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Pulling his hand back again, the bits of sparkles re-absorbed into Lee. "If I can get up a defense, can you two get out?" He asked Mac and Ven, raising a finger in front of him.
Pulling his hand back again, the bits of sparkles re-absorbed into Lee. "If I can get up a defense, can you two get out?" He asked Mac and Ven, raising a finger in front of him.
Luna's scepter began to blink, and her eyes widened. "Well, look at the time! It seems that all of you are losing the war before it begins, but I care not. Lorenzo, I appreciate the efforts, but I must be going. Here is all of you 'heroes'" parting gift from me." Luna twirled her scepter once, and where Mac, Vendeta, and Lee were standing, a large, random explosion of godly energy, one that they wouldn't be able to detect clearly, erupted. Mac was sent catapulting through the air, through a car that was cut clean in half by the tiger's impact.
Luna's scepter began to blink, and her eyes widened. "Well, look at the time! It seems that all of you are losing the war before it begins, but I care not. Lorenzo, I appreciate the efforts, but I must be going. Here is all of you 'heroes'" parting gift from me." Luna twirled her scepter once, and where Mac, Vendeta, and Lee were standing, a large, random explosion of godly energy, one that they wouldn't be able to detect clearly, erupted. Mac was sent catapulting through the air, through a car that was cut clean in half by the tiger's impact.

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Part 2: The Beginning of the End

Hartley Mansions

Mac and Scarlet were in the movie room, enjoying whatever brutal movie they were watching when suddenly, the screen flashed red. Mac groaned in annoyance. "God, why red?! This is gonna make my eyes bleed!"

The screen that was playing the movie turned into a news report, showing a blonde goat with afro-like bushy hair and a blue dress outfit holding papers urgently. "This is breaking news. Emergencies have erupted all throughout Trikon!" Mac and Scarlet could already read the lines under her, and they read "New Invaders Appear Out of Sky Throughout Trikon and Cause Chaos."

The blaring was loud enough that everyone in the mansion would be able to hear it over a PA system, along with the sentences the reporter had just said. White walked into the room with his hands behind his head, wearing a relaxed expression, while Tina was covering her ears. God, loud noises are not my cup of tea! She thought, looking downwards.

Meanwhile, in the training room, Dragen looked around in surprise.

"What the heck?" He said "They have a PA system too?"

Chase turned on a dime and rushed back through corridor. “Come on!” Chase exclaimed. I hope this goes better then my last rescue attempt. Chase thought to himself sprinting to the front door. Then a sudden realization hit him, he had no clue where anything was. The striped wolf skidded to a stop in the main hall. I would just waste time going by myself, I need to plan with everyone else. He thought to himself.

In the movie room, Vendeta stood up. "Looks like we've got work to do."

Lee was already gone, leaving a trail of blue dust in the air of his wake.

Reens had turned off the stovetop before running behind White and Tina, joining the others in the theater. Her ears were backwards as she covered them with her hands. "What in blazes is going on?! Oh, I turned off the stove so the soup won't burn. Anyway, I suppose this is the point where all hell breaks loose?"

"Sounds about right." Link said, although he didn't seem very affected by the blaring noise. "Usually pretty loud when it happens."

Vane pulled a small sword handle from a pocket. "I believe some of the fight may be coming to us, whether we like it or not."

Dragen arrived in the theatre with the others, completely ignoring what Chase was currently doing.

Lux, Saturn, Ryador and Fed soon arrived in the theater room. Venom, Jim, Lena and Rain came to the theater room not long after.

The female reporter shuffled through her papers and continued talking, though it was clear this was sudden and not rehearsed by the noise in the background of people yelling. "We are not yet sure where the attacks are, or why they are happening, but-" she stopped suddenly, and then her eyes widened and she put her fingers to her ear. "Wh-What was that? You don't mean- oh no." The reporter looked directly at the camera and threw her papers to the side. "We are now aware there are three superpowered attacks occurring at the same time! There's one by Ringmart, another by the Ikibih Bank, and the final one is directly outside of Hartley Mansions!"

Mac went dead silent. "...alright, there's no way this is a coincidence, right?" He pulled up his yellow jacket, revealing a brown belt that held two guns and a long, yellow and black sword he called Angel. Mac gripped Angel. "Scarlet, with me, I'm not letting any jerks get close to destroying my house."

