Fai the Bat
  • Charlotte the Monkey
  • ⍺ the Lynx
  • Venus the Cosmo-Hedgehog - A Seed, a Star, and an Idea
  • Keira the Bunny
  • Scale the Devourer - The Carnivorous Judge of Hell
  • Sol the Fox - Heaven's Miraculous Guardian
  • Luna Raven the Bunny - Moonlit Conqueror, Raiser of Despair
  • Medusa Hera the Snake
  • Flash the Cheetah
  • Kasai Ozaijolt the Tiger
  • Khione the Lemur
  • Brac the Lion
  • Feng the Fox
  • Volt the Hyena

Jaded Heroes

  • Ethan the Hedgefox - Crystallized Optimist with Shining Hope
  • Akura the Wolfox
    • Viceryn the Champion
  • β the Lynx
  • Nickel Zenjumine the Hedgewolf
  • Dimend Zenjumine the Hedgewolf

The Camalire Chapters

  • Kyle the Hedgidna - Burning Roar from Scarlet Flames
  • King Ross Camalire
  • Queen Tyra Camalire
  • Chrissa the Hedgidna
  • Cassie the Hedgidna
  • Calamity the Hedgidna
    • Akuma the Demon
    • Tsubasa the Mender
  • Scratch the Kitsune - Last But Not Least
  • King Sedunso the Raccoon
  • Queen Setsuna the Raccoon
  • Jin the Raccoon
  • Tristen "Ace" the Hedgehog
  • Amanda the Raccoon

Sonic Reborn

  • Tessa Marvel the Ocelot
  • Lexy Clarisse the Hedgehog
  • Cobalt Clarisse the Hedgehog
  • Crys Clarisse the Hedgehog
  • Ethan Beryl the Hedgefox
  • Crymson Nico the Cat
  • Bahn Akira the Rabbit
  • Melns Shade the Panther
  • Garnet the Squirrel
  • Mackenzie Deimos the Tiger
  • Marissa Hyde the Deer
  • Lucy Deimos-Hyde the Gazelle
  • Dylan Fonk the Falcon
  • Kasai Ozaijolt the Tiger
  • Khione the Lemur
  • Brac the Lion
  • Feng the Fox

The Gifted Ones

  • Carmine Kenuke the Fox
  • Crymson Kenuke the Fox


Alright, if I ever announce that I'm permanently leaving, then I'll give my Main Timeline characters to Skyblade, Lee, CrimsonFlame and Skye (if any of you want them). Skid and Geo get my characters made in the Sonic Reborn universe. Wiki gets to do stuff with my VA-TIO characters.