To Part 1J.

Part 1: Moonlit Recruitment

Luna the Bunny flew through planet Distrelea, covered in a purple aura with her scepter in hand. This planet seemed to be a heavily mechanical one; upon looking around, there were robotic creatures who looked like huge mushrooms, half of their body organic and half of their bodies mechanical. They were about 20 feet tall in size with large, goofy grins on their faces. Luna stared down at the organisms. Alright, this area is just as much of a waste of space, but I suppose this area would be a good place to have the meeting. It's nice to finally have Mother off of my back. 

Luna flew downwards, lightly descending to an area that looked like a one-story house made of... was that titanium she sensed? How did these creatures get access to it? No matter, I'll just wipe them all out afterwards. Luna hit the ground, which was also made of a hard mineral's material, and walked forward. Creatures were portaling around in flashes of blue light like it was casual for them, and one of the mushroomy Distreleans approached her, still smiling.

It began to speak in its own Distrelean tongue, which Luna could understand due to having experience with other planets' languages... that she leanred with her father, so long ago. Damn you, Shadow... Luna looked up and began to pay attention to the Distrelean, who spoke in a giddy voice. "Hello there, ma'am! You look like a foreigner? Do you need assistance? If you do, I'd be glad to teleport you to the Distrelea Refugee Center in a giffy-"

"Die." Luna responded in Distrelean, raising the scepter as she began to glow purple. She jumped up and pressed the scepter to the organism's face, and its head exploded, sending an acidic liquid in all directions that burned the ground, Luna was unflinching when it landed on her, and she walked to the door of the Distrelean's house. It looked like it needed a keycode, eye scan, and fingerprints to enter, but Luna merely rolled her eyes and lifted her hair, revealing a third eye with red irises that began to glow red. She fired a laser from it, and it blew the door up, allowing Luna to enter.

The room was just as advanced on the inside as it was on the outside, with grey tech allowing for everything; conveyor belts moving one forward to the kitchen, moving chairs that brought Luna to a table, and robots that began to pour... cereal for her? Luna shook her head. Well, my future associates better be happy. Luna tapped the scepter onto the ground twice, and a door-shaped portal appeared a small distance from her. The people she'd discussed meeting with would enter through it.

The first being to enter was a man in a trenchcoat with his face covered by a hood. He adjusted his gauntlets before looking at Luna. Luna looked over him. How mysterious... it looks like he is the first to arrive, she thought. His signatures aren't half-bad, either. Hopefully he hasn't an attitude issue.

"So, you were the one calling out to me?" He said "How quaint. My name is Tel-Eth. Why do you seek my assistance?"

The second and third to enter looked like they were from differing time periods. One wearing what looked to be a black surcoat buttoned over a crisp white undershirt, with a red tie neatly wrapped underneath the collar. Wearing a black face mask that covered the mouth and nose. This one seemed to have a bored..? Dull, look on his face. Hazel eyes staring at Luna and Tel-Eth with an expression that betrayed nothing. “You have made the call, and I answer; Lorenzo Mapaís, please make this an interesting diversion.” He spoke, his accent vaguely italian, then again that might explain the floral print mantle he wore over the coat along with the white clothe wrapping kept around the waist of what looked like Masquerade Velvet pants and suede shoes.

Luna's expression turned into one of slight amusement, looking at the new guest's intricate appearance. I know some dimensions have a planet called Earth similar to Mobius, but that accent is heavy. Luna's brain began to feel heavy annoyance listening to Lorenzo. Father and I never really studied Earth languages...

The second was a man wearing what could be described as gilded lamellar armor, with precious stones and metals inscribed with decorative etchings all across the chest plate itself. Predominantly gold, there seemed to be silver and zircon embedded within the slots of the armor. His leggings comprised of the same pattern of armor as his chest plate, with rectangular slatted shoulder guards. He seemed to have fair features and practically cherubic emerald green eyes, eyes that belied a sense of evil. In his possession with a simple staff made with gnarled elder root and topped with the iconography of a curled Egyptian King Cobra cast in gold with emerald eyes. Upon second glance it seemed that the serpent statuette was alive. “Locar Du-Mas, at your service.. Who knew I’d get the chance to come back from the dead~!”

Calmly walking in was a short wolf, with light gray fur and wearing mostly black clothing. She stood at 2'6", and still gave off the aura that she could crush an army on her own with a flick of the wrist. She carried three massive blades on her back, seemingly held there by magnets, each appearing to weigh 500 pounds. "What do you desire, to have called me from my home."

Following her was a taller wolf, with gray fur and a black jacket. He wore a dark gray shirt with a flame design on it, and torn black jeans. He wore black boots, and looked generally mad. His hair was spiky and black. "...why have I been summoned. This best be worth my while, I was in the middle of something." He stood at 3'6".

Coming next was a cheetah, with orange fur and slim purple armor from the neck down, standing at 4'2". She carried two large blades that easily weighed in the hundreds of pounds. She glared at Luna, and took in the general power levels of everyone in the room in case a fight started. "What precisely am I supposed to do here?"

Following her was a tiger clad in pure black armor, carrying a single massive blade. He stood at 4'3", and standing too close to him seemed to give people nausea. He takes note of the first wolf and the cheetah, considering they had energies resembling his, before turning to Luna. "What do you require to be crushed, madam."

Lastly of this group was the least intimidating. He stood at 3'7", and had white fur. He wore a white labcoat, over a black shirt and jeans, along with leather boots. He didn't seem that powerful at all, but he did carry two pistols inside his labcoat's pockets. He approached Luna, scanning her. "Doctor Alexander Nameless, at your service."