"Sure. I'm in the mood to beat down on people after watching that movie, anyway," replied Scarlet, taking a gun out of her jeans and following.

"Well, if those two are going outside the mansion, then we're going to Ringmart," Tina stated, grabbing White by the arm.

"Yeah, how're people going to get their groceries if Ringmart gets destroyed?" White confirmed. The four went out the door.

Outside Hartley Mansions

Mac and Scarlet pushed the huge doors of the mansion off, and they both lowered their eyelids simultaneously when they saw the disarray before them. There were craters in the streets, fire erupting out of cars and spilling onto the ground, and debris flying around everywhere. Mac noticed a large boulder approaching him and Scarlet, and his hand jolted with blue electricity. He flinged his hand, and the lightning sprung from it, blowing up the boulder.

"Let's get this over with," Scarlet said, loading her gun as Mac carried Angel and walked forward. Once they'd approached the chaos, they'd find Flash zooming around at incredible speeds, knocking over lights, throwing things, and generally making a mess.

The two would also find Lorenzo watching Flash, allowing the Mobian to rampage as he pleased while not directly taking part in trashing everything. Turning his head however, he would notice Mackenzie and Scarlet approaching the chaos and gave off a rather sardonic smirk. “I see you came along, rather predictable if you ask me.” He remarked, as a series of translucent blue circles suddenly sprung to life as if triggered by their arrival. Five in total, four surrounding the two and the fifth placed above them like the lid to a capsule. “Nothing personal, this is strictly business.” Lorenzo spoke, as the various compounds and molecules inside the ’capsule’ itself would break apart, forcing the now single oxygen molecules to combine with other oxygen molecules to create O3 within a radius of five meters; essentially the radius of the Prismatic Circles Lorenzo had created. As for the process of creating Ozone, it was admittedly a short process given the small radius; likely one to two seconds so the two should have little difficulty escaping the small O3 filled area assuming they didn’t stop running.

Mac and Scarlet slowed when they saw the "bubble," but they passed right through it, still mildly annoyed. "Yours, I assume?" Lee asked, his arms crossed as Mac and Scarlet came out.

"I don't know who these freaks are, but this buncha whippersnappers better get off my damn lawn!" Mac yelled, brandishing Angel.

"...okay, tone it down, Grandpa," replied Scarlet, aiming her gun directly at Lorenzo. "I don't sense really high energy signatures, but these guys aren't common mooks, either. This is gonna be annoying."

"I disagree," Mac argued, a smile appearing on his face. "This is gonna be fun."

Siegfried was on the roof, getting in position. The tiger wanted to have fun too, but first, his flashy entrance should be prioritized first! Standing on all fours, the muscly feline got ready to pounce and flashbang.

”You won’t be able to sense any energy from me unfortunately, my abilities use something else.” Lorenzo clarified, as Prismions gathered in his offhand, taking the form of a butterfly knife with a stylized azure water drop running down, the blade a translucent color that was almost impossible to see were it not for the sun glinting off the metal. Remaining still for a moment, before erupting into a sudden burst of speed in a zig zagged motion towards his chosen opponent Scarlet. Lowering his posture into a crouch while attempting to deliver a series of quick slashes aimed towards Scarlet’s left side.

Lee would burst in speed, quickly taking on one of his armor techniques in hopes of intercepting the strikes aimed for Scarlet. The coating of SolTech Nanites wasn't nearly as strong as he could have made them, but he'd moved in a rush, so they would have to do. He'd brace himself, and try to push Scarlet out of the way. Scarlet was pushed, and she rolled on her side before getting onto her knee.

Huh. Mac may hate that kid, but he's got a good heart. Scarlet continued to aim her gun, waiting for the right moment. If Lee can distract that guy, then one shot will probably be all it takes.

Though Lorenzo’s Prismatic Armament, the butterfly knife, was stopped by Lee’s shield. Lorenzo continued to state unblinkingly at Scarlet for a moment, just nodding his head as if he was impressed. “By my own admission, direct combat is something I usually prefer not to engage in.” He whispered as he applied more and more pressure. “I work up a sweat, get covered in dust or grime, or my opponent’s blood and filth. Ruin my nice clothes, I feel unclean..” As he spoke, a Prismatic circle flashed into existence around his free hand for just a brief moment. Clenching it into a fist, Lorenzo would deliver a solid punch to the shield. Nothing special about that right..? Wrong, if the punch connected with the nanite shield; it was likely that the same circle as before would imprint itself on the nanite shield for just a split second before the nanites suddenly scattered, broken down on a molecular level. The same ability used to force the creation of Ozone, however this time Lorenzo’s application was more direct, blunt even.

