Here's part 2 of the first story of the Genesis Series.

Perfect Chaos, Part 2

"So you're just going to abandon him?!" Iris exclaimed incredulously, following Yin.

"He abandoned us.  When we needed Dr. Finitevus the most, he just left us behind!" Yin shot back, grabbing a metal bo staff that was hanging on the wall. Yin was really ticked off because of what Finitevus had done. "If I had my way entirely, I'd kill him."

Iris couldn't find the words to reply to that. "Dear Aurora, what's happening?"  Iris silently picked up a loaded laser rifle, some ammo, and exited the room, frowning the entire time. She set the weapon and ammo next to the exit door of the bunker and headed to her quarters to briefly pray to Aurora. Iris knelt down and started speaking. "Aurora tra'nika 'nytaranee er'nee. Haree'li yerni..."


"Snively!" Eggman addressed. "How far is the Egg Fleet from the Cyro Tundra?"

"Approximately five thousand kilometers and counting," Snively spoke nervously. "They should get there in the next twenty four hours. What do you want them to do once they arrive?"

"Launch the atomic missiles at the Taree Glacier and bury the Genesis Freedom Fighters alive." 

"Sir?" Snively felt his anxiety increase. "How do we know for certain that that's where their hideout is?"

"That, Snively, is CLASSIFIED." How typical of Eggman to say that.


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