Following the doctor was a blonde-colored bat with shiny purple eyes, wearing a dark blue and black outfit that looked like in belonged in a fantasy video game. He eyed Luna up and down. "Ah, I remember you! You gave Kennedy quite a bit of trouble! Nice to meet you!"

Following him was another interested antagonist. She was a green and yellow-scaled snake with similarly scaled arms, but no legs, only a long tail. She had one yellow eye and one purple one (yellow is left, purple is right). She also had turqoise hair of medium length she wore in a side-ponytail with a yellow Scrunchie. Finally, she only wore two pieces of clothing: a purple T-shirt with a skull on it, and a gold necklace around her neck with a blue gem at the front.

"Well, thissssssss isssssss quite the entrancccccce you've provided usssssssss. I'm Medussssssssa." Her slim, pink tongue rattled every time she pronounced an "s" sound.

She slithered forward, and it was a good thing she did because following her was a cyan cheetah with yellow spots and black markings all over his body, wearing a backwards baseball cap that read Tyrants and a gold chain around his neck. "HeygangI'mFlash! It'sagoodthingMissSnakegotouttathewaybecauseI'mspeedingin!" He spoke quickly before moving to make room.

If that wasn't enough, yet another group made an appearance after the cheetah. Since the door wasn't purposed for a group entrance, they took turns; chased after a certain cat, rather.

"See see see SEE?! I told you that there were going to be a ton of them!" a squeak of excitement slipped through a cat wearing a turtle-neck shirt and pants. She bounced through the door portal, eyes sparkling at the amount of people. "Hi hi! Oh! You must be Master Luna!" the cat grinned and waved at Luna, before bowing to the rest of her 'comrades'.

"Mysta, calm down. We're only here for a limited time period," a purple lion yawned, raising a hand to sweep his rose-red mane backwards. "Hi everyone. I'm Scorch, and this bouncy feline is Mysta. Tell me if she causes any trouble." He stepped into the area, bowing to the villains and standing in place next to the now pouting cat. Calmly, Scorch placed a hand on Mysta's shoulder, rose-red eye darting around with the help of his head. He sighed, taking his hand away from the cat and placing it over the scar/mark on his other eye.

A light chuckle followed the two, and a blue tiger strolled into the scene, golden eyes scanning the area. His striped tail curled up in alert, and he gave a nod at the people in the room. "Yo y'all. Name's Siegfried," came his smooth voice.

With a whirr and a couple clangs, a shark with robotic legs walked, taking a glance at the large group and snorting. Even so, he nodded, muttering his name, "Brutus. Hey guys."

Lastly, a thorny devil peered into the room, and seemed to be holding hands with someone. Anyway, he too, greeted his allies and Luna, before turning to the shaky hand in his grip. "Kalamaris," he muttered firmly. "It's alright. You'll never know if they'll jeer at you when you come past the door."

"That's why I don't want to, Rai," an even softer voice answered. However, Raidon, the thorny devil, wasn't having it. He carefully tugged at the hand, forcing the owner of the voice to finally step into the scene. A shorter, dark hedgehog, presumably named Kalamaris, latched onto Raidon, and stuttered whilst introducing herself. "H-Hi. I-I'm K-Keira," she shakily bowed. Keira then hugged Raidon's arm, ears against her quills. Behind her, a pair of frail wings pressed to her back, keeping Keira from slouching in the lack of confidence. The two took their stand next to Siegfried, and that was all from Team Night and Team Shade.

Luna began to look over the group, a smirk beginning to appear on her face. "Well, well, well. That's a good amount of allies. I may need to expand the room." Luna walked to the table and the scepter momentarily vanished. It seemed to those watching Luna was inputting a code, and in mere seconds, the room expanded to a size that of a meeting room, with the table that was in there before expanding and the whole room giving off a more metallic glow. It's a good thing Father taught me about Distrelean technology.

Luna turned to face her audience. "Well then, let me recall the names that've been pronounced so far... Tel-Eth, Locar, Lorenzo, Alexander, Medusa, Flash, Mysta, Scorch, Siegfried, Brutus, Keira, Raidon, Glass and Sickle." Luna's memory had served her well. "And the rest of you...?"

”Kehehe~” Locar chuckled, his expression full of whisky and intrigue.. Minus the whiskey itself. “I do hope this meeting comes with alcohol my dear, you can’t have a meeting without alcohol; and on account of being dead it’s been so long since I experienced the luxuries of life.” Locar hummed softly, lazily twirling his own staff in his off-hand. “A shame that Apepha isn’t with me, but on the bright side I still have the incomplete powers of Apophys..~”

Lorenzo was.. Not amused with the antics of his ‘companion’. He just chose to glance at everyone else before turning his gaze to Luna and nodding. “While he is acting quite the fool, I do believe he does have a valid point. One doesn’t have a large gathering without serving refreshments and alcohol.”

How needy are my future servants? Luna asked herself before the scepter reappeared in her hand. She tapped it on the ground twice, and a table full of luxurious foods and drinks was on the right wall, long and definitely enough to serve the group. "Don't overwhelm yourself, it won't be that long until the plan starts getting put into motion."

