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Kim the Ferret
Character Name Kim the Ferret
Full Name Kim Mara Salo
Age 19 (in Deathwall); 21 (current)
Gender Female
Species Ferret
Alignment Chaotic Good
Relationship Status
Height 3'1"
Birthplace Platinum City
Current Residence Viridian College
Romantic Interests
Abilities Basic skill in martial arts
Powers None
Weaponry None
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Kim is a hardcore gamer and college student, which is more than enough to keep her engaged. As if it weren't bad enough that she has all of this homework, it's cutting into her game time! Luckily, she has to spend some time with her friends too, and by the power of double negatives, time loss + time loss = time gain! (In short, her friends help her maximize her time, but this is how she thinks of it.)  


Kim is a female ferret of approximately average height but somewhat narrow build. She has medium gray fur, light gray skin, and black mask-like markings around her bright orange eyes. She has no particular hair to speak of, as her head fur is kept fairly short like the fur on the rest of her body.

For clothing, Kim will generally be seen wearing any of a number of casual clothes, generally short-sleeved T-shirts, pants, socks, and sneakers in any of a wide variety of colors that may or may not clash, depending on how recently her friends were in her room when she got dressed in the morning (as they generally pay more attention to these sorts of things than she does). She will also often wear roller skates attached to the bottoms of her sneakers, allowing her to roll around at remarkable speeds.

The one piece of clothing that Kim can reliably be seen wearing is a particular pair of teal headphones specifically made to fit the ears of Mobians like her, meaning that the ear-pieces are over places that are above her head instead of on the sides of her head. Additionally, the band that goes under her chin to hold on her headphones has an attachment that includes a microphone and covers her chin and mouth, allowing her to speak into the microphone, muffle her sound to the outside world, and still breathe through her nose at the same time. (Kim thinks that this is the most awesome headset ever, so she has multiple pairs just in case.)  


Kim is a very motivated individual. Everything that she does, she does enthusiastically without cutting any corners. Whenever she commits herself to something, she might seem like an unstoppable force in her attempts to do that thing. The downside of all this is that it's very difficult to get Kim to stop doing something when she starts. She's incredibly stubborn and headstrong, so others' attempts to get her to change her mind about anything will usually fail. As a result of the above traits, Kim is a terrible team player if the team's goal is not her goal. However, if it is her goal, she'll be very supportive of the team and try to motivate everyone else to do their best as well.

Kim also has a very small attention span. She can't stand around waiting for more than a fraction of a second without bouncing up and down, snapping her fingers, or doing some similar activity to occupy herself. Fortunately for Kim, she has developed a method of countering this: carrying around a handheld gaming device at all times so that she can whip it out and poke at it if she's bored for more than a few seconds. While this does alleviate her boredom, it can alienate potential friends who assume that this means that she doesn't care about them. Although Kim certainly does care about these people, the habit doesn't help her look the part.

Strengths and Powers

Kim has some basic skill in martial arts, specializing in short-range physical maneuvers that utilize her speed and agility to damage opponents frequently without opening herself to attack. She can also utilize her roller skates to roll pretty fast, although she risks crashing into walls when she does so. (Fortunately, Kim has mastered a technique that causes her to collide with walls feet-first and thus skate up them instead of damaging her.)  


This character's sixstat code is 146630

  • Health: 1 – Kim has very little resistance to attacks.
  • Damage: 4 – Kim's individual attacks don't do much damage, but her rapid-fire barrages of attacks can wear down opponents easily.
  • Speed: 6 – Kim can move around very quickly, thanks to her roller-skates and her mastery of using them, as well as her innate speed.
  • Reflexes: 6 – Kim has killer reflexes, obtained from a combination of naturally good reflexes and the sheer amount of time that she's spent playing video games that hone her reflexes.
  • Intelligence: 3 – Kim can come up with lots of plans really quickly, but most of them are useless, as they generally assume that the people involved in the plan are inside a video game. However, she will occasionally come up with something truly brilliant.
  • Regen: 0 – Kim has basically no damage regeneration to speak of. If she gets hit, she's going to need help patching herself up. Thankfully, Tess is often around to help with such incidents.


  • Tess the Bat: One of Kim's two best friends, Tess is the one who makes sure that Kim doesn't go too far overboard with anything. In return, Kim makes sure that Tess's life is suitably fun and interesting, which can overwhelm Tess at times. Regardless, they remain pretty good friends.
  • Kara the Dolphin: Kim's other best friend, Kara is the one who keeps Kim's life interesting by being unpredictable and doing weird stuff that Kim finds exciting. Kim also helps Kara do her weird stuff, which Kara finds useful and Kim finds incredibly entertaining.

Fun Facts

  • Kim was created as an alternate version of Kimara the Ferret. The reason for this was that I had considered creating an alternate version of Tess the Bat for Channel Mobius as a possible friend of Kimara's, which prompted me to make an alternate version of Kimara as a friend of Tess in να-τιδ.
  • Kim has no History section, because I couldn't think of anything significant that had happened in her past, so rather than waiting until I could think of such a thing, I opted to simply leave out the section.
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