Lee waved his hand, and the Nanites tagged by the move would fly back at Lorenzo, separating from the untouched ones. Lee's eye would also flash grey for a moment as a fair chunk of him was destroyed with the Nanites, but unlike ever before, not enough to down him.

Zipping out of the house and towards Flash was Saturn, both blades out. She tried to kick Flash in the head, using his momentum against him. Flash put up his arm to block the blow, but was still sent back a good distance. "Okay then! Looks like we've got a worthy opponent!" Flash zoomed forward to Saturn and simply threw a fist at her face.

Mac looked up, seeing Siegfried and jumping onto the rooftop he was on. "Don't think you're sneaky. Can't have any of you youngsters stomping on my property willy-nilly now, can I?"

"Aw, was about to sit here and eat popcorn," Siegfried fake pouted. "I have to fight you now, don't I?" The blue tiger whipped his tail, pulling down his goggles and huffing. "Stare hard, fellow feline. FLASHBANG!" A bright light erupted from his stripes, enough to blind someone temporarily. The tiger rushed to Mac's back, aiming to perhaps trip or get past him.

Mac was blinded, but he still smiled, turning around and swinging Angel at Siegfried's side. What a rookie. Can he not sense energy signatures!

Siegfried huffed, the air knocked out of his lungs by Mac's attack. He grinned, and gave Mac a thumbs up, seeming to faze in and out of existence for a bit. Mac, rubbed his eyes and regained his vision, sheathing Angel and taking out his twin guns, Zip and Zap. "You can run, kid, but you can't hide!" He pointed them to his sides and spun around and her fired a storm of bullets in all directions.

"Obviously, if you can see me and predict where I am," Siegfried laughed. This was probably the best start up to a battle he ever had! Mac quit and focused intensely, trying to get a read on Siegfried's location. The tiger, like Raidon, lunged for Mac, his stripes flickering about. Before Siegfried could strike him, Vendeta teleported next to Mac and blocked the tiger's attack.

"Don't hog all the glory, Mac," The white hedgehog said "Leave some for me, at least."

Mac scratched his ears. "Oh, thanks, Ven! Looks like time's moved quickly for you, too. How about we show the kid how it's done?"

Engulfing himself in a bubble of light, Siegfried recoiled off of Vendeta's defence, landing on all fours. Quickly, he peered over the edge, yelling over to Flash and Lorenzo while the two were talking. "EY BOYS- YELL IF YOU NEED SOME SUPPORT!" And he proceeded to hurl a bunch of flickering orbs at the two, which will explode into blinding light upon contact. The tiger then sped up, engulfed in photokinesis to position himself at the two's back at light's speed.

Lorenzo took notice of the sudden change in Lee’s eye coloration, followed by the much more noticeable chunk of him that was missing. However he would have little time to think on that as he was forced backwards to mitigate the risk of the tagged nanites touching him. Though seeing as the butterfly knife configuration was not of any real use here. Lorenzo changed his Prismatic Armament into its second configuration. A small surge of formless Prismions covering the knife itself for just a brief second as it was transformed into a suppressed .22 LR, the same azure water drop running down the black grip on the handgun; with no noticeable change in design or coloration.

Pointing the handgun at Lee, he was about to fire.. Were it not for Siegfried suddenly throwing orbs of light everywhere; because for one he was not wearing any eye protection. Like, at all. So when those orbs detonated, it was very likely that Lorenzo would have been blinded by the attack. Faltering and unintentionally letting out a rather distressed series of sounds. “Gah! Rrrrgh!! Damn it!” He shouted, stumbling backwards as he closed his eyes, covering them with his free arm.

Pulling together his Nanites for another armor technique, Lee dashed forward, jumping into a kick as he soared towards Lorenzo. He could have done way more, even rushed, but the previous attack had left him weary. "Hyaaaaah!"

