"What use is she if she's afraid?" ― Raidon
Kalamaris Veirous Aaryavir(カラマリス勇敢なアリアビル / karamarisu yūkan'na ariabiru), otherwise known as Keira, is a hedgehog hybrid bestowed with two superpowers: umbra-electrokinesis and umbrakinesis. She’s a member of Team Night, being the team’s fly-type character.



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Lil' Backstory

The Libra War. One of the darkest and longest conflicts ever to exist on Chaeris. The world divided in two, and both sides were only allowed to meet in battle.  

A product of forbidden romance, Keira lived a life filled with fear and sacrifice, seeking refuge in one home and then another. This twisted cycle all came to an end when she spectated her parents’ assassination. Spared and kidnapped, Keira found herself in the care of a high-ranking assassin, who soon sends her off to an organisation they used to work for - one that involves a hierarchy of killers. 

There, Keira met Raidon, Mysta, Siegfried, Brutus and Scorch, forming Team Night and Team Shade. But as the Libra War grew more intense, the organisation was sabotaged, and everyone went rouge. Keira fell out with her friends, and her assassin guardian was dead. Finding a new home in the form of an orphanage, Keira took the time to recover.

One day, she’ll be back in action.


Umbra-Electrokinesis: This power gives her the ability to manipulate/control black lightning, which is the darker, and destructive side of the normal electrokinesis. Distance, mass, precision, and other stats of the attack depend upon the knowledge, skill, and strength Keira has, and puts in.

Umbrakinesis: This is the power to control/manipulate darkness itself. Since her umbrakinesis is no longer patches of black that she adds to her electrokinesis, she is now able to use it, but it isn't as powerful as her father's. With umbrakinesis, she is able to travel using shadow sneak, and she has more attacks to use for her combos. 

Weaponry & Item(s)

  • Scythe
  • Axe (Temporarily)
  • Rusty Knife (Temporarily)
  • Rapier (Temporarily)


  • Electricity Absorption: When hit by any form of electric attack, she is able to absorb it, using it as extra energy. However, Keira has to focus to trick her body into thinking it’s her electricity, in order to be able to absorb it. If timed wrongly, Keira can still be damaged heavily by the attack. 
  • Enhanced Night Vision: Is able to see perfectly well at night, and isn’t affected by how dark her surroundings are.
  • Shadow Travel: She merges with her own shadow. While she is a shadow, she is immune to any attacks, and can only be forced out of this state when she loses energy, and when another user who is also able to attack her using shadow manipulation. She can also move around when she’s in this state.


  • Weapon Handling: Of course. Usually essential for an assassin. It took a very long time to get used to carrying and using a ton of new weapons, but she mastered it eventually through combat practice.
  • Adaptability: Because she has been working with numerous teams, Keira can easily fit in with any group and work with the flow. 
  • Flying: She can create wings with the help of her umbrakinesis, however, this only works when there is an excessive amount of darkness compared to light.


This character's sixstat code is 467453

  • Health 4/9: She doesn't really need to have that much health, as she has incredible speed.
  • Damage 6/9: Keira's powers are already powerful. She uses a lot of combo strings to try and attack her opponents.
  • Speed 7/9: Keira’s known to be able to travel faster than the speed of light for a short time, as it takes a massive toll on her energy. 
  • Reflexes 4/9: She doesn't have the greatest reflexes, nor does she have the best senses to help her with this, but she can manage.
  • Intelligence 5/9: She usually dives into problems after using her mind first.
  • Regen 3/9: Her recovery time is slow for most of her kind, but she does recover faster than mortals.


  • Her powers can be cancelled out by photokinesis and pure lightning manipulation.
  • Keira’s social skills are horrible, and she usually isn’t one to approach someone else.
  • Umbrakinesis won’t be able to work without the presence of darkness. However, Shadow Travel is an exception, as that uses her own shadow during the day, and the darkness during the night. 


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