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Terra Fauna… a responsible female figure to many. It’d be hard to just not make a page for her, considering that she is a member of Team Saturn. The courageous guardian of the Wild Wind Village, Terra finally gets her page made.

Though originally she was created to be a nuisance to Max Irvaron and yet still fulfill Scarlet’s role, she is now revamped with little personality changes to make her a more serious and likable character.

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Terra the Ocelot
Character Name Terra the Ocelot
Full Name Terra Fauna the Ocelot
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Like Scarlet, Terra’s appearance isn’t the flashiest, but it still represents her. Being an ocelot (and her creator not wanting her design to be all too complex), Terra simply has brown spots all over her body. Her fur isn’t too bushy or thick, and it is colored a light yellow (that really conflicts with her spots). Terra also has a curled up tail that is very strong, capable of grappling objects.

Along with those, Terra has brown, retractable claws that can come out at will. Her middle toe is a bit larger than the ones on her left and right (though she only has three toes). Terra’s nose looks like an upside-down triangle, and her ears point straight up and look very sharp.

Terra wear a vest with golden lining casually, as it is normal attire for guardians of the village. It is mostly moss-green, but some parts of it look closer to a lime-like color. Along with that, she dons green and white boots that have a pink heart at the tip.


Terra, as a child, was a very aspiring girl who always wanted to fulfill her dreams - here she is now, at seventeen, doing exactly that. Terra is positively stubborn - she believes she can do anything if she’s willing to, and when she does anything she tries her best.

Terra never gets lazy. A mindset that was forced into her as a child while assisting the village, Terra never slouches or holds back. She tries hard not to get rewarded, but simply because that’s how she is.

Terra, because of that, is a very responsible person. She puts others’ (specifically her village’s) safety above all, and would give her life to protect them all. This is partially to hide a fear that rests in her - she is afraid that if she doesn’t set her priorities straight, she’ll be the cause of others’ suffering, and thus works hard not for her own sake, but for others.

Terra is a fan of trying new things, whether she likes it or not. She is kind of impulsive in this way, for when an opportunity pops up, her first instinct is to try it out (whether it be pushing a button or trying a new food).

Terra can be very protective of specific people, and thus can be overbearing at times. This can make her seem like a stiff person, which is the whole cause of her rivalry with Mac. She sees people like him as reckless fools who don’t care what they do as long as they do it.

Terra tries to be as independent as she can as possible - not in the same way how Kennedy just tries to be alone, but instead Terra doesn’t like to rely on others or use them as a crutch. She’d rather fail herself than watch someone fail knowing that she’d do a better job.


The Origin of a Guardian

Terra Fauna, a seemingly normal ocelot as a child, grew up in the Wild Wind Village, one of the villages for members of the Flora Cats tribe. She was born to a cheetah named Greta Fauna and an ocelot named Devon Fauna, two priests of the village who helped in churches and healed the sick.

When she was raised, Terra was constantly disciplined (not in the physical sense) by everyone, who told her everything that she shouldn’t do. Don’t be lazy, try your hardest, believe in yourself, things like that. The last piece of advice stuck to her - she wanted to be a lot of stuff, and she wanted to grow up knowing she could achieve it.

As a youngling, Terra formed a close bond with the village guadian. He was a very prideful person when it came to the village, always trying to make sure that everything was okay, a mindset tha fit well with Terra's discipline. However, when Terra was nine, a tragedy appeared out of seemingly nowhere - the guardian of the village was killed in an assault, and he managed to save the villagers at the cost of his own life. Brothers and sisters of Terra were horrified, but Terra took this as a calling - she wanted to become the next guardian of the village.

Though luckily there a lot more attacks on the village for the next six years, over that course of time Terra’d find herself doing things the guardian usually did - supplying the village, training herself, and helping villagers. She wanted to make sure that during this period in time, the Wild Wind Village would have someone to look up to... and thanks to her initiative, they did.


Terra is much different than Mac, Kennedy, Scarlet and Alexia - like Schnee, she has no special powers, and there’s nothing supernatural about her that she was born with. However, a lot of the stuff she can do that she has trained herself to be able to accomplish, so she should not be taken lightly.

First of all, Terra has superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability. She is stronger than Base Mac and could beat him in a fight, proving her power. What makes her a lot stronger than the others in the fact that while the others use energy manipulation or something like that as a crutch to lean back on, Terra’s abilities are truly and completely natural.

However, Terra takes speed to a different level. She is very fast, her speed rivaling Mac's, and is so fast she can send out gusts of wind by spinning around. However, expanded use of her speed will cause her to feel sick and dizzy.

Terra was born with ten claws, one on each hand for every finger. She uses this primarily for offense - she can scratch her opponent, use them to hang on to things, and she can also cut objects with them. They are very sharp, and are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

After that, you finally have Terra’s tail. Usually used to grab or latch onto things, Terra’s tail has assist her in multiple occasions. Terra has complete control over her tail - she can even use it as a whip (though she’d have to be in a very awkward position to do so). However, with this comes a weakness - very tails is extremely sensitive, and pulling, throwing, or grabbing it can render her useless.



Chun-Li's Theme

Its light, traditional and confident feel really shows Terra's personality.



