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Milssa the Hedgehog
Character Name Milssa the Hedgehog
Full Name Milssa Malia Karn
Age 14 (physically); 9 (biologically)
Gender Female
Species Hedgehog
Alignment Chaotic Good
Relationship Status Single
Height 3'1"
Birthplace Ghost Town
Current Residence Kaio-Ken Fighting Academy
Romantic Interests
Skills Small-to-moderate skill in martial arts
Powers None
Weaponry None
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Too tough to make friends, yet too awkward to adapt…this is the situation that Milssa finds herself in, and it's not at all fun for her. Add to that her minimal combat skill and general ineptitude with both making and following rules, and you get someone who can't seem to get along with anyone, no matter how hard she tries.


Milssa is a forest green hedgehog with pale blue eyes. She has six quills; the lower three are very thick and stick downwards like the lowest three points of a twelve-pointed star, while the upper three are smaller and tend to hang over the lower ones. For clothing, Milssa tends to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, socks, and boots, usually in brown or gray.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Milssa's appearance is the large crescent moon-shaped indent (with the prongs facing upwards) in her left shoulder, although she tends to keep this hidden by her left shirt sleeve. Milssa herself has no clue as to what this indent signifies or how it got there.


Milssa is generally a fairly outgoing and honest person. However, having grown up in Ghost Town and thus having frequent encounters with bullies, Milssa has also developed a tough-girl attitude to try to dissuade bullies from trying to pull anything on her. The main downside of this is that it's difficult for Milssa to tell, in other life situations, who the "bullies" are, and thus may come off as a jerk to people who are trying to do good things, but who aren't being nice about doing so. In such situations, once Milssa figures out what's going on, she will try to make sure that those people realize that she means well, but by then, it's often too late. This also leaves Milssa as a prime target of being bullied herself when she's forced to work with others who dislike her and can't just push them away, causing her a lot of trouble when in environments with hostile teammates.

Another interesting facet of Milssa's personality is that she is incredibly perceptive. While this helps her in finding and utilizing information at key moments, it also means that she may try to come up with plans based on knowledge that no one else knows and thus put herself at odds with everyone in her vicinity through this knowledge discrepancy.

Strengths and Powers

Milssa has some small-to-moderate skill in martial arts, something that she hopes to drastically improve during her time at the Kaio-Ken Fighting Academy. Milssa's incredible perceptiveness could also be considered a strength. Aside from those two, Milssa has no particular strengths to speak of.


Milssa was born to a rather poor family in Ghost Town. Growing up, she had a fairly average life, although this was admittedly littered with unpleasant incidents caused by living in an unsavory neighborhood. The most pronounced of these incidents occurred when she was 9 years old and found herself being physically tortured by a thug who seemed to want some possessions of hers. A local drifter named Jack intervened and beat up the thug, allowing Milssa to escape. This incident would inspire Milssa to learn martial arts herself to be able to better defend herself in future situations like this one.

A couple of weeks later, Milssa discovered the Kaio-Ken Fighting Academy and became excited at the prospect of going there. Despite the fact that Milssa was five years too young to attend and that her parents had very little money to speak of, Milssa managed to solve the first problems by getting a local teleporter to obtain a potion to make her five years older, and her parents managed to solve the second problem by securing a deal with the Academy's headmaster, who took interest in Milssa for reasons unknown. As such, Milssa excitedly went off to the Kaio-Ken Fighting Academy a couple of weeks later, ready to face whatever the Academy could throw at her…or at least, so she thought…


This character's sixstat code is 433621

  • Health: 4 – Years of being beaten down has given Milssa an above-average resistance to attacks.
  • Damage: 3 – Milssa knows just enough martial arts to do an average amount of damage, but not more.
  • Speed: 3 – Milssa's speed is about average.
  • Reflexes: 6 – Milssa is very perceptive and has very fast reflexes, letting her process information and act on it at unusually high speeds.
  • Intelligence: 2 – While Milssa is reasonably intelligent, she is out of touch with the way that normal society works to the point that her plans will often hurt more than they help.
  • Regen: 1 – Milssa may be able to take an above-average number of hits, but giving her one really hard hit will take a while to heal.

Fun Facts

  • Milssa lisps slightly when she speaks. This is more pronounced when she speaks loudly.