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Męka Niki
Character Name Męka Niki
Full Name Niki Cantin
Nicknames Męka Niki (ˈmɛ.kə ˌnɪ.kiː); (preferred name)
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Polar bear
Alignment Lawful Good
Relationship Status Single
Height 3'5" (after gaining artificial enhancements); 3'1" (when fully organic)
Birthplace Anthracite Village
Current Residence Anthracite Town
Relatives Jason Cantin (father); Hannah Cantin (mother, deceased)
Friends AJ the Fox
Romantic Interests
Occupation None
Skills None
Abilities None
Powers None
Weaponry Fold-out chainsaws built into her arms
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Męka Niki is a cyborg polar bear with noticeable metal arms, legs, and breathing apparatus. The first two make her a formidable combatant, but all of them make her look and feel like a misfit, which largely contributes to her pessimistic and sarcastic demeanor. Regardless, she is still willing to fight for the good of the universe…just don't expect her to be happy about it.


Męka Niki is a female polar bear with white hair and light blue eyes. She has white wavy hair that comes down to the middle of her neck. Her fur covers her organic parts, which would, in this case, be her torso. However, her torso can't be seen, as she wears an inconspicuous brown leather one-piece vest-like article of clothing over it that covers her entire torso. She also wears blue-tinted goggles over her head to help her see further.

Her artificial limbs are quite clearly mechanical; gears and beams can be seen in her limbs, especially when she moves them. Her limbs also have several joints in places that wouldn't be expected from organic limbs, allowing Męka Niki to perform various complex moves; rotating her limbs 360º is just one example of what she is capable of doing with her artificial limbs. Additionally, her hands can be rotated back into her arms, causing chainsaws to rotate outwards (since the backs of her hands and the backs of the chainsaws are attached). Whichever arm extension (hands/chainsaws) is currently rotated into the back of Męka Niki's arm is covered by a metal sheath that folds over it when it rotates in, protecting the unused part from being harmed and from harming other people.

Męka Niki's has a steam-powered artificial breathing apparatus, a backpack-shaped object that protrudes from her back. This houses the mechanical parts of her breathing apparatus and allows her to feed fuel to it, which allows it to heat up some of the water that she drinks, turning it into steam and powering the breathing apparatus. This is the least noticeable one of her artificial parts, as it could easily be mistaken for a backpack, and even has compartments attached to it for storage.

Most of Męka Niki's artificial parts (arms, legs, and breathing apparatus) are primarily made of bronze, as this is the strongest metal easily obtainable in ςρ-χξε, her home dimension. These parts are then coated with a thin layer of tin to prevent bronze disease. This layer is then coated with a layer of copper-looking material to keep people from trying to steal Męka Niki's artifical parts under the assumption that they are more valuable than they are (as the tin could easily be mistaken for silver or a similar valuable metal). The only parts of Męka Niki that are not made of faux-copper-plated-tin-plated-bronze are the teeth of Męka Niki's chainsaws, which are made of obsidian. This is done because obsidian is the sharpest available material that is not susceptible to bronze disease, which is why the teeth are not made of bronze instead.


On the outside, Męka Niki is bitter and cynical, only seeming to do good things grudgingly and frequently condemning them as useless. Her sarcastic sense of humor doesn't help much either, nor do her former suicidal feelings (which have been recently overcome, but used to cause trouble). However, somewhere under all of the layers of negativity is a brave and well-meaning individual who really cares about things going well for the world in general. This has been emphasized after Męka Niki overcame her suicidal tendencies, turning her into a more heroic character than she would have been previously.

Strengths and Powers

Męka Niki has no magic powers. However, she does have chainsaws equipped in her arms that can deal massive damage. Aside from those, her artificial limbs are fairly strong and can bear a lot of weight or deal a lot of damage without breaking.


Męka Niki's primary weakness is that of her breathing apparatus, as she is forced to consume an unusually high amount of water and give her apparatus fuel regularly to keep it powered and allow her to breathe normally. Not doing this would result in her having trouble breathing or, if neglected long enough, might lead to her eventually dying from asphyxiation.


Męka Niki (born Niki) had a rough life from the instant that she was born. Her mother had been mind-controlled by Rinnahssiah-0, an incredibly powerful Mobian who was trying to take over Niki's entire dimension of ρς-ϕξς, and Niki's father had to steal her from her mother to avoid Rinnahssiah from mind-controlling Niki as well.

About a year later, a series of events caused two small chunks of ρς-φξς—including Niki's home village, later to be known as Anthracite Town—to be transported into their own dimension of ςρ-χξε. Niki grew up as the efforts to make ςρ-χξε habitable took place, and personally witnessed several deaths and other atrocities occur as part of these attempts, severely damaging her worldview. This worldview got so bad that Męka Niki, condemning herself as useless, once tried to commit suicide, ultimately being stopped by her father, Jason, who made her realize that it was important for her to stay alive for the benefits that she'd give to others. Additionally, in one of many attempts to stop this from happening again, Jason introduced Męka Niki to a young fox named AJ, who she became friends with and found to be a source of optimism, which then helped her keep from ever becoming as depressed again (although she still nearly went that far emotionally multiple times).