Blinded and disoriented, Lorenzo could do little more than flail about in some sort of panic, something that was easily quashed when he heard the distinct sound of Lee’s battle cry. Now Lee was too close for Lorenzo to really even think about dodging; and as a result took a direct blow to the chest; possibly sending the man flying backwards into the mansion itself. Along with that, a trickle of blood leaked from his mask as it was stained crimson. Worst of all, Lee would have likely left a nice foot print on his suit from where his kick landed.

However! The adrenaline rush Lorenzo was going through kept him in the game, and as he was sent flying back towards a building; he took aim at Lee with surprising accuracy given his eyes were closed. Though it was very likely that Lee’s battle cry was detrimental in regards to giving away Lee’s position; and squeezed the trigger. Sending out a spray of five engrammed projectiles towards the mobian. What made these projectiles special was the fact that they were not bullets at all, but rather bullet sizes clusters of encoded Prismion Scripts. They were fired at what Lorenzo hoped was Lee’s center of mass, but if any of these projectiles made contact with Lee; a Prismatic circle would cover the area that the projectiles made contact with; breaking down any nanites or flesh into their component molecules and scattering them.

Lee flanked right, but his forearm was struck by the deadly bullets, and began to decay and fall apart. "Ungh!" He clenched his teeth, waiting for the decay to cease. Once it did, he began filling the holes with Nanites to keep his arm from completely dying. For now, he'd just keep moving back and forth to avoid any attacks, as much as he could in his damaged state.

Scarlet, seeing the state that Lee was in, realized that it was time get involved. She pointed finger guns at Lorenzo and began blasting thin, red beams from her fingertips, attempting to disorient him.

Lorenzo was already injured, every movement resulted in sharp lances of white hot pain coursing through his nerves. Blinded temporarily as he was and now being pelted with laser fire from Scarlet? He was in a bad situation. However, Lorenzo’s iron will was the fire that kept him going. Forced against the wall of the building he landed upon. He would slap the ground; creating another circle much like before. Yet this time it seemed to break down the street and anything inorganic that was on the ground itself; things like the street and cars and even trash that might’ve been left behind. However, as this stuff was broken down, it was recombined into a wall of twisted concrete, metal and detritus. Taking the form of numerous spikes; they surged up from the ground itself; looking to impale those currently standing on areas that had been deconstructed. This also provided ample cover for Lorenzo, the purpose to allow him time for a small breather and to open his eyes and readjust them to light.

Still, this technique was akin to a turtle hiding in its shell, more offensive than defensive. A sign that the two had pushed Lorenzo further than he had been expecting. Scorched in certain places from Scarlet’s lasers and even bleeding. It was starting to become progressively harder and harder for him to execute commands. Though hopefully the two weren’t picking up on that.

"Thanks... man, he got me good." Lee said, moving closer to Scarlet. "Never been shot before, it hurts a lot." He pointed a finger at Lorenzo's fort, prepping Nanites for a blast at the cover.

"I'll cover you!" Scarlet yelled, jumping into the air to dodge the spikes. She fired several bullets at Lorenzo's feet.

Lorenzo rolled out of the way of the shots, a few of them grazing his legs and feet, his sanitation mask falling away from his face in the process to reveal a bloodstained mouth exhaling heavily, taking aim at Scarlet; he would fire off a few engrammed projectiles towards her. Having the same effect as last time should any make contact with her body.

Scarlet conjured a shield of energy before her, deflecting the projectiles. She then landed onto the ground, slowly walking towards Lorenzo.

The projectiles would likely disperse on contact with the energy, essentially achieving the same effect as deflecting them. However Lorenzo couldn’t help but crack a smile. Clutching his ribs with a free hand as the pistol dispersed in a stream of formless Prismions. With his other hand he wiped the blood off of his mouth. “I’m all filthy, this is dry clean only you know..”

"Oh, then it fits you." Lee grinned. "Scarlet, move!" He had finished charging a shot, and once she got out of the way, would fire. Scarlet jumped to the side, pointing her finger guns and charging a red blast of her own. As soon as Lee fired, she would fire as well, which would add a good deal of power.

Faced with the combined power of the two, Lorenzo couldn’t help but let out a wry smile; revealing teeth stained with his own blood. Having restored his broken ribs to serviceable condition in the brief moment scarlet had stopped firing at him, hence the whole clutching them with a free hand bit, to counteract the increasing strain of Prismion usage Lorenzo had simply reduced the complexity of his commands. deconstructing the broken off sections and reconstructing them where they were previously. It didn’t fix the cracks but at least it dulled the pain tremendously.