”Ah, many thanks for your generosity.” Lorenzo replied, taking notice of the food and drink Luna had summoned up. He had chosen to grab a bottle of Brandy, the expensive kind. Removing the top and taking a few swigs from the bottle itself. Savoring the harsh burn as the liquid travelled down his throat. Locar on the other hand chose to grab a leg of turkey, tearing into it with such a ravenous hunger that one would think that the man hadn’t eaten anything in decades. Skin, meat and bone; Locar tore through it all before grabbing a goblet filled with a strange mix of wine, brandy and rum. Drinks that normally weren’t mixed together. Yet Locar chose to do so, downing the vile, bitter and somewhat frothy concoction like it was a regular drink.

The shorter light gray wolf spoke. "My name is Saturn Farkas." Those who could see spirits would notice the purple spirit of a tiger floating around her, that was Tenebris, though he didn't speak.

After her was the wolf in a black jacket. "Kibo Farkas. Technically related to this Saturn, though I don't believe she's from my universe."

The cheetah in purple armor spoke after. "Aegis. My last name is clearly of no importance." She looks at the two wolves, and over at the large tiger in purple armor, who spoke next.

"My name is Tenebris." He kept his eyes trained on Luna, already having the assumption that three people he despised being evil was likely because they were from other timelines.

"And I am Coffin, to you at least," the blonde-colored bat announced, smiling and doing a bow. "It truly is my pleasure."

Then, a sandy colored male leopard gecko spoke. "You may call me 'Glass'," he said. Finally, a black furred female jackal introduced herself. "My name is Sickle," she said.

Luna looked over the group. "Welcome, all of you!" Luna waved her scepter obviously. "You may have wondered what I've gathered you here for, looking at such odd universes compiled in one area of, um.... villainy." Luna grinned as she said that, and her third eye glowed red, lighting up to the point its outline was visible through Luna's hair. "Let me be frank with you all... I am the child of a god."

“Brought to this strange reality, by a child of god..?” Locar asked, covering his left eye with the palm of his hand while chuckling. “What an unexpected reward~!” He said before erupting into full blown cackles. “I am quite familiar with so called gods, at one point it could be said that I supplicated myself to a god; then I found out he was but a man so I usurped him. A pitiful man styling himself as a God King, what makes you different than the one I usurped?” Locar asked, staring at Luna with a half lidded gaze. “What proof can you show that cannot be denied..?”

"Can you deny me?" Keira asked, poofing up out of nowhere behind Locar. "Bastard child?" Keira floated through Locar and looked at the room for a few seconds before shaking her head. "What a dull appearance, I'd expect my daughter to have better taste than that." Keira snapped, and the room turned into one of a baby's bedroom. "No, too childish." She snapped again, and it became a star observatory, but she still frowned. "Too space-y." She snapped one last time, and it was now the size of a pleasant living room, with pink and white-striped walls and planets and couches anywhere, while still having the food of the room had before.

Scorch chuckled at the goddess' indecisiveness, taking his back off the wall as the room kept changing. Mysta gasped, awed at the shifting of the rooms, and how pretty Keira looked. She snuck a glance at her teammate, who also bore the same name, and frowned. The halfling hid herself behind Siegfried's arm in fear, no longer clutching onto Raidon.

Medusa slithered backwards in fear slowly, and Flash instantly appeared behind her, cowering.

Try as he might, he could not hide the expression of utter shock on his face. His emerald eyes practically narrowing into slits as he spun around to stare at Kiera in shock. The fact that she knew that, the secret that prompted him to sign the death warrants of thousands in order to keep under wraps. The very apex of his hypocrisy.. Well, what else but a god would know such a thing. “... I see, so you truly are divinity.. Forgive my arrogance then..” He muttered, despite outcries from Apophys and even his own Facet. He.. Actually took a knee. Who else but a god would ever know his secrets after all..

Lorenzo on the other hand, he remained wholly unconvinced, though in his case it was less skepticism and more denial. Gods did not exist, the very concept of the Great Aedr was just the religious babblings of his confessor. Still, he glanced at the other assembled villains.. His presumed Co-Workers, looking to initiate a healthy business relationship with the others, he chose to approach Medusa and Flash as they were the closest to him. Offering a handshake despite the fact that he was not wearing gloves. ”My name is Lorenzo Malaís, I do hope that we will be able to work together in a mutually beneficial way.” He spoke, his tone clinical and even; it was as if he was going through procedure rather than actually meaning what he said.

Medusa shook Flash off of her, but then he ran in front of her, taking the handshake. Medusa rolled her eyes a slithered off, mumbling something about speedsters while hissing, but Flash didn't seem to mind. "HeyLoren-" He stopped suddenly and shook his head rapidly. "Sorry, I tend to talk fast when I'm not paying attention. I'm Flash; at least, that's what the cops nicknamed me where I'm from. Nice to meetcha!" Flash looked confident for a second, but then, his eyelids took on a confused expression by curving. "Kinda weird, a bunch of baddies getting along."

The blonde-colored looked at the interactions going on, admiring the ever-changing room. "Oh, wow? A self-proclaimed deity? How interesting... This'll play out quite differently than I expected, then."

Keira laughed, and a "DUNCE" hat fell on to Coffin's head. "Self-proclaimed, was it?" Keira inquired, floating to Coffin. "Don't tempt me, little boy! I know about your experiments. There's no need to say those hurtful words. Goddesses like myself still have feelings, you know!"

"Mother, you throw that term around so casually," followed up Luna.

Brutus smirked, Raidon sighed, Mysta was still in awe, Siegfried patted Keira's quills, Scorch chuckled again, and Keira grew even more nervous. "You're SO COOL!" Mysta squealed at the goddess, more excited than actually terrified. "Aw man, I'm looking forward to working with ALL of you!"

