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While trying to stop Dr. Eggman's latest plan, Sonic is casually tossed into another dimension. Now, he must find his way back to his own dimension and find some way to stop Dr. Eggman while doing it.


Sonic leapt to his right just in time to avoid a laser blast from Dr. Eggman's latest robot. Sonic rolled to break his fall, then jumped into an upright position. Turning to face Dr. Eggman, he said, "Ha! Is that all you can do, Eggman?"

"This is just the beginning of what I can do, Sonic!" said Dr. Eggman's voice, coming from the behemoth that faced Sonic. Standing as it did onboard Dr. Eggman's scary-sounding Death Egg, the robot was meant to intimidate Sonic, but it completely failed to do so.

"Nah, I think it's all you can do," said Sonic. Rolling himself into a ball and revving up like a turbo engine, Sonic launched himself at the robot, bouncing off of the robot and knocking it backwards slightly.

"Ho ho ho," said Dr. Eggman. "You may think you're winning, Sonic, but let's see how you stand against my latest creation!"

Right on cue, a cannon-like object unfolded out of the top of the robot's head and fired into the air, causing a purple portal to appear in the air.

"Ha, seriously?" said Sonic. "You're just firing a portal at WOOOAHHH!"

While Sonic was taunting Dr. Eggman, the robot kicked Sonic towards the portal. Sonic tried to grab on to Dr. Eggman's robot, but was unable to hang on and fell into the portal.

"Not the best move in retrospect," said Sonic, rubbing his leg as he flew through the portal. "Hmm, wonder where I'll wind up now."

Sonic's question was answered for him when he abruptly fell face-down into a grassy field. Sonic picked himself up and brushed himself off, only to have a piece of metal fall out of the portal and bounce off his head. After picking himself up again, Sonic looked around.

"Oh hey, is that Westopolis?" he said. "I haven't seen that since the Black Arms invasion. Well, guess I might as well contact the residents and see if they can help." And with that, Sonic ran towards the city.

Sonic was fairly content as he sped along, at least until his leg spun wildly out of control, leaving him sitting on the ground.

"Hey! Who did that?" yelled Sonic. Then, noticing a white hedgehog standing over him, he started scooting backwards. "Silver?" he said.

"A genderbent version of Silver with blue hair ends?" said the hedgehog. "Not likely."

"Well, if you're not Silver, who are you?" said Sonic, getting to his feet.

"That's my sister, Rhyme," said another white hedgehog, walking up from behind the blue hero, "and I'm Rhythm."

"So…Rhythm is the one with the pink accents and short spines, and Rhyme is the one with the blue accents and long spines," said Sonic. "Got it. OK, so why did you trip me up? I'm trying to save the world here!"

"Because you're my favorite video game character," explained Rhythm, "and since you obviously don't exist, I thought I might as well grab you and find out what's up with you."

Sonic stared at Rhythm.

"Video game character? Don't exist? Nope," he said. "I definitely exist, and I don't think I'm in any games."

"Oh really?" said Rhythm. "The whole Sonic the Hedgehog game series made by AGES is based around you! And since it's a fictional property, you clearly don't exist!"

"Maybe he actually does exist, and the games are just pretending that he doesn't," said Rhyme.

"Um…yeah, I guess so," said Rhythm. "Or, I have it! Maybe we're asleep!"

Sonic shook his head in disbelief. "I'm obviously the one sleeping here, since you two are so obviously fictional," he said. "Let me check to see if I'm asleep. OW guess I'm not asleep, then."

"Yeah, we're not asleep either," said Rhyme. "We just checked."

The three stood there for another second or two.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I have to go stop Dr. Eggman," said Sonic. "So, if you'll excuse me…" Sonic started running, only to find that he was suddenly moving really slowly.

"WHAAAAAAT?" said Sonic, pulling himself to a halt, only to find that Rhyme was standing right next to him.

"I can slow down time in my immediate vicinity," she explained. "It comes in handy for these things."

"Oh, great," said Sonic. "So you can slow down time, and, let me guess, Rhythm over there can speed up time?"

"Uh-huh," said Rhythm. "That's how I tripped you up."

