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This is a page about Tess, one of the forms of Quintessa the Bat, a character created by Wikikinetic

A silhouette of Tess the Bat's head from behind.
Kudos to Lucentstar for the help on this picture.

Tess the Bat
Character Name Tess the Bat
Full Name Teresa Helen Connor
Nicknames Tess (her preferred nickname)
Age 20 (Deathwall, Tess, Returning); 21 (current)
Gender Female
Species Bat
Alignment Neutral Good
Relationship Status Single
Height 3'1"
Birthplace Red Gate Bay
Current Residence Red Gate Bay
Relatives Lar the Bat (brother)
Romantic Interests
Skills Slight proficiency with daggers
Abilities None
Powers Moderate skill in pyrokinesis
Weaponry None
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Tess is one of the original two of Quintessa's personalities. Of all of them, she serves as the normal personality. A modern girl in a modern life, she's almost as normal as things get. That said, she's still an unusually moral and diligent person, which makes her stand out a bit. Also, of course, now that she has an additional four personalities in her head at some times and is relegated to being a personality in someone else's head at others, that does make her like fairly unusual. However, no-one would suspect any of this just from looking at the normal version of her in her normal form, because she tries not to call too much attention to her abnormality.


Tess has bright red fur, black wings, dark and slightly-brownish red skin, black straight hair (which she usually wears in a braid slung over her left shoulder), and amber eyes. She has a fairly average build, although her ears—being bat ears—are large and noticeable.

Tess tends to wear casual clothing, usually a T-shirt, jeans, socks, sneakers, and fingerless gloves. Her outfits are also frequently in warm colors, usually red, orange, white, or black, although she can occasionally be seen wearing other colors of clothing.


Tess is very sociable and extroverted, preferring to spend time around others rather than alone. She also likes making new friends, especially when she sees people where she feels that they need someone to be supportive of them. In addition, Tess is generally a very morally good person who tries hard to do the right thing, regardless of the cost to herself.

Some other things to note are that Tess's religious views are in flux, as she is not quite sure whether she believes in a single god or in no god at all. This has come to pass because Tess quite frankly doesn't care that much, so she doesn't think about it often unless prompted. However, this comes up because Quinn does really care about her religious views, making her strongly conflict with Tess (see below).

Another thing to note is that just about every one of Tess's personality traits really annoys Quinn, and vice versa, so the two argue frequently. The only time that the two can really agree is when they are confronted with a task that is both morally right and is immediately beneficial to Quintessa's forms, meaning that Tess and Quinn will both be on board (Tess because of the morality and Quinn because of the immediate benefits).

Strengths and Powers

Tess is a pyrokinetic. Mostly what this means for her is that she has a cool flashlight on her at all times, although it also means that she has a method of self-defense readily available at all times, as she can generate and throw fireballs at others if need be. However, she could potentially use her pyrokinetic powers for far more than she ever does use them for, if the situation were to call for it. Tess also has some skill in using daggers, as she trained some to use them in the past, and can fly, being a bat.


This character's sixstat code is 324443

  • Health: 3 – Tess has about average resistance to attacks.
  • Damage: 2 – Tess's pyrokinesis could theoretically pack a punch, as could a dagger (if she ever used one), but her lack of both training and usage of her skills minimizes the damage that she could cause to others with her skill.
  • Speed: 4 – Tess has above-average speed, gained from regularly exercising and practicing increasing her running speed.
  • Reflexes: 4 – Tess has above-average reflexes. These aren't trained; she just happens to have good reflexes. However, she does take measures to avoid losing them.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Tess can come up with reasonably good strategies in any given situation. Not really good ones, but reasonably good.
  • Regen: 3 – Tess has about average regeneration from damage.


  • Kim the Ferret: One of Tess's best friends, Tess finds Kim to be a great person to be around due to Kim's overall cheerfulness at all times. Sure, she sometimes finds it disconcerting how easily Kim can get lost in the world of games, but she's happy to help Kim out of awkward situations that are caused by this.
  • Kara the Dolphin: Tess never would have been Kara's friend on her own, and indeed wasn't her friend until sophomore year, when Kim arrived and befriended both of them, making it impossible for Tess not to be at least sort of a friend of Kara's. Tess copes with Kara, but doesn't get along terribly well with her, as Tess resents Kara's lack of morality and Kara resents Tess's attempts to keep her moral.

Fun Facts

  • Tess is left-handed.