”Oh I can tell this will be so much fun~!” Locar chirped, standing up from his kneeling position and twirling his own staff like it were a baton. Turning his head to glance at the others to see their reactions while his own was incredibly chipper considering the circumstances, an intentional contrast meant to draw attention away from his secrets. “Oh well, it matters not. She summoned us for a purpose, I just can’t wait to see it to its conclusion~!”

Lorenzo would shake Flash’s hand for all of five seconds, his smile becoming a little strained under the face mask he wore, before suddenly letting go. Oddly enough the hand that Lorenzo shook with seemed to have darker colored splotches all over the skin. ‘UncleanUncleanUncleanUncleanUnclean!!’ His thoughts screeched out in Lorenzo’s mind. On the outside however, he maintained his calm facade with a will of iron. “Flash, a speedster I see.. Very Impressive, though, back home I should say the police work for me. Or rather, I had politicians in my payroll.“

He would then turn to Luna and Keira, glancing at the pair only briefly before speaking. “One question must be asked, you have summoned us. Brought us here for a purpose; but what do we get as a reward for our aid? Surely you have thought of suitable compensation conditioning.. Well the success of whatever you brought us here to do.”

"Slow down, now," Luna insisted, waving him off. 

"She needs to get to the main event!" Keira proclaimed, giddy.

"Mother, hush!" Luna yelled, like an embarrassed teenage girl who was having a sleepover.

Keira giggled. "Oh, the young rebellious age..."

Luna rolled her eyes and continued. "As I said before, I am the child of a goddess. That goddess in my mother, Keira, though she gave herself that name and I'm not exactly sure what her real name is. My name is Luna Raven, and the other half of me is Black-Arm, a terraforming species that succeeded greatly throughout the universe before being... wiped out." Luna clenched her hands. "Damn that hedgehog... but anyway, I've been seeking revenge, but was interrupted by foolhardy Mobians. Before I could carry out revenge... well, let's just say this isn't my first life." Luna's eyelids lowered, remembering how it felt to be sliced apart by that brown tiger.

"My mother brought me back to life, saying that 'I was better than that' as if I were mere entertainment. Her attitude was not appreciated, but nevertheless I seized the opportunity to come back to life. And now, I seek interdimensional dominance... through this." Luna held the scepter in front of her, and the half of the stone at its top began to glow fiercely purple.

"But what is this, you ask? Well, let me give you a bit of a divine history. Millions of billions of eons ago, there were two other gods besides my mother named Sol and Scale, responsible for creation and destruction of the universe. Despite being gods, they let their rivalry control them, and my mother took away their godly power and put it in stones. This partial one in my Distortion Scepter is called Katastrophe." 

Luna shook her head. "However, this is where the issue arises. Though what I have of Katastrophe is plentiful enough to grant me great power, it is still incomplete. With my mother's intel, I've learned that there are eight more shards scattered throughout the multiverse, and if we can get all of those, then... I will be a god!"

"Not quite," interrupted Keira, who was ignored by Luna.

"But unfortunately for me, my mother, all that time ago, made precautions. When she made the stones, she made additional stones with the power to counter the stones if mortals needed it. The counter to Katastrophe is the Oracle Stone. Luckily, it's all in one piece."

Luna paused a bit before continuing. "Additionally, ever since her banishment, Scale has been hunting for Katastrophe and its shards in an attempt to regain her power. Whatever you do, don't go to Hell, or Scale's Realm. If we're discovered, she could easily end our plans."

Luna waved the staff in a circle, and four purple digital-like discs faced the group, each with a number 1-4. 

Luna pointed to the 1. "Here's our plan. We'll need one group to go retrieve the Oracle Stone." The remaining three discs fused into one, and it read 234. "Then, we'll need three more in order to get the other eight shards. Two of these eight shards are with Scale, so we must collect the other six before heading down there, as then we'll have enough strength to challenge her."

Luna took a breath in. "Are there any inquiries before I reveal the locations of the shards?"

Medusa raised one of her scaly hands, and Luna nodded towards her. "Do you have any knowledge about our enemiessssssss? I doubt thisssssss isssssss going to be ssssssssso easssssssssy."

"Ah, yes. Well, there is a rather large group of them in my original dimension, but don't fret, I have a plan that should effectively neutralize them," Luna answered. 

Nodding, the winged halfling let her grip on her teammate's arm loosen, ears and mind working together to process newly said information. "I-I h-hope it w-works," the halfling, Keira, whispered, receiving another pat from Siegfried in return.  

'Black Arms?' Raidon thought. 'I don't recognise the group. It's probably not from our world. These guys are from all sorts of worlds- interesting. Wonder what else they'll be able to do.'  

Kibo raised his head, and started asking his question anyway. "I've had my hand in dimensional shenanigans before. If we're here, can you be certain that your group hasn't gotten heroes from other dimensions?"

", I cannot," Luna admitted, her voice quieting. "My interdimensional conquest might have left a ripple through time and space, and I can't be sure what kinds of people were dumped into my dimension. If all things are the same as when I died, however, no one has access to interdimensional travel, so they shouldn't be a threat, anyway." 

Lorenzo seemed mildly irked that he was brushed off so casually, however there was nothing he could really do about it so he chose to remain silent. Nodding his head in approval in regards to Medusa’s question, though he chose to elaborate with a question of his own. “While it may not matter all that much, I feel it should be asked. Do you have an idea as to whom should be in what group..?” Lorenzo asked, other than his previous question he had no others. 