Still, this did nothing to aid him against the beam the two fired at him. It would cut right through the cover he had made like it wasn’t even there. This.. This could actually kill him, being pulled from his world by some abominable rabbit with a god complex, after all he had done, and he risked dying.. All because he played around with them too much. This.. This scared him, he was protesting in the back of his mind against his fate, yet the rest of him seemingly accepted.

Yet before the beam made contact, at the last moment possible, Lorenzo’s body moved to the right, just barely avoiding a kill strike.. But; the left side of his body, all the way to his left shoulder.. It was mangled, burnt, partially vaporized and bloodied; so far beyond unsalvageable that it resembled a chunk of meat more than an arm. What little bone remained was charred black.

Scarlet began to walk to Lorenzo, planning to finish him off, but a portal manifested to the side of her. Out of it came Medusa, who kicked/whipped Scarlet in the side with her tail and knocked her into a flaming car that promptly exploded. Medusa slithered over to Lorenzo. "Lorenzzzzzzo. Luna ssssent back-up. Do you require immediate help? Ssssssshe's offering to heal injuries caussssssed in the dissssstraction battle."

Scarlet rose from the flames, burn marks surrounding her but otherwise unharmed.

Lee stumbled back, unsure if he could handle two enemies in this state.

Lorenzo glanced towards Medusa, then his mangled arm. “... For now, that would be best.” He whispered, the shame of having almost lost burning in his mind. “I suppose this is my punishment for playing around too long.“ He spoke, his voice practically a whisper at this point. “Congratulations, you now have my full undivided focus.” with that said, Prismions began to swirl around Scarlet and Lee; unlike last time however they did not form a circle; rather they were converted into translucent blue strings of what looked like code. Lashing out towards the two, if any of these strings were to make contact with either Lee or Scarlet then the parts that made contact would glow blue for a split second before the afflicted body parts would start to grey out, their very molecular structure transmuting itself into the most fragile form of carbon.

Lee closed his eyes, putting his focus together. He'd do a jump, spinning in mid-air as the attacks went all around him. Landing, he'd jump again, but flip this time. The battlefield became just that to him, people were pieces and objects were obstructions. Blue diamond-like shapes would form in the air around him as he hung there by a handful of Nanites. Throwing both of his hands forward with a grunt, the floating objects would soar towards Lorenzo and Medusa, Lee guiding them around the glowing strands.

’Restrict his movements’ Lorenzo thought, ignoring the feeling of his mangled arm for now. Holding up his not mangled arm; the code strings that missed would make contact with the ground; transmuting its molecular structure into that of soft carbon. This was also something that Lorenzo wanted, it made his next few moves less taxing. What he gets for playing around too much, there were no circles this time, yet the floating objects that Lee guided towards Lorenzo and Medusa; assuming they were solid objects and not projections of energy, would first transmute into solid chunks of salt before scattering as their molecular bonds were weakened to the point where the component molecules just scattered away from each other.

As for attempting to restrict Lee’s movements, ironically the nanites that Lee was currently using to hang in the air would be of assistance to Lorenzo, by manipulating and transmuting the molecular structure of the hanging Nanites into something very much resembling carbon nanotubes, Lorenzo was able to hopefully secure Lee to his spot.  

Scarlet released another energy shield that circled her, and she blew it up like a large bubble, attempting to push Lorenzo's attacks away. In the meantime, Medusa took one glance at Lorenzo's mangled arm, and it turned to stone before she hopped around, dodging the projectiles. Medusa's arm turned into a snake, and it extended at Lee, snapping its jaw at him.

Changing the Nanites was all it took. Lee's eyes turned grey, and he fell to the ground, limp as a ragdoll. His body had shut down to conserve its own life force so he didn't get killed, leaving him helpless.

Scarlet's eyes widened, and after pushing away the Prismions, she dashed and grabbed Lee, trying to run away for a short amount of time, hiding behind a car. "Oh, God! Kid!" Scarlet's arm glowed red, and she tried transferring energy to Lee in a desperate attempt to return him to consciousness. It took a few tries, but eventually his eyes opened, slowly turning back to blue.

"This guy is... way tougher than I expected..." He muttered, sitting up. Lee was pretty beat up, but he had enough to fight for a little bit at least... provided he wasn't tagged by any more molecular attacks.

