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Sonic has high-speed adventures and spends extended periods of time being unable to control his descent.


Sonic flopped onto his face. He had been gracefully falling through the air off of the exploding Death Egg when suddenly this piece of metal hit him in the face.

"Thanks, Tails!" he said, pulling himself up, only to see a giant metal bee glaring angrily at him. Looking down, he could see that he was standing on its head.

"Oh, I thought you were Tails in the Tornado," said Sonic. "My bad." Sonic promptly smashed it, letting out the Flicky trapped inside. It was only then that he realized that he and the Flicky were going to fall.

"Well," said Sonic cheerfully, as he and the Flicky descended to the planet far below, "at least nothing terrible will happen to us if nobody catches us. After all, there's probably something convenient to catch us. If there isn't, I'll find a handy wall and run down it."

The Flicky chirped at him.

"What's your name?" asked Sonic.

The Flicky chirped at him.

"I'll call you Knuckles!" said Sonic, grinning. "Unlike me, you don't chuckle!"

The Flicky glared at him.

"Fine, fine, I'll call you something else," said Sonic. "How about…Flappy?"

The Flicky nodded appreciatively.

"All right, Flappy," said Sonic, "you're my new pal!"

The ground started looming up ahead, and with it, a city.

"Aha!" said Sonic. "Looks like there's a nice wall to run down!"

Sure enough, up came a building, and Sonic ran down the wall of the building, grabbing Flappy as it hurtled past him. Then, when he came to a window, he used a special feature in his shoes—one that he usually ignored—to loop around under the window and run on the ceiling of the story that he had just entered. It appeared to be an office of some sort, filled with upside-down humans who gawked at him from their upside-down state.

"Look, it's Sonic the Hedgehog!" yelled one of the humans upside-downedly.

"Yes it is!" said Sonic, giving a thumbs-up.

"Is he giving a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down?" asked another human.

"It's a thumbs-up to you, people!" said Sonic.

"Well, it's just so hard to tell when you're upside down…" said a third human.

Suddenly, Sonic noticed the he was approaching the window.

"Watch your step! Don't fall!" yelled a fourth human.

"No problem!" said Sonic. Just as he reached the windowsill, he activated his shoes' function again, letting him run up the wall and causing Flappy to squeal with excitement.

"You like this, Flappy?" said Sonic, turning to wink at the Flicky. "I can keep this up until the top of the build—"


Another piece of metal smacked into Sonic's face. After a moment, Sonic fell off, no longer attached to the building.

"Whoops, this is not good," said Sonic.

Then, a piece of metal hit him in the back. He stood up cautiously, to see that, this time, it actually was Tails in his biplane, the Tornado.

"Oh hi, Tails!" said Sonic. "This is my new friend, Flappy!"

"Sonic, we don't have much time!" said Tails. "Dr. Eggman just launched the Death Egg Mk. II, and now we need to blow it up!"

"But…" said Sonic, scratching his head, "I just blew up a different Death Egg!"

"Maybe this one was stored in that one as a backup?" said Tails.

"Well, whatever's going on…" said Sonic, "let's fry this Death Egg!"

Tails nodded affirmatively, then steered Sonic towards the large piece of metal.

"Huh," said Sonic as the space station loomed ahead of him, "this does look like something that ol' Egghead would build. Giant, featureless hunk of metal with two eyes, a mustache, and other tacky adornments? That's Eggman, all right."

"One has to admire his mechanical genius," mumbled Tails.

"Genius, schmenius," said Sonic. "I smash everything of his every time. Oh look, there's the entrance."

Sonic turned to Flappy. "All right, little guy, I'm leaving you here."

Flappy squawked angrily at him.

"Seriously, you'll get blown up if I bring you in," said Sonic. "But I'll give you the Chaos Emeralds." He tossed them to the Flicky. "Take care of these, buddy." He turned to Tails. "Take care of this guy, other buddy," said Sonic, then leapt into the Death Egg Mk. II.

Sonic sped through a hallway, destroying all of the metal Badniks that tried to stop him. Then, he entered another hallway, causing similar devastation.

"Push the button…" muttered Sonic as he hit a button to open a door. "Pull the lever…" said Sonic, as, halfway down another hallway, he pulled a lever to move up a drawbridge to let him cross the other half. "Hit the…Eggman?"

Sonic suddenly noticed that he was in a room with Dr. Eggman facing him several meters away, seated behind a desk of controls. Righting himself and allowing the smirk on his face to grow, Sonic walked confidently towards the desk.

"Like what I've done with the new Death Egg?" asked Dr. Eggman.

"The one where I just smashed all your minions?" said Sonic sarcastically. "Oh yeah! You've turned into a big-time villain now, Doctor!"

Suddenly, the floor gave way beneath Sonic's feet, causing Sonic's jaw to comically drop open.

"Goodbye, Sonic the Hedgehog!" said Dr. Eggman, and Sonic fell through the floor.

"This is the third time I'm falling today," observed Sonic. "What'll save me this time? A wall? Tails? I wonder…"

But nothing came to save Sonic. Only the empty air hurtled past him. Then, suddenly, the Death Egg Mk. II blew up over his head.

"Go, Tails!" yelled Sonic.

"It was Knuckles!" yelled the large red blur who fell on top of Sonic.

"Go…Knuckles, blowing up the Death Egg!" said Sonic, muffled because Knuckles's head was over Sonic's mouth. Sonic, realizing this, pulled Knuckles off of him and grabbed Knuckles's hand to stop Knuckles from falling past Sonic.

"Mk. II!" yelled Knuckles. "I blew up the Death Egg Mk. II!"

"Yeah, who cares about terminology," said Sonic. "So, Knux, where're the Emeralds?"

"That's what I came to ask you," said Knuckles.

"You jumped out of an exploding space station to ask me where some Emeralds were?" asked Sonic amusedly as Knuckles scratched his head. "That's risky, old pal."

"Forget this," said Knuckles. "How are we going to avoid hitting the ground?"

The ground appeared near them, getting closer and closer.

"I…don't know," admitted Sonic. "Let's…uh…"

Suddenly, a glow appeared above Sonic and Knuckles. Flappy, glowing yellow, flew down and seized Sonic and Knuckles, one with each wing, suspending them in mid-air.

"Oh, so that's where the Emeralds are!" exclaimed Knuckles.

"Orbiting around my friend Flappy!" said Sonic. "Thanks for taking care of these, buddy! Nice to see that you have a Super Form! But where's Tails?"

"INCOM—" yelled Knuckles, then stopped because some metal smacked into their back.

"Please please please let this not be the Death Egg Mk. III," whispered Sonic.

"Nope, it's Tails again!" said Tails, who Sonic now observed to be in the Tornado.

"Oh yay, Tails!" exclaimed Sonic. "All right, so we've blown up two Death Eggs today…I'm hungry. Let's go get a snack."

"Will do!" said Tails, and the three members of Team Sonic, plus Flappy, descended to the ground to go get some snacks.

Included Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Flappy the Flicky
  • Tails the Fox
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Dr. Eggman

Fun Facts

  • Unlike most of my stories that wind up being funny, this story was written for the sole purpose of being humorous, as I felt that I owed people something lighthearted after the last story that I wrote.
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