The Kingdom of Aildae was once a flourishing country, known for its great views and impeccable leadership. However, since the deaths of its royalty and destruction of its strongholds, all that is left are forgotten memories and hidden secrets yet to be uncovered. The lone survivor, Dame Agravaine, hopes to uncover the secrets of Aildae, and in the process, realize her purpose.


Before its destruction, Aildae was a beautiful place, teeming with golden hills of grain, rich soil for planting, and plenty of waterways for fishing and wildlife to graze. Deer, rabbits, wild birds, and fish were the most noticeable wildlife, though rare sightings of legendary creatures did occur.

After its destruction, wildlife is a rare sight, as most plant life has either died or lost its vibrant color. The soil is barely able to grow anything other than thick thorns and briers, but occasionally a few flowers are found. They do not last long.


Aildae had a pretty amiable climate, with pleasant springs and summers. Fall and winter were less pleasant, given the drop in temperature and increased pressure to keep up appearances.

Nowadays, Aildae's climate has decreased significantly in its pleasantness and livability. It is constantly chilly, even in summer, and it hardly ever rains.


Aildae was founded by King Charles, who ruled peacefully with his wife Queen Adriana. Kingship was passed on to the eldest son of the former king, and the Crown Jewels of Aildae to the eldest daughter of the next queen. All was well at first, with pleasant atmosphere and flourishing economy.

Disaster struck in the reign of King Montenegro and his Queen, whose name has been lost. The Knights of the Underworld began to attack the kingdom seemingly unprovoked, and many brave knights gave up their lives to protect themselves. Eventually, the whole kingdom collapsed under its own weight due to Montenegro's surrender and eventual murder.

Agravaine is the only survivor of Aildae's destruction, and she rarely speaks about the days leading up to it. She lives in Camelot but visits her home often.


Before its destruction, Castle Aildae stood as an impressive figure. Its walls were built with ironstone, known as a strong material that would last for years. Elegant flags dotted the walls in sets of two and three, embroidered with Aildae's crest.

A second and less well-known landmark is the Four Swordsmen Lake, where legend tells of four families that fought a war near the border of Aildae. When the battle ceased, the leader of each family threw their sword into the lake as a sign of peace.

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