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This is a collaborative community with emphasis not on being rougher than the rest of them, best of them, tougher than leather,[1] but rather on standing united after the fight is done.[2] When we work together, no one can break up our stride![2]

This wiki is officially recommended by the Sonic cast. If you don't believe me, I interviewed some of the prime players of the Sonic universe to see what they thought of the wiki. Sonic said "Way past cool!",[3] Shadow said "Hmph. Weak. Don't show your pathetic wiki around me again,"[4] and Infinite screamed that he was not weak[4] so loudly that I had to send everyone away again...Oh well. Another time.
Unfold for an idle boast

We have a Discord server for the community. If you would like to join, just drop a message on one of the admins' talk pages, and, assuming you've adhered to the policy below, we'll give you a link. – Lucentstar


Before editing this wiki, please take a minute to read these rules. They're fairly short.

Main Rules

  • Civility: Don't be nasty to others. Editors must be civil to one another, even when they disagree. Constructive criticism is all right as long as it's kept polite and purely for improvement purposes only, but insults and name-calling are not allowed. Editors should attempt to find consensus and to resolve problems cooperatively.
  • Humility: Accept that you may have flaws. Since constructive criticism is allowed, people may sometimes point out flaws in an article or provide suggestions. This is to be expected and is in fact encouraged. Editors must understand that their articles may be criticized, and should, furthermore, listen to the criticisms (unless they violate some other rule). This is not to say that all suggestions must be taken; editors are allowed to make the final decisions on their own content. However, as a rule, editors must be willing to take suggestions, even if individual suggestions are not taken.
  • Constructiveness: Don't troll. Everything should either build the wiki or build the wiki's community. Anything that helps neither does not belong on the wiki and will be removed. Items that fall into this prohibited category include not just nonsense, misinformation, or other types of spam; this may also include writing extremely short articles (e.g. under two paragraphs) or copying articles from another wiki without any innovation or ties to the Sonic fandom. (Minor exceptions in the way of spam may be made for joke articles, but only if their owners consent; see below.)
  • Ownership: Don't take what's not yours without permission and attribution. By default, editors have the rights to use their content on the wiki without their content being modified by other editors. As stated before, other editors can post suggestions, but should not actively change content unless the content's owner states that changes can be made. (Note that this rule is not upheld where said content violates these other rules; for example, editors may revert obvious vandalism to pages without the consent of the page owner, and editors who vandalize their own pages are still held accountable.) Furthermore, content from one editor should not be used by another without permission. A similar rule goes for content from other franchises or from the real world; such content should clearly state where it comes from to avoid plagiarism (e.g. you can have a Mario crossover if there's some interesting byproduct, but you can't claim originality for the idea of a plumber named Mario who fights a large green turtle-like creature). It should be noted that content must also provide some innovation that makes it worthwhile as an item on a Sonic fan wiki, but that rule falls into the Constructiveness category; see above.
  • Safety: No NC-17/AO content; e.g. no porn. It's against Fandom's Terms of Use to post porn. Don't do it. Also, don't post anything so violent that it would get a work flagged as adults only.

Reporting Policy Violations

If you see someone violating one of the rules stated above on the Sonic Fan Wiki, please let an admin know on their message wall. Alternatively, if the policy violation is one that you would not want to publicly report to everyone on the wiki, please go to this wiki's Discord server (accessible through this link) and send one of the admins on Discord a private message there. (Admins can be designated on Discord through their Admin role, viewable by clicking on a user on Discord and seeing what roles that user possesses.)

Rules for Handling Misbehavior

Users who violate the main rules will be warned that they are violating the rules and will eventually be banned if they cause enough trouble. Users who make small-scale violations will be warned four times before being banned (in chat, warned three times, then kicked once, then chat-banned). Users who make greater violations or violate the rules after being banned for rule violations will get fewer warnings before being kicked or banned. The duration of the ban will depend on the severity of the offense, and how many times that user has been banned before.

Violations that warrant four warnings include good-faith Constructiveness violations (users harming the wiki when they mean to be helping) or being mildly insulting (Civility violation). Violations that warrant fewer warnings include bad-faith Constructiveness violations (deliberate attempts to harm the site, also known as trolling or vandalism, these will receive at most one warning), harsher insults or attacks (three to zero warnings, depending on the severity of the attacks), Humility violations (three to one warnings; likely to be conflated with Civility breaches), Ownership violations (three to one warnings, depending on the circumstances), and Safety violations (zero warnings). How mild or harsh attacks count as depends on the case in question, and cannot be easily explained here without violating the rules laid out on this page.


There, now you've read the rules. Enjoy the wiki!


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