Sonic sighed. "So I'm dealing with two chronokinetics who are doing everything in their power to stop me from saving the world. What do you even want, anyway?"

"A reality check," said Rhythm promptly. "We're going to take you to the AGES building, where they make the Sonic the Hedgehog game series, and see whether you exist or not."

"You know I exist!" complained Sonic. "Seriously, how stupid does this get?"

"Okay, so we're checking to see if they think you exist," said Rhyme, "and, therefore, if it would make sense that we didn't know that you existed."

"Fine," said Sonic. "I guess you have that right."

Sonic walked out of the elevator on some floor of the AGES building. He honestly couldn't care less which floor of the building he was on. All he knew was that Rhythm and Rhyme were making him certify his reality, and the sooner that he could get that done with and save the world, the better.

Sonic raised his head to see a man in a suit sitting at a desk in the room. "Hi, guy," he said. "I take it that you're the head of the AGES Reality Check Department?"

"Actually, I'm the CEO of AGES," said the man. "I've always wanted to see a Sonic the Hedgehog in person. Nice to meet you." He extended his hand for a handshake. Sonic extended his own as well, and the two shook hands.

"So, um, what do you mean, a Sonic the Hedgehog?" asked Sonic. "I thought that there's only one of me."

"Actually, you're one of many Sonic the Hedgehogs," said the CEO of AGES. "There are many dimensions out there that include you or some other version of you."

"Oh, great," said Sonic. Looking behind him for a second, he saw that Rhythm suddenly looked incredibly suspicious, while Rhyme had an expression of dawning comprehension. "Hey, you two, what's the big deal?" he asked.

"So…are the game series just based on other dimensions?" asked Rhyme.

"Indeed," said the CEO of AGES. "None of our material is actually completely original, but rather, any individual piece of it is based on the exploits of one of the many Sonic the Hedgehogs in the wide multiverse."

Sonic grinned. "So, girls, you got your answer," he said. "Can I go save the world now?"

Rhythm opened her mouth to object, but Rhyme elbowed her. "Yes, we got our answer, go ahead," she said. "Although, do you have any idea where Dr. Eggman is?"

"No, but I—" Sonic started to respond, but the CEO of AGES held up his hand.

"Excuse me, I have a phone call," he said, pulling a phone out of his pocket and putting it up to his ear. "Hello?...A giant robot resembling an overweight red humanoid with a peach-colored head is attacking the perimeter of Westopolis? Nothing to worry about, I have that robot's driver's archenemy in the room with me right now. I'll send him right over." The CEO of AGES hung up the phone and turned to where Sonic was, only to see the doors of the elevator closing on Sonic, Rhythm, and Rhyme. "Only to be expected," he said.

A team of a dozen or so GUN forces were relentlessly banging on Dr. Eggman's robot to no avail. "Ho ho ho," said Dr. Eggman. "Watch your insignificant forces crumb—what?"

Sonic bounced off of the robot. "Miss me, Eggman?" he said, smirking as he touched down on the ground, landing on one hand to steady himself. "Why'd you even come back here, anyway?"

"I couldn't just leave behind that vital part of my robot that you pulled through the portal, now, could I?" said Dr. Eggman.

"Oh, you mean that hunk of metal that bounced off my head?" said Sonic. "Yeah, that was a real pain in the neck." Chuckling at his own joke, Sonic stood up, then said, "Alright, GUN guys, I think I can take care of this dude. Fangirls, you can go away too."

Rhyme glanced at Rhythm. "Actually, Sonic, I think it'll be better for you if we stay," she said. "We've both played the game that this robot is in, and I think we know how to defeat it."

Sonic shrugged. "OK, fine with me," he said. "Just don't get yourself killed on my account." Noticing that the GUN units had left, he said, "All right, Eggman, time to get scrambled!"

"How often do you make that joke?" said Rhythm.

"It never gets overused!" said Sonic, launching himself at Dr. Eggman's robot. This time, however, Dr. Eggman blocked Sonic with a swift swipe of the robot's arm, sending Sonic flying into the distance. At least, that's what Dr. Eggman tried to do. Before Sonic could fly further than a few meters, Rhythm had used her local time acceleration skills to speed herself up enough to jump into the air and grab Sonic.

