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This is a page about Niki the Polar Bear, a character created by Wikikinetic

Niki in full battle armor,
with a few weapons attached.

Niki the Polar Bear
Character Name Niki the Polar Bear
Full Name Niki ('nɪ.kiː) Cantin
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Polar bear
Alignment Lawful Good
Relationship Status Single
Height 3'1"
Birthplace Cobalt Village
Current Residence No consistent residence due to her wanderings, but she does technically have a home in Cobalt Village with her family.
Relatives Iris Cantin (younger adopted sister); Jason Cantin (father); Hannah Cantin (mother)
Affiliations Cobalt Village
Likes Helping those who cannot help themselves
Dislikes Failing to accomplish her given mission
Romantic Interests
Skills None
Abilities None
Powers None
Weaponry Highly customizable prosthetic parts
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Niki is a cyborg polar bear with two artificial, highly modifiable parts: her left forearm and her right shoulder. Ever since the war that gave Niki her prosthetics ended, Niki has been traveling the world, trying to help out wherever she can.


Niki is a female polar bear with white fur and light blue eyes. She has white wavy hair that comes down to the middle of her neck; this is nearly identical to her younger sister, Iris's hair, except that Niki's is a little shorter than Iris's. Her fur covers all of her organic parts, leaving her artificial left forearm and right shoulder exposed. Her prosthetic parts by default look like furless, shiny limbs, but their appearance can vary depending on how she modifies them. She has a slightly stocky build, enhanced by her frequent combat training as a child.

In her normal life, she wears a dark green long-sleeved T-shirt that hides her prosthetic parts, khaki chinos, white socks, and deep blue sneakers. She may swap her dark green T-shirt for a gray sleeveless shirt in warmer weather or if she wants to make use of her prosthetics. All of this clothing was obtained from the city where she got her prosthetics.

For dangerous expeditions, she wears a suit of light armor consisting of a sleeveless shirt, pants, boots, a piece that covers her left upper arm, and an elbow-length glove for her right arm, all of which have light armor attached. This suit leaves her left forearm and right upper arm uncovered, allowing her to make full use of her prosthetics. She also wears a helmet with built-in augmented-reality features.


Niki is kind, but serious. She's very focused on trying to do the right thing all the time, and almost nothing can stop her from trying to help when something goes wrong. She sees her prosthetics as a gift, and feels obligated to use the power that they give her to help people less powerful than herself.

Strengths and Powers

Her prosthetic parts are configured such that a wide variety of useful items can be attached to them. These items can then be controlled as if they are a part of her. Items that she can attach range anywhere from flashlights to mobile phones to firearms.

Niki also has a moderate amount of skill in hand-to-hand combat. Her combat training never finished, as she stopped constantly being with her faction at the age of 13, and her village didn't have amazing combat instructors. However, Niki can hold her own in a fight, especially if she has special combat items attached to her prosthetic parts.


When Niki was 5 years old, her parents adopted a 2-year-old Mobian ibex named Iris, who Niki soon grew attached to. Shortly afterwards, a war broke out between her village (Cobalt Village) and another village (Anthracite Village) due to hostility between the two. Niki grew up wanting to help out in the war, yet not being allowed to do so, as she was too young and powerless to be allowed to fight. Regardless, she did receive some combat training, as did the other children in Cobalt Village.

One day, when Niki was around 13 years old, Cobalt Village came directly under attack by Anthracite Village. Niki, who was unarmed and un-armored at the time, tried to get somewhere safe, but was cornered by an Anthracite Villager. When she tried to defend herself, the enemy hit her with his mace, severely damaging her left forearm and right shoulder, as well as knocking her out. While Niki was unconscious, someone drove the enemy away from her before the enemy could finish her off, leaving her alive but gravely injured.

Since Cobalt Village didn't have the technology to help her properly, and Iris, despite being a proficient healer by this point, couldn't heal Niki's injuries due to their scale, the Cobalt Villagers searched around for a place that did, eventually finding a sufficiently technologically advanced city in the form of Platinum City. Niki was sent to this city, where a scientist named Dr. Nickel Zenjumine gave her her prosthetic parts.

Niki hung around in the city for a while, learning about modern society and technology and gaining her casual outfit, before returning home, intending to use her new power to help in the war. However, when Niki returned, she found that, in her absence, the war had ended and the two villages were at peace with each other. With her goal of helping in the war rendered impossible, Niki left to find somewhere that could use her help.


Begin the World Again (non-canon)

Niki is a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. After seeing a battle involving several other survivors and a mutated plant, Niki heals Celestia, one of the other survivors who was injured in combat. Niki then leads the survivors involved in the battle to her base.


This character's sixstat code is 632244

  • Health: 6 – Niki is both armored and very resilient to attacks.
  • Damage: 3 – Niki's damage output varies widely based on what attachments she equips, so her overall damage output comes out at about average.
  • Speed: 2 – Niki is somewhat slower than average, partly due to the weight of her armor.
  • Reflexes: 2 – Niki's reflexes are not the best.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Niki is reasonably good at coming up with plans on the fly, although doing so may take her a little while.
  • Regen: 4 – Niki recovers from attacks quickly.

Fun Facts

  • Niki's name is not a nickname; unlike the more commonly known name Nikki (with two k's), which is a nickname, Niki (with one k) is a given name.