Niki's life eventually became more peaceful as the dimension itself did, but her life took a turn for the worse when a small skirmish broke out in Anthracite Town. Niki, who had no idea what was going on and didn't have time to defend herself, found herself cornered by a chainsaw-wielding attacker. The chainsaw then unexpectedly malfunctioned, went out of control, and cut off Niki's arms and legs, as well as damaging her lungs, before killing her attacker and flying out of sight (where it would explode and kill a few other combatants). Niki received medical help shortly afterwards, gaining artificial arms, legs, and a breathing apparatus (the latter of which compensated for her lung damage).

By the time Niki had finished getting her artificial parts, she found that the conflict had ended, as everyone had realized that the conflict was just too dangerous for the situation that they were in. Niki, however, found that she had lost whatever optimism she had had previously and couldn't re-integrate herself with the rest of her society, largely due to her unusual appearance (caused by her artificial limbs) and extra needs (caused by her breathing apparatus). This was the point at which Niki had her arms modified to include chainsaws, as she became worried that she might need to defend herself (choosing the very implement that inflicted so much damage on herself as the best means to inflict it on others in self-defense), and tried to come up with some sort of a new name for herself to reflect the fact that she felt like she had lost who she was before, instead having become a new person. When she couldn't come up with a new name, she asked AJ for one, and he suggested Męka Niki, explaining that Męka meant "torture" in Polish and looked like it should sound like "mecha", both of which were relevant to Niki. Niki approved this name, leading to it become her current moniker.

Męka Niki spent the past three years after that incident trying to find something to do with her life and mostly failing, just hoping that some opportunity would come along and allow her to make herself useful instead of just being (as she feels) an imposition on everyone else. Fortunately for her, she never forgot about her father's reminder to stay alive for others even when it didn't seem worth it, keeping her alive until she finally found an opportunity to clearly, visibly help others: a mission to save Metropolis Central from destruction via a malfunction there. Despite going into the mission thinking that she was going to die, Męka Niki managed to find the source of the malfunction and fix it, thus simultaneously accomplishing her mission and making her finally realize that she actually was useful and that the lessons from before were right. With this repaired worldview, Męka Niki has stuck around since trying to help out whenever possible; although her sarcastic and cynical personality from before hasn't left, she's still far more likely to be able and willing to assist in times of need.


Fit to Survive

Męka Niki's main canonical appearance, this story deals with Męka Niki reminiscing on and overcoming her suicidal feelings, as well as helping continue the story from Erics One and Two.

Team Mask vs Bopha, Meka Niki, and Rinnahssiah-5: Group Battle

Męka Niki's other canonical appearance. This battle roleplay focuses on six combatants fighting in a 3v3 battle, one of whom is Męka Niki. Given some character-relevant interactions that she had in this story, part of this appears via flashbacks in Fit to Survive.

Eggcellent! (non-canon)

Męka Niki's one non-canonical appearance, where she appeared a few times simply to counterbalance the overwhelming silliness of practically everyone else in the roleplay by serving as a reality check. Notably, in this roleplay, Męka Niki had the power to break the fourth wall and interact with the writers, but only because everyone else had that power in the roleplay.


This character's sixstat code is 661241

  • Health: 6 – Męka Niki's metal limbs are largely impervious to damage, and her organic parts are fairly resistant as well.
  • Damage: 6 – Męka Niki's chainsaws are very damaging to opponents. Getting hit with them could be extremely problematic.
  • Speed: 1 – Męka Niki's artificial legs are not very fast. They're fast enough to get around at a reasonable speed, but she can't move anywhere near as fast as a normal, completely organic Mobian.
  • Reflexes: 2 – Męka Niki's reflexes in battle are below-average.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Męka Niki can come up with decent battle plans.
  • Regen: 1 – Męka Niki's artificial parts don't regenerate at all without a blacksmith repairing them, so despite her organic parts recovering quickly, her overall damage recovery is fairly poor.

Fun Facts

  • The tin layer of Męka Niki's limbs could theoretically be melted by high heats, exposing the bronze layer to bronze disease, and the bronze layer itself could be melted by even higher heats. However, since tin's melting point is 450° F (232° C) and bronze's melting point is 1742° F (950° C), exposing Niki's organic parts to such a high heat would kill her or any other normal organic being, so this doesn't really count as one of her specific weaknesses, as it is not unique to her.
  • Męka in Polish (where the word comes from) is pronounced /ˈmɛŋ.kə/ (mengka). However, Niki pronounces it /ˈmɛ.kə/ (mecha), as she doesn't want to be bothered with having to keep inserting the /ŋ/ sound into her speech every time she says her name.