Luna replied with "I've an idea. We've got an interesting group, here, and I've already planned out who's with who. I believe I've constructed a healthy balance of offensive power, defense, and support in each group. Believe me, just these formations will surely be enough to wipe out those who get in our way." Keira smiled and began to fade away, disappearing from the conversation.

Locar on the other hand shook his head negative, if anything the plan and the impromptu history lesson sparked a glint of enjoyment in his eyes. “Oh this is going to be fun, I can just feel the excitement in the air~!” He spoke, the cheer in his voice practically punctuated with an easy going grin. One that honestly felt more.. Serpentine than normal. ’I’ll use this quest to try to find Apepha and forcibly reunite her with Apophys, it might be a little overkill but having the power of Azphet at my disposal will be useful..~’ He thought, though the jury was out as to whether he accidentally vocalized his own thought or not. 

"Alexander." Luna pointed at Nameless with her scepter. "You're good with mechanics and robots, are you not?"

"That's far from all I am good with. With sufficient DNA samples, I could make a genetic creation that surpasses everyone else in this room." Nameless spoke quite confidently. "Though if you prefer, with a factory at my disposal, I could mass produce an army of robots."

"That's simply wonderful," shot Luna with a faux interested voice. "But now, I believe it is time to introduce you to someone who will raise your confidence in this conquest, and someone Alexander will surely appreciate. Kana! Creator orders you to introduce yourself!"

The pleasant-looking room shook violently, knocking over plants that Keira fixed by merely lifting her finger. Coffin levitated above the ground to stop himself from falling, but Flash and Medusa were knocked off of their feet. Temperatures in the room fell drastically for about five seconds, and then the wall to the far side of the group turned into... ice?! Before long, the wall shattered, and the unexpected guest entered the meeting.

She was a robot, but she was obviously a Mobian at one point. She was a petite, blue-colored hedgehog robot with black where the whites of her eyes would be and lifeless blue irises at the top of her eyes. Above her eyes were four grey circles, looking like bolts that'd been put into her. She had two droopy quills that fell behind her, and there were thin grey cylinders inbetween every few inches. In the center of her chest, there was a triangular hole that didn't go all the way through her, and around it was what looked like it'd be a black shirt on a Mobian. In the middle of her torso, yellow lines circled around her, and below were shriveled cyan triangles that looked like a skirt. Her shoes were yellow and white, and her arms were cyan and triangular.

"This is Mecha Alexia, also known as Kana," Luna explained, showing her off as Keira patched up the hole in the wall. "She was one of my enemies' allies... but I've managed to put her to better use. She was worthless before this, and now, she's a mechanized monster." Luna giggled. "In her skillset is a large amount of water and ice abilities, along with built-in rockets and cannons. She'll serve you all well."

Coffin blinked repeatedly. That's... was Alex her name? She's a friend of Kennedy's, I remember. I believe that was hid good ol' little friend... the innocent little girl he adored like a sister.... A twisted, nearly perverted smile overcame him. Oh, this will break him! I'll enjoy the demented torture I can use with this! It's nearly as good as a zombie, oh my!

Flash eyed Kana up and down, and Medusa sat on a couch, regaining her footing. The snake didn't think much of it, but Flash zoomed in circles around Kana, appearing as a yellow blur. "Whoa!Arobot!I'veneverseenoneoftheseinpersonbeforebesidestheonesthecopsuse!Thisissick!Andsheusedtobeaperson?Wooooooow!Ican'tbelieveI'mactuallygettingtoseethisrightnow!"

Flash stopped after he finished talking, skidding a bit before ceasing completely.

Nameless rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "How unimpressive."

Ironically Lorenzo was in the same boat as Nameless, that is to say unimpressed. Though his reasoning was different. His maid was a fully functional Prismadroid, one of many models that currently exist in Crystialga. That is to say a fully functional automaton with an Artificial Facet. Though in terms of the shaking, Lorenzo was able to keep his footing. With shaking knees being the only sign that he had any difficulty.

Locar on the other hand, he was curious. No, he was very interested! He had never seen such a lifelike metal contraption such as this before! The only thing that even came close was when he used one of his Precepts to animate gold. Walking over to Kana, he had a finger on his chin as he circled around the machine like a vulture observing a meal. “Why, I’ve never seen a golem such as this before..? How does it operate, what can it do~?” Such childlike wonder was admittedly unfitting for Locar given his age, but again, he had never seen something as advanced as this; one could assume based on the armor he wore that his time period was more medieval while Lorenzo’s time period was incredibly futuristic.

"Woah, kinda got a lil' chilly around here," Mysta glowed a pinkish-purplish hue, and floated over to Kana. She oogled at the piece of technology from all sides possible, before poking her head from behind Kana's shoulder. "Hey Master Luna? Is it dead? How do you turn it on?" The cat proceeded to lightly poke Kana's head, continuing to float around Kana.

Sparks of electricity zapped around Siegfried, helping to regulate his temperature despite the drop. Scorch, on the other hand, was trying not to puke in the midst of changing rooms. The lion's mane glowed a pinkish color, indicating that he had activated his powers on perhaps his fur. 'We came here for a damn mission, not to switch rooms and make me SICK!' Scorch grumbled, keeping the thought to himself.

Brutus marched over to the cat, eyeing the robot and then his own robotic legs. "Did you kill Alexia to place her in this... vessel?" he questioned the bunny.

