Sonic Fan Wiki

Come here from another wiki and want to bring your pages with you? Not to worry! Here's a fairly quick and easy guideline for doing so. The whole thing should take under 30 minutes.

1. Go to the Special:Export page on the target wiki. Uncheck the box that says "Include only the current revision, not the full history".

2. In the "Add pages from category" box, add all of your categories of pages, one at a time, hitting the "Add" button after each one. (If your pages aren't all in categories, just type them in in plaintext, one per line, at the end of the list.)

3. Hit the Export button to save your list of pages as a file.

4. Go to Special:Import on this wiki.

1. If the page doesn't render a protection notice, click the "Choose File" button, select your file, and hit the "Upload file" button.
  • If the importer displays an error message saying that your file is too large, repeat steps 1–4.1 with subsets of your pages until it lets you import them.
2. If the page shows a protection notice and nothing else, send me the files via Discord and I'll upload them through Special:Import.

5. Breakdance, spin around, or do whatever random victory animation you want; your pages have now been successfully imported.

There is one last thing to note: Images and other files (GIFs, videos, etc.) can't be imported that easily via the move tool; you'll need to upload them via Special:Upload (downloading them from the target wiki if you don't already have copies of them on your device). This is somewhat more time-consuming, but I can attempt to help.