Lorenzo huffed, and he puffed, glaring at the two with all the salt that he could muster at the moment. Though for once he gave them a bit of a reprieve in favor of talking. “That was for my arm you bull headed arse!” He shouted, waving the stoned arm for good measure to vent the last of his salt.

"Oh, shut up!" Scarlet yelled, firing a beam of energy at Lorenzo... only for Medusa to jump in the way and deflect it.​

"Ssssstay in your own lane, sssssssister," Medusa threatened, her snake-arm extending at Scarlet. Scarlet glared at Medusa and grabbed her arm, pulling it to her. Then, Scarlet punched Medusa in the face, launcing her towards Lorenzo.

Were Medusa anyone else, Lorenzo would have simply moved out of the way. However she did come to help him and he appreciated that. So he risked his own personal cleanliness in order to catch Medusa; bracing himself for the impact as he had to use his good arm. Setting her down, Lorenzo would just give Scarlet a wry smile before once again attempting to transmute the molecules that made up Lee’s nanites; this time into sulfur rather than carbon. Seems he had been paying attention to Lee’s reaction to having his nanites altered on a molecular level.

It didn't affect him this time, since the initial transformation had broke their connection with Lee. "You ok?" Lee asked Scarlet, peeking through the car window.

Scarlet jumped over the car, dusting herself off. "Yeah. You need me to fend them off, or will you be alright?"

"I... I can try." He slowly stood up, his body shaking. "Kinda wish Raindrop was here, but I guess I gotta make do." He put his hands together, producing a... shotgun? He would hold it out to Scarlet. "Think you can do something with this?"

"Thanksssssss for the catch," Medusa thanked, turning her arms back into normal. "I appreccccccciate it."

Scarlet loaded the shotgun and smiled. "Oh, definitely. Prepare for some fireworks, kid!"

”I suppose I do owe you for saving my life, I replay my debts.” Lorenzo spoke softly, glancing at Scarlet and then at himself. “It goes without saying but I’m not much of a fighter.. Not when compared to the other one from the old legends, so I’m going to need to rely on you.. Are you capable of petrifying the woman? If only for second..?”

"If ssssssssshe sssssssstayssssssss ssssssssstill for jusssssssst a ssssssecond-"

Medusa began to answer, but Scarlet fired energy-charged shells out of the shotgun, aimed at the ground. The amount of ergokinesis charged within them made them explode with power, causing them to scatter as Scarlet took Lee to hide behind a non-flaming car. Medusa was caught off-guard, and one of the jumping shells hit her and exploded, sending her into the air.

“If stilling her is all it takes.” He responded softly, admittedly raising an eyebrow in response when Scarlet discharges energy powered shells from the shotgun; unlike Medusa he got lucky and avoided the brunt of the damage; likely only receiving a few minor scrapes as a result. “So, is it finally just you and me woman..? Perhaps we can settle our differences the old fashioned way? No guns, no knives, no powers; just our fists..?” Lorenzo called out with a straight face, his heart beat remaining calm despite the tense moment of this fight. Of course, he did hope that Medusa was alright. But didn’t despair as he could always just reverse her injuries if need be.

"...what kinda stunt are you trying to pull? You nearly killed him!" Scarlet yelled, reloading the shotgun before clapping her hands together. The ergokinetic shells now fired themselves at Lorenzo, homing in on him directly.

”You’re right, and I’ll shed a crocodile tear each time I remember that.” Lorenzo responded in a mocking manner. He could see the shells, how they moved, where they were going to move. The scattering, it mattered little as he ran towards her. Moving his body between the pellets as he ran. When he got close enough he would crouch while simultaneously attempting to slam his good arm against the bottom of her shotgun; attempting to jerk it upwards while crashing his weight against her legs in an attempt to knock Scarlet off balance.

Lee fired off a single shot of Nanites, carefully aimed at Lorenzo's kneecap to try and topple him before he got close to Scarlet.

Scarlet jumped when she saw Lee shot, flipping and firing more ergokinetic explosive shells from above.