Tel-Eth didn't care about the arrival of Kana. The being who had summoned him here was one of the Black Arms. They had destroyed his homeworld, and even if this was another world he didn't intend to forgive them for it. That said, he would play along with Luna's scheme. Maybe he could turn the tables and use this scheme for himself.

"I have seen similar machines used by Nethilis," Tel-Eth commented "But never using a living being as a source, at least to my knowledge. I won't pretend I understand how the design works, but it's fascinating all the same."

First, Luna faced Locar. "A golem? My, you are out of touch. This is called a robot, and normally it'd be fully fueled by batteries, but when you use a living organism, it significantly reduces the amount of power necessary, making a weapon." Then, she turned to Brutus. "Unfortunately, I couldn't; to keep the benefits I just mentioned, I had to keep her alive, though she might as well have been dead by the time I roboticized her." Finally, she looked at Tel-Eth, smiling rather pleasantly. "Thank you. You haven't a clue the number of planets I destroyed looking for someone who had a device to perform this."

"Ah," Brutus replied, nodding mutely. "Such a shame. But a wonderful creation, nonetheless."

As Mysta fooled around with Kana, Kana turned her head, blinking at the cat repeatedly. "UPDATING... UPDATING... UPDATING..." Kana's eyes momentarily turned yellow, but then returned to their blue stat. "Name: Mysta. Species: Mobian cat. Demeanour: Dangerously friendly. Status: Ally of Creator's." Kana then faced Luna once again, unbothered by Mysta's persistence.

The cat's jaw dropped, and she rolled forwards in the air, bending forth into a loose crouch but let her hands dangle. "You're. So. COOL!" She then meowed loudly, feeling her tail being squished. "Brutus!" she hissed, ears flattened and eyes in slits. The shark shot the cat a glare, pulling Mysta away with the yank of her tail.

"Question," Raidon's deep, raspy voice resounded throughout the room, reptilian gaze fixating upon Luna. He took a bold step forwards, spiky tail wandering and flicking about in the air. "What about the teams?"

”A living being.. Had I possessed such technology I would have ended the petty conflicts of my homeland much sooner and established a golden age.” Locar mused, actually chuckling at the thought as he turned his attention away from Kana in favor of looking at his staff. “Oh well, I cannot dent that I had a grand old time doing it personally..~!”

"I'll get to those after I tell you the overview of the locations," Luna answered Raidon, walking away from the group. A purple, digital screen popped up, behind her, showing an environment that was completely underwater with several bubbles bubbling around. Little creatures swam around in the water, and it seemed there were some robots with a familiar logo on their backs; the logo of the Eggman Empire. "The first shard will be located on planet Igawa. This planet is entirely submerged in deep water, so oxygen will prove an issue for those of you who require it. However, there is saving grace; bubbles erupt from separate parts of the floor occassionally, and one gulp of those should give you a hefty amount of air. Use the bubbles carefully to search for the shard."

The screen changed, and now it was facing a city. On a different planet, but it might've still been familiar to some; Mobius. There was a large hole in the ground, and several civillians would've been peeking into it, but there was yellow police tape heavily barricading the area, and law enforcement was guarding it; it even looked like some GUN agents were getting involved. "There has been a hole in the ground discovered in a city called Slumont on Mobius, and it's been sending ridiculous signatures of energy. Safe to assume that one of Katastrophe's shards are inside of it. I'm not sure of much more than that."

The screen's appearance altered once again, and this time, it was showcasing a very... molten environment. There was lots of fire, lava lakes, and geysers on lava erupting on brown, almost brown molten rock with lines of red showcasing how unstable the whole place was. "On planet Sagada, we've gotten readings of a Katastrophe shard somewhere here. However, the environment is hostile, so those who I send to retrieve this shard will need to be vigilant. Geysers could erupt at any time, and I'm not so sure about the planet's chemical composition."

The screen moved on to showing its fourth environment, a planet with no civilization whatsoever. Its skies were brown and murky, and what seemed like mechanical garbage was lurking around. There were piles of fallen-over skyscapers and buildings, but even they had began to rust and break. The grass was dead, as was the entire environment. "I wiped out Planet Nutorn several weeks ago, only to learn from my sources that it too held one of the shards. This planet has no hope of survival; all you need to simply do here is find the shard and take it. It shouldn't prove all too difficult for you, I hope."

Luna used her scepter to swipe the screen left, and a new environment was shown, this one a... TV show?! Cameras and set crew were everywhere, and an orange-furred kitsune with blue streaks in her bowl-cut hair and six tails wearing a light red robe and silky white pants was walking around the set telling people orders. "This is also on Mobius. I've recently heard a TV show simply known as 'The Frederick Show' had recently received a Katastrophe shard to give out for whatever reason, so with a bit of mind control, it is now 'The Scratch Show.' Scratch the Kitsune is an associate of mine, and trust me..." Luna paused. "She will not rebel. Your task here is to succeed in whatever this show's tasks are take the shard; as soon as that happens, disappear."

Luna and the Distortion Scepter swiped left for the final destination, which was an overhead view, 175 meters into the air. Even from this distance, the group would be able to see the purple, dark skies beside them and the constant rocky walls below them. The walls looked to be made of granite, as if they were crumbling, and moved in straight lines besides occassionally making sharp turns. After close inspection, everyone would be able to see that it was a maze; possibly an artificial one that took up the entire planet. "Your final assignment for this first six shards will be planet Phurn. I'm not so sure what this planet's history is, but there is an incredibly large maze that my sources tell me holds a shard of Katastrophe. However, it is filled to the brim with traps and beasts, so you'll need to be careful and watch out for that."