Friends and Allies

Terra is an uptight guardian who is used to being the one in charge and having no one to hold her accountable, but when Alexia showed up at the village, that's truly when that began to change. Though Terra's assertive and Alexia's shy attitudes seem like they would repeatedly clash with one another, in reality, they simply compliment each other, allowing the two to work together in harmony.

It definitely wasn't always like this, though - when Alexia first came, Terra didn't trust her at all, believing her to be a spy from enemy forces trying to infiltrate the Wild Wind Village. It took quite some time for Alexia to earn her trust, but eventually, after observing her, Terra could tell what type of person she was - someone who wasn't born with natural talent in.... anything, really, but was a hard worker, and always tried to improve. This attitude Alexia showed her is one of the main reasons they became close.

Even though Alexia is two years younger than her, she still acts as an anchor to Terra when the ocelot is feeling insecure, and her words of encouragement often boost her spirits. Terra does the same to Terra, acting as her guide when the going gets tough so that she doesn't give up on her goal. The two have always been there for each other, and the amount of care they show each other is incredible - they might have an even closer relationship than Mac and Scarlet, and are definitely the "Bash Sisters" in the series.

Terra truly does care about Alexia, but she doesn't notice Alexia's crush on her, only seeing the cryokinetic as an extremely close friend.

Scarlet and Terra aren’t nearly as close compared to their other relationships, but they have a mutual feeling of respect for each other - Scarlet admires how Terra can be so responsible, and Terra approves of Scarlet’s bravery. They both also have a common interest - doing the best, but for different reasons (Scarlet because she’s expecting it all to reward her one day, and Terra because she cares about the good of her people). Though their goals and morals are extremely different, due to their backgrounds, the two get along fairly well, as they're able to relate of being the leader of groups.

Kennedy and Terra get along really well, with Kennedy being one of Terra's closest friends. Though Terra didn't appreciate the idea of allowing someone stronger than them all combined just roam free through the world when Konton first changed to Kennedy, over time, she was able to really get to know how different Konton and Kennedy were, with Kennedy being a more responsible figure and role model that anyone not in the village she'd ever known (which was interesting, considering that he was just another variation of Mac ((though she'd never tell him that to his face))). The two also share a love of tennis, and they usually play casually together, sometimes competing in tournaments.

  • Schnee the Hedgehog

Not even Terra knows how she and Schnee don't always compete to see who can take whose head off first. They are pretty much polar opposites - Terra being a responsible person who relies on nature, and Schnee being an overly extroverted scientist-esque teenager. Though in the beginning, it was clear that Terra thought Schnee was incompetent in helping them find Alexia, over time, Schnee tried her best to win the ocelot over, and to Terra's dismay, she did. Eventually.

Terra and Schnee are pretty close, despite their conflicting personalities. Schnee will always bring the optimism to the mix, always lighting up the mood when Terra gets all gruff and serious. While Terra sees this as immaturity, she appreciates how Schnee will always be there for her, which is one of the reasons they work so well together.

Tina and Terra don't really have anything against each other, and though Terra was turned off by her due to the fact that she was a good friend of White, after getting to know her more, she is able to see that the bat isn't just an extension of White, and that she is a completely different person. Though Terra and Tina occasionally encounter due to the fact that Alexia and Tina get along very well, the duo just don't interact too much. However, they do both respect each other and acknowledge each other as allies.

Sephtis really confuses Terra - he is a born murderer who somehow manages to keep an optimistic attitude. His hyperactivity can sometimes get him in trouble with Terra's strict demeanor, but overall, Terra sees Sephtis as simply a way more deadly villager. However, she tries hard not to let him come to the village with any weapons, and thinks of every counter maneuver she could have to use against him if necessary.

Foes and Rivals

Mac and Terra have quite the complicated relationship. As Mac is the only person Terra personally knows to dabble in the arts of non-heroism and even sometimes villainy, Terra does not approve of his actions and doesn’t like him as a whole. She thinks that it is unreasonable how he is portrayed as a “main character” when he is only where he is because of the fact that he grew up rich, a privilege most don’t grow up to have.

Mac simply thinks that Terra is a pain to be around, and that her reasoning of not liking him is stupid - it’s not his fault his parents grew up with so much cash, and that it’s not her problem if someone wants to do something with their life instead of be some petty rich boy. The two often clash with their tongues, the insults never stopping.

White and Terra seem to be the total opposites of each other, aside from Terra and Mac. However, due to the fact that White is also reasonably responsible and is an older sibling figure, you'd think that they'd get along... but the beginning of their history didn't exactly start out great. When White and Terra first thought, White seemed to be trying to break down what Alexia had told her beforehand - she wasn't invincible. He thought Terra was annoyingly self-righteous, and she thought that his cynicism was bad for his attitude.

Their views on the world often clash, but unlike a lot of rivalries, they don't really seek each other out. They just don't really talk to each other. However, when they do, you can expect an argument.

Terra thinks that Luna is a menace, plain and simple. She brings back memories of the Black-Arm massacre that happened when she was younger, and seeing that one of them had survived makes her extremely angry. Though Terra was disappointed that Team Mask ended up getting the kill, she is determined to kill the hybrid the next time she gets the chance.


  • Terra loves meat, and is a total carnivore. However, she will go insane over fish.
  • Terra's voice actor is Sarah Anne Williams.
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