Lee shooting his Nanites would prompt Lorenzo to abandon his initial plan by kicking off to the side; pushing to the left and likely taking a few glancing blows from the explosive shells; debris penetrating through his clothes and digging in. However the fact that it was Ergokinetic was fantastic for Lorenzo, and not only that but Lee revealed which car he was in when he shot nanites at Lorenzo’s kneecap. So it was only a simple matter for Lorenzo to force the molecules of the gasoline already inside the gas tank of the car to vibrate until a spark was created, potentially blowing the car up and catching Lee in the explosion if he was unable to escape.

Hearing a light sizzle, Lee managed to run away some, although he now had a chunk of the door wedged in his leg. He groaned, limping to another cover. Scarlet saw this, and from above, she made an ergokinetic clone of herself that fell down to where Lorenzo was. Once it hit him, neared him, or hit the ground, it'd explode. In the meantime, Scarlet ran to Lee.

"Hey, kid! How bad's the wound?" she asked, genuinely worried.

"Um... bad, but I've had worse... I'm not gonna be able to fight much until Raindrop comes back, though." He replied, looking at the wound on his leg.

Lorenzo was caught in the explosion, his leg giving out at the worse possible time. Consequences of reaching his Prismion Count; his body covered in mild to moderate burns as debris pelted him. The force would also knock him backwards. His landing would also be rather ungraceful. Bouncing off of hard concrete and asphalt; he would stop close to Medusa with a slight grumble.

Saturn threw one of her swords into the air, holding it there with telekinesis. She caught his fist with her free hand, and tried to stab him in the leg with a quick movement from her other arm. As soon as Saturn would try catching his fist, Flash's fist would seemingly phase through her... and then he'd vanish. Quickly afterwards, Flash fell from above, now trying to jump on Saturn's head.

"Tch!" He'd land on her head, but really just annoyed her more than anything. The telekinetically held sword in the air attempted to separate one of his legs from his body.

Flash chuckled and vanished again, now standing directly in front of her. "Aw, can't keep up?"

Saturn closed her eyes for a moment, pressing a palm to the ground. She tossed her other sword into the air, and blue electricity began coming off her at a high rate. "This body definitely isn't fast enough... Aegis, ready?" She opened her eyes, them now glowing blue. "Soul Switch! Aegis!" With a bright flash of light, the spirit of Aegis was replaced by the spirit of Saturn, and Saturn's body had changed to that of Aegis'.

Flash had backed up quickly after Saturn pressed her palm to the ground, and watched in amazement as they switched. "Ooh, a puppet! Are you any faster than that chick?" Aegis moved far, far faster than Saturn had, appearing behind Flash to attempt a punch in the back. If it worked, she'd use telekinesis to create a short burst to launch him forward.

The combo landed; as soon as Flash felt the impact against his back, he was knocked forward, and the telekinetic blast sent him even farther. He put his hand on the ground and regain his footing. Wow, that's impressive! Luna told us we'd have some trouble, but I didn't expect really strong guys! Flash burst off towards Aegis, and afterimages appeared besides him: one on the left, one in the center, and one on the right. All three of the Flashes charged at Aegis.

Aegis tried to nullify his afterimages, by hopped to the sides rapidly and creating a wall of her own afterimages. "If I can just charge up a strong enough blast of telekinesis, I'll be able to knock him out by touching his forehead." She began concentrating telekinetic energy into her finger.

Now that they were moving at similar speeds, both of them would be able to see which one was real. Flash grimaced and ran forward, aiming a flying kick to her face. Aegis began took the kick, shifting one of her feet back to keep from falling, and tried to grab his ankle. If that worked, she'd pull him way up close and try and jam her finger into his forehead. If that worked, she'd unleash the telekinetic energy straight into his skull to make his brain bonk into the back of his skull for a quick K.O.

Flash was grabbed, but he quickly vibrated and phased out of her grip, backflipping to keep some distance. Dang, this girl's going in fierce! The cops back home weren't this brutal! Flash winded up his arm and dashed to a flaming car, throwing it at Aegis.

Keeping the telekinetic energy, she stopped the car using her other hand with telekinetic assistance. "Tch, he's one of those speedsters. I can't keep using my telekinesis forever..." She pulled the car really close, and then used her telekinetic grip on it like some type of magnetic cannon to launch it right back him, with seriously high speeds.

Flash phased through the car, and it exploded behind him as he smirked at Aegis. Then, he grabbed a streetlight and threw it at Aegis before disappearing. The spirit of Saturn, though probably invisible to Flash, was looking behind Aegis to see if Flash was pulling shenanigans. Aegis used a weak telekinetic wind to send the streetlight just off course. On the other side of Aegis, another flaming car and streetlight were launched simultaneously.