"And finally, the Oracle Stone," Luna continued, and the screen changed to reflect the new environment. It showed a palace with a golden sickle on its otherwise red flag, and anthropomorphic knights, nobles, and civillians were busy near it, doing their day-to-day duties. "This is planet Suvis, but this area specifically is the kingdom of Camalire. I've been told that the Oracle Stone was being kept somewhere here. You must take it by any means necessary and return it to me immediately. We can't allow anyone to have the power to directly counter my Distortion Scepter, or else my plan falls apart within seconds."

Luna sighed, and the screen went blank, reflecting the room like a mirror. "As I told you earlier, two shards are in Scale's Realm; however, do not go there. If she finds out about this plan too soon, she could easily end it before it goes underway. It shouldn't be an issue, however; I will be staying here and manually providing transportation for each of your squads to travel from location to location." Luna took another breath in. "If you succeed in these tasks, then you will be rewarded handsomely with a number of dimensions at your disposal and with no one to stop you. I put faith into you all, and I sincerely hope, for your sake, you don't betray it. Is that understood?"

Coffin looked at the various areas and smiled. "Ah, a scavenger hunt! I am very interested in this? I'm used to people hunting for me, I must say.... this will be a nice change of pace." With his right arm in front of his stomach, Coffin did a graceful bow. "I will not let you down, 'Master Luna.'"

"I'm with that guy!" yelled Flash, jumping up and down repeatedly. "This sounds so easy! I bet it'll be no sweat. I'll get it done pretty quickly, and you can bet on that!"

"Sssssssseemsssssss like our adversssssssariessssss haven't even begun their hunt yet," hissed Medusa. "Will they ever? Well, I guesssssssss it mattersssssss not. I'm not going to back out now. The thought of having dimenssssssssionssssss to mysssssself isssssss quite a pleassssssing thought."

"Indeed," Tel-Eth said. Although he has no intention of ruling these universes, the possibility of these universes possessing a Chronosabre or a similar object interested him. Maybe he could use them to transform his universe into utopia too.

Locar erupted into chuckles initially, covering his mouth as if he were coughing while laughing. Though after a few moments his chuckles turned into full blown laughter. He had a maniacal grin stretching across his face at the thought of their reward.. He could abandon his home in favor of this, there were too many memories and he had already failed once. This time he just couldn’t allow the stain of failure to overcome him a second time. “A scavenger hunt oh my my my~! If they aren’t already scavenging then that makes it so much easier~!” Of course, he purposefully neglected to mention anything about Apepha; that was one secret he wished to keep for now. 'Apepha should have come through with me.. Hah, probably in that other Prismite.'

”Heh, our reward is suitable compensation for our efforts; I suppose that means I have no reason not to ensure success.” Lorenzo chuckled, removing the mantle from his shoulders in favor of wrapping it around his left arm. No real reason for him to do so, just for the sake of comfort.

Tenebris, Kibo, Saturn, and Aegis agree with the plan, though Nameless appears to have just been inspecting Luna the entire time for some reason. Even poking her a few times.

Luna glared at Nameless. "Poke me again and I banish you. Insult me again, and you get much worseDo you understand me?!"

Locar took notice of the mini ‘spat’ between Nameless and Luna. Opting to watch and see what happens as a means of free entertainment; it also gave him some insight into what made her react. Information that could be useful for later if it comes down to it. “Oh come now my erstwhile comrade, let’s not rile our new lord up; it’s bad conduct~”

He blinked. "I insulted you?" He didn't seem too intimidated though, despite the apparent demi-goddess shouting at him. "Regardless, I do apologise. It's not often a mortal such as myself gets to be this close to a deity."

"I hold your fate in my hands. Do not patronise me, Alexander. I will see your blunders and judge you." Luna was evidently upset, though some of it had to do with the fact Nameless had insulted Kana earlier.

"I've created beings capable of casually erasing mountains, and producing armies of robots with a single factory. I assure you, just because I have no meta abilities, I am far more useful than most people you've brought here."

"Usefulness has no worth when it isn't accompanied by subordination. You do not intimidate me. You serve me, you get the benefits, but you have to play the part, first." Luna's eyes ran cold as her glare grew fiercer.

"Oh, I get far more benefits than even you're aware of. Though I will stress, I'm far from just your puppet." He eyes her, an off-putting aura.

" you think," Luna stated aloud, her eyes moving over him. "So... you... think. As for the rest of you?"

”This is just another business deal to me, though the parameters are strange and the client as unique as they come..” Lorenzo started, likely referring to Luna’s status as a goddess. “My credibility would plummet if my agreement was not kept, I can’t have that. So long as you fulfil your end you have my loyalty.” He spoke with a clinical if not incredibly distant tone.

”I am more than content to play the role, I suppose I owe you a measure of gratitude for bringing about the circumstances that led to my arrival; so I will serve faithfully as is my station in this life~” Locar hummed, those emerald eyes practically glinting with a hint of malicious glee in them.

"From our side, we've been assigned to assist you, so our loyalty to you is a must. We'll be severely punished if we do otherwise," Raidon answered. The thorny devil glanced at his team, then back to Luna, unfazed by the mini-bicker. 'If it were only us being summoned without our boss' consent, then our loyalty would lie on a time limit. I want to get out of this place. It's filled with creeps and hints of betrayal.' But he kept his thoughts to himself. His frown was evident on his muzzle, gaze now shifting from Coffin to Luna.  

