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Cquote1.png Well, you could put a cork in it, bub, for starters. Cquote2.png
Mel the Metal Sonic, to King Manik Acorn

Mel is a Metal Sonic robot from the Kronos Mobius dimension. She was built by Shard the Metal Sonic from the parts of various different Metal Sonic models, much like he was. She is the current leader of Team Freedom, the leader of the Seeker Squad (one of two divisions of Team Freedom), and the first Knight of Kronos. Mel is also one of the main characters of the upcoming fan comic series Team Freedom.


Mel’s personality is fairly similar to that of her father’s- she is generally playful and a bit cocky. However, she doesn’t share Shard’s enthusiasm for taunting enemies while in a fight, and even considers it to be counter-productive in nature. That isn't to say she is above name-calling if she gets frustrated enough with an enemy she is fighting- it just means that she would prefer to not make a habit of it.

She also prefers to find the truth for herself, rather than taking what people tell her at face value. This in turn means she doesn't take being lied to very well, especially by a friend. Mel also finds herself constantly fascinated by knowledge, and can spend many hours at a time devouring information from any books and/or documents on a particular subject that she gets her hands on. She has a strong desire to acquire as much knowledge about the world around her as she possibly can.

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Being a robot constructed from various Metal Sonic robots, it's only natural that Mel would look like one. Her head resembles that of Metal Sonic v3.0 (and the models after) in terms of shape- however, her muzzle has a mouth like Shard's. Her eyes are separated rather than conjoined. Most of her head is a dark shade of green- her muzzle, the lines along the sides of her eyes, and the stripes on her quills are silver, and the insides of her ears are yellow. Her digitised pupils are a cyan blue. Her torso resembles that of Neo Metal Sonic's, minus the giant spine in the back. The outside of her torso is also green, and the inside of her turbine is grey. She has two large shoulder pads, both of which are a dark grey. Her arms and hands are also similar to Neo Metal Sonic's, especially in that her fingertips end in razor-sharp claws. However, her lower arms are green aside from the silver markings and yellow trim, and the backs of her hands have a dark grey trim not unlike the silver trim of Shard's hands. Finally, her legs and feet strongly resemble Shard's- however, in addition to having green and yellow in place of black and gold respectively, the front ends of Mel's feet are more angular than Shard's.


Mel usually wears a dark purple cape around her waist, much like Neo Metal Sonic. Any other articles of clothing are absent from her body due to their tendency to restrict movement and get caught between joints.


  • Clawed Fingers: Mel's clawed fingers allow her to slash her enemies with relative ease.
  • Limited Shape-shifting: Like her father Shard, Mel has the ability- albeit limited- to shapeshift her hands, turning them into various types of weapons or tools. Examples include blades, laser cannons, lockpicks, and grapples.
  • Flight: Mel’s feet are outfitted with rockets (usually hidden by panels on the undersides of her feet) that allow her to fly at high speeds. However, if she flies at too extreme of a speed for too long, her rockets will overheat and then shut down, and won’t be able to reactivate until they have cooled down significantly.
  • High Durability: Mel is able to take significant blows to her armour, and can even survive low-energy (such as some forms of Chaos Energy) blasts point-blank without taking too much damage.
  • Protected Power Gem: Unlike Shard’s Power Gem, which is dangerously exposed and can as such easily be damaged during a fight, Mel’s Power Gem is located deep within her armour plating and other inner workings- making it much harder to damage and/or destroy.
  • Chaos Force Connection: Mel has a faint connection to the Chaos Force- it’s unknown currently as to how this can be, given that she is a robot. Currently she cannot tap into said connection, let alone turn Super- but nonetheless, the connection is there, and in turn, so is the potential to one day be able to utilise it.




  • Arctic Temperatures: Naturally, due to being a robot, Mel doesn’t do so well in Arctic-like temperatures. In most cold regions, she will generally be fine, as the heat from her own inner workings is enough to keep her warm- but in Arctic temperatures, her joints will slowly freeze, and one by one her systems will start to shut down. Unless she is moved to a warm location, she’ll eventually be rendered inoperable and go offline until her surrounding environment becomes optimal for her to come online again.
  • EMPs: Mel is not immune to EMPs, and will be shut down immediately should one go off while she’s in range.

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  • Rose  D'Coolette the Coyote
  • Jewel the Bat
  • Winter the Hedgehog
  • Queen Sonia Acorn
  • Wolf Pack Chief Echo Nikita
  • Commander Zuri Lycan


  • Suppression Squad (usually)


  • King Manik Acorn
  • Auto-Fiona the Fox
  • Dr. Finitevus
  • Stirling the Hedgehog
  • Lien-Da


  • Mel went under several redesigns (some very different than others) until I came to this one, which was obviously the most satisfactory of them all.