Saturn gave her the heads up, and Aegis scoffed. "Fight me hand-to-hand, you coward!" She vanished, teleporting a few feet away from the collision.

Flash was sitting on a bench several feet away, relaxing. "Aw... sorry, boss' orders. Don't feel like losing, today, y'know? I'm just not in the mood." Flash leaned back. "Why are you even helping these guys? I think you're wasting your time. If Boss is really as tough as she sounds, I'd rather be with her than against her, that's all I'm saying."

Aegis was now calmly sitting with Flash. "What, don't you have morals? A family, even? Some people worth protecting?"

"Tch. Family. What a waste of time," Flash responded, standing up and walking away. "You're on the losing side! Honestly, you'll like it a lot more if you just give up. Hell, Boss'd probably let you join us!"

Aegis sprinted towards him after getting up, and trying to get him off-guard with a punch aimed at the back of his head. "Then you're a lost cause."

"Heh!" Flash turned around and made a motion like he was going to catch the punch. Familiar with his shenanigans, she kicked herself off the ground to propel herself at him even faster, assuming she's going to fly right through him or his hand. Flash sidestepped her charge and sent an elbow at her back, trying to slam her into the ground.

Aegis got slammed into the ground, but teleported above Flash right after, trying to clap on his head. Her attack landed, and Flash got whapped into the ground. He jumped off of his hands, shooting himself backwards in an attempt to kick Aegis in the back of the head.

Aegis seemed to double into two different afterimages, each of which disappeared. She appeared high in the air, and began to spindash, using her telekinesis to seriously increase her speed. Flash ran at Aegis, looking like he was determined to interrupt her charging. Behind him was the fountain he'd just crashed into. Aegis kept spinning the air, getting faster and faster, and then abruptly shot out like a rail-gun, trying to hit Flash in the head.

Flash smirked, and he vanished yet again, leaving Aegis to presumably hit the fountain. Once she hit the ground, she tilted her body to the side, allowing her to maintain her momentum whilst turning away from the fountain. She redirected herself towards Flash.

"Hey, that's cheati-" Flash was cut off when Aegis hit him in the face, knocking him through streetlights and cars before he tumbled on the ground.

Aegis adjusted her momentum once more, slowing down to roll to Flash. She tried to dig her finger into his forehead again, trying that telekinetic knock-out again. Flash got back up before she approached and began to run around, aiming to tire Aegis before she'd get the opportunity to hit him with anything.

Aegis stomped the ground, trying to nail Flash in the chin with a suddenly sprouting tree. "Tch." Flash was sent upwards and flipped, looking at Aegis upside-down.

"Where's that from?!" he questioned, extremely confused.

"I dunno. Sometimes that happens around here! Random trees!"

"Okay, I didn't ask for sarcasm, jerk!" insulted Flash, his body vibrating rapidly before he got into a running stance.

"Just shut your mouth, then!" She stomped onto the ground, a massive oak tree launching from the ground at a diagonal angle to try and bash Flash. The tree seemed to phase through Flash, but that wasn't what had happened; instead, Flash had moved so quickly there was a delayed afterimage of him still readying. In front of Aegis, he threw a punch to her cheek at insane speeds.

"You think you're faster than me?!" Aegis zipped around, just vanishing after the punch landed. She let loose, using her fullest speed to try and hit Flash from every different angle.

Flash smirked. "I mean, you said it, not me...!" Flash blocked the attacks from all the angles, using all parts of his body to defend. Then, he'd try grabbing her arm after one attack and throwing her to a flaming car. Aegis bursted around him in a circle, each movement leaving a small afterimage that created a tight circle of Aegis' around him and avoiding the grab. The real Aegis was high up, in an Enhanced form and throwing down a giant blast of Aether.

"Huh. Not shabby!" Flash complimented, going to the side. The black marks on the cheetah temporarily glowed white.... but then reverted back to black. Nah, no need to go that fast yet. Flash waited for Aegis to make he next move.

Aegis came down in a flash, starting to run at Flash. Though, she looked very strange. Going very slow, flickering, and seeming to go backwards. Flash hopped from side-to-side, anticipating her next attack before shooting off at