"Alright then. Needless interruptions aside, let's continue." The screen showed a city; to be specific, a large mansion with flashy coloring. "Are most likely obstacles will be Mackenzie Hartley and his group of nuisances. I'll send half of you in each group to go distract and weaken them, and the other half of you will begin to search for the shards." On the screen now was a young, nearly teenage purple eagle, wearing a red bandana around his head, and black-and-red-striped hoodie, and race-car pants. "Some of your allies are already positioned. Leunga Sephtis Briona the Fifth, known as Sephtis commonly, is an aspiring menace to our future enemies. He is ready to begin a commotion at my call."

The screen changed again; this time, it was showing four different people in a different part of the city. One of them was a red tiger with black, claw-like marks all over his body and striking orange eyes, along with a single black tuft on his left ear. He only wore grey pants with flame markings. The second was a lemur, mostly white-furred but with heavy bangs that slightly went over her white eyes and white irises. She wore a flowing white garb with hanging sleeves. The third was a brown-furred lion with a blonde mane, a bit taller than the rest of them. He wore a green shirt with a boulder tumbling down on its design and tan shorts. Finally, there was a grey-furred fox with a white side ponytail and dull blue eyes. She wore a white tank top and black shorts.

"These are the leaders of the 'Kine Gang,'" Luna explained. "From left to right, their names are Kasai, Khione, Brac, and Feng. Their name and appearances are difficult to take seriously, I admit, but they lead an incredibly large group with impressive abilities. They are positioned in another area, waiting for my command with the gang members."

The screen disappeared. "Now, here are your groups for the shard retrieval: to hunt for the Oracle Stone it will be Coffin, Siegfried, Raidon, Sickle, Sephtis, Kibo, the Kine Gang's second-in-command Volt, and the Kine Gang mooks. The first group for the Katastrophe shard hunt will be Tenebris, Tel-Eth, Keira, Locar, Medusa, and Kana. The second group for Katastrophe's retrieval will be Aegis, Flash, Glass, Brutus, Mysta, and Lorenzo. The final group to find the shards will be Scorch and Saturn, assisted by the Kine Gang's four main leaders. Alexander..." Luna began. "If you continue on this path, you stay with me and use your skills to assist the groups from afar."

"The Oracle Stone group will be going, and staying, in Camalire Kingdom until the Oracle Stone is retrieved. The first group for Katastrophe will first go to the underwater planet, Igawa, and then the desolate planet, Nutorn. The second group will to the city Slumont to check out the hole and find the shard there, and then head to the maze planet, Phurn. The third group will begin on planet Saga, the volcanic planet, and then go to Scratch's game show to win a shard."

Luna gave everyone time to digest that information before continuing one again. "The group members going to Mobius to weaken our enemies are Siegfried, Raidon, Kibo, Tenebris, Locar, Kana, Flash, Brutus, and Lorenzo. Any questions before we head out?"

Tel-Eth shook his head. He wondered how easily he could sneak the shard away without anyone noticing,

None at all, only a burning desire to start~!” Locar hummed, and for a moment it seemed possible that the others would see the faint image of an Emerald Green Cobra with draconian wings sprouting from It’s midsection slither around Locar. Said image only appeared for a split second and could just as easily been counted as a mere trick of the light. Still, there was a slightly unnerving presence about Locar and the way he acted.

”It has been a while since I have chosen to take matters into my own hands, no questions from me; I know what needs to be done.” Lorenzo stated, retrieving a pair of dyed red silk gloves from his back pocket and snapping them into place.

Siegfried slung his arm around Raidon, wincing and regretting everything soon after. "I do. What powers do our enemies have?" Raidon asked, taking a glance at the energetic tiger. 

"The ones that I'm aware of have electricity, weaponry, energy manipulation techniques, Chaos Energy techniques, claws, telekinesis and limited shapeshifting," Luna listed, though she didn't specify which ones applied to who. "Your biggest threat I'm aware of is a grey tiger named Kennedy, but he shouldn't prove too much trouble."

"Hopefully," Scorch muttered.

Keira only stared round-eyed at the sound of 'threat'. We're all separated... What if they get killed because of Kennedy? No no no. Raidon, Mysta, Siegfried, Scorch and Brutus are strong- they should be alright. These guys look strong too. They'll help... right? The halfling shrank, buried in her thoughts. She then flinched, seeing Mysta's eyes, filled with encouragement. Keira only nodded, silently wishing her luck.

"Speed, huh?" began Flash, cracking his knuckles. "Oh, they won't even see me coming! If we get rid of them now, this'll be a breeze!

"...that's the point," responded Luna.

“For clarification.. What is chaos energy..?” Lorenzo asked, scratching the back of his head in the first display of.. Well anything that wasn’t cold, calculating, calm or assured confidence since he has arrived. “If the name is an apt descriptor of what it is, then is it in a constant state of.. Well, chaos?”

"It's only a fundamental part of the multiverse," Luna answered, confusion taking over her face. "Have you not heard of it?"

"Maybe yours," Tel-Eth interjected "But not his, and not mine either. I have heard the term in passing before, but never knew what it was."

"Hmph. Well then, to summarize it quickly, it's energy pulled from a force called Chaos, and Kennedy can utilize it proficiently. Be aware if you go to battle him." Luna looked around the group. "Now, then... I believe it's time we stop wasting time and get this plan into action." Her third eye glimmered red. "It's time to raise hell."

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