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This is a page about Jack the Porcupine, a character created by Wikikinetic

NOTE: This article may contain spoilers for History of Jack, I'll Be With You, Always, Apocalypses Are Boring, and future Jack Chronology stories.

Jack the Hedgehog
Character Name Jack the Hedgehog
Full Name
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Porcupine
Alignment Chaotic Good
Relationship Status Single
Height 3'7"
Birthplace Red Gate Bay
Current Residence Ghost Town
Dislikes Evil, especially anything that he considers to be torture
Romantic Interests
Occupation Unstable
Skills None
Abilities Super strength; Moderate skill with a bō
Powers None
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From bully to emotionless man to unthinking brawler to normal person, Jack has gone a long way. His unfortunate past has catapulted him through a number of personality changes, ultimately turning him into a better person along the way...and one with greater combat proficiency to boot.


Jack is a male porcupine with dark green fur and black eyes. His quills tend to be long and of uneven lengths, as Jack used to have little respect for them, but he has been making an effort more recently to bring them into line. Jack tends to wear brown coats, shirts, pants, and boots. Like his quills, this clothing often clashed and was in various states of disrepair, but, like his quills, Jack has been making an attempt to have more decent clothing.

Personality and History

As a child and teenager, Jack was a bully, plain and simple. That went away when he entered college and started suffering the same treatment that he'd used to give out to others or worse, making him realize just how bad what he'd been doing was through suffering it himself.

After an unaccountably long period of time of this, Jack finally snapped. Leaving college after trashing the bullies' place, he fell into a state of prolonged apathy, speaking to others as little as possible and just trying to get through his day. This apathy was augmented by the bullying he'd received making him much more sensitive to when it would befall others, causing him to become wildly angry at people performing these acts and try to stop them at whatever cost necessary.

Eventually, one of these fits led him to be introduced to the Bloodied Hands Arena, a more creative outlet for this anger in fighting others. Through this arena, Jack started to undergo yet another personality change, gaining a desire to better himself through finally finding someone better at combat than he was. As he improved his combat skills, he began to improve personality-wise as well through forced interactions where he needed to be nicer, pushing him towards his next development.

After a certain amount of this improvement, Jack wound up in an abandoned dimension with no one else but Niki the Polar Bear, who he had to spend a week with and help due to their abandonment. As he actually helped her intentionally for once. Over this week, Jack found himself forming a romantic attachment to Niki, pushing him to be kind to her, for the first time in his life. Despite a snap back into his former state when Niki was knocked out by Rinnahssiah-0, having to save Niki's life helped Jack hit his most recent point of finally being decent to people he met, trying to help them and not just hurt people. This proved vital in escaping the dimension and getting rid of Rinnahssiah-0 before the dimension's collapse.

Jack has many future developments ahead of him, which have not yet been chronicled...

Strengths and Powers

Formerly, Jack's powerset consisted of super strength—which manifested itself during his bursts of rage—and faster-than-average speed. These two, combined with his tendency to act before thinking and his former lack of scruples when attempting to stop evil, made him a force to be reckoned with, though they caused severe problems for him as well.

Recently, Jack's powerset has changed drastically. While he still retains his super strength and above-average speed, he thinks more upon acting, making his acts more moral, less predictable, and less violent. Additionally, Jack now uses a bō, a two-handed staff that he can use in a variety of ways to damage opponents at close- or medium-range.



As of right now, Jack's statistics look like this:

This character's sixstat code is 354331

  • Health: 3 – Jack's resistance to damage is about average.
  • Damage: 5 – Jack's damage output is pretty high, due to his super strength and the strength of his bō. However, he doesn't possess the raw strength that he would if he were just using his fists.
  • Speed: 4 – Jack is faster than average.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Jack's reflexes are fairly good, but Jack intentionally suppresses them in battle to avoid doing something reckless, relying more on his thinking to achieve victory in battle.
  • Intelligence: 3 – Jack can come up with reasonably good plans, but he doesn't have much practice in doing so.
  • Regen: 1 – Jack isn't the best at recovering from attacks.


Before Jack started training to use his head more and his fists less, his statistics looked like this:

This character's sixstat code is 364501

  • Health: 3 – Jack's resistance to damage was about average.
  • Damage: 6 – Jack's damage output was incredibly high, due to his super strength.
  • Speed: 4 – Jack was faster than average.
  • Reflexes: 5 – Jack had very good reflexes, allowing him to quickly and easily defeat opponents who possessed conventional fighting styles.
  • Intelligence: 0 – Jack never thought during his battles, making him unlikely to notice his enemies' weaknesses, as well as making him easy to exploit.
  • Regen: 1 – Jack wasn't the best at recovering from attacks.

Former Theme Song

Jack's theme song used to be His World (Crush 40 Version), the lyrics of which can be seen here.

Connection to Jack

Like the rush of the wind he moves on and on and on and on and on. — Jack had incredible focus either when enraged or after training relentlessly, making him seemingly never stop moving and/or fighting in battle.

He's the fire, flame, conflicting pain. — Jack had a lot of inner emotional trauma (though this was usually only seen when he is enraged).

Untouched, uncrushed, and will remain. — Referred to either Jack surviving all the bad things in his past, or his ability to survive most attacks in the present.

Headed straight for an open door. — When fighting, Jack often took the easiest route to victory, ignoring any better (or smarter) options that he might have. Partly negated once Jack realized that this was detrimental to him.

He can see, and he can feel, / Without one touch, it seems unreal, — Jack's past torment unlocked hidden capabilities within himself, capabilities that might have seemed almost unimaginable had he not discovered their existence.

But it's true, the power lives inside of you, / Inside of you, yeah! — Jack's power lay entirely within himself.

In this world! (His world!) / Where compromise does not exist. — Jack just did what he thinks is necessary, and didn't care about anyone else's preferences.

In this world! (His world!) / Never fear the fall. (Never fear the fall!) — Jack acted without thinking about possible dangers to himself.

Beware of your mind as it proves you wrong. / A forward push, the clock strikes strong. — Jack thought that he was invincible, but painfully discovered otherwise.

He's the tower, power, admits no shame. — Jack thought that everything that he does is the right thing, and was quick to say so should someone say otherwise.

Fun Facts

  • Jack was originally going to be a hedgehog, but then I learned that a Jack the Hedgehog already existed. Then Jack was going to be named Jake, but then I learned that there was also a Jake the Hedgehog. This caused me to make Jack into a porcupine, which turned out fine appearance-wise since Sonic Fanon porcupines do not look that different from hedgehogs.