"Don't worry, I've got you," she said. "Haha, I feel like a guy from an action movie."

"I'm more worried about the landing…" he said, noticing the ground approaching.

"Don't worry, Rhyme has that part covered," said Rhythm. As she said this, the two of them suddenly slowed, nearly to a halt, above Rhyme. Rhythm simply gave Rhyme an incredibly slow thumbs-up and pulled herself out of the field, gracefully flipping to the ground and landing on both feet. Sonic made no such measures to painlessly disentangle himself, leading him to crash into the ground as soon as Rhyme let down the barrier.

"Couldn't you have warned me?" said Sonic, getting to his feet.

"I guess so," said Rhyme. "I'll have to think of that next time. Right now, we need a plan. That robot is near-unbeatable—"

"I'll make it through, prove it to you!" said Sonic.

"…Yeah," said Rhyme. "But we need a plan first. Rhythm, do you remember how to beat this boss?"

"Totally!" said Rhythm, grinning. "The one weak spot on this robot is his jetpack, so you have to hit it just so right in the jetpack, not hit the flames, just the jetpack, not hit the front or he'll block, got all that?"

"Yeah, definitely!" said Sonic. "All right, we got a plan, let's do this!" With that, Sonic ran towards the robot, only to be slowed to a halt. "Not again…" groaned Sonic. "Can you guys give it a rest?"

Rhyme stepped away from Sonic, who braked himself. "The thing is, there's one more bit of the plan," she said. "We'll distract him from the front so that you can hit him in the back. Got that?"

"Yeah…I guess that was an important part of the plan…" said Sonic. "All right, let's go!"

This time, nothing stopped Sonic as he zipped towards Dr. Eggman. "Hello, Sonic," said Dr. Eggman. "Having a nice chat with your Amy replacements?"

"You'll be sorry that you put the time in to taunt me, 'cause I'll put you to the test!" said Sonic, launching himself over the robot. As the robot tried to look up, it received a sharp knock to its leg, as Rhythm had used her local time acceleration to hit the robot in the leg.

"Why you little…!" said Dr. Eggman, trying to step on Rhythm. Before he could finish doing so, Rhyme had stepped in and slowed down time under the leg of the robot, leaving enough time to pull herself and Rhythm out.

"You will pay," said Dr. Eggman, "you pesky…what's that?"

Sonic had dashed at the robot's back, hitting it directly in the jetpack.

"Hey!" said Dr. Eggman. "That's my robot's one weak spot!"

"Good to know," said Sonic, ricocheting off the ground and hitting the jetpack again. "Guess I'll just keep hitting it over and over again then."

"But the robot will explode and obliterate everything in the vicinity!" said Dr. Eggman.

"Hmm, good point," said Sonic, ceasing to hit the jetpack. "Guess you'll need to make a portal back home then. You've got no other options, only one thing to do!"

"Fine," grumbled Dr. Eggman. Extending the cannon out of the robot's head again, the portal appeared in midair, sucking the robot into it. Sonic started revving up to launch himself into the portal as well, but stopped to wave to Rhythm and Rhyme. "Bye guys, see you again some time!" he said. "Got places to go—"

"Got to follow your rainbow!" said Rhythm.

"Yeah, that!" said Sonic. "See ya!" He then launched himself into the rapidly-closing portal.

For the second time that day, he flew through the portal. This time, he landed back in the Death Egg, directly on Dr. Eggman's robot, hitting it right in the jetpack.

"Noooo!" shouted Dr. Eggman. "This robot will explode and destroy my entire Death Egg!"

"See you later, Eggman!" said Sonic, running out of the Death Egg and jumping off of it.

Included Characters


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Dr. Eggman


  • Rhythm the Hedgehog
  • Rhyme the Hedgehog

Mentioned (Canon)

  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose the Hedgehog

Fun Facts

  • This is my first story using canon characters, as well as being my second fanfiction total.
  • This makes a number of references to Sonic the Hedgehog video game songs, but it also makes a couple of references to other media as well. See if you can spot the Superman reference!
  • The ending of this story closely mirrors the end of Sonic 2 and Sonic 4 ep. I, the two games that the robot in this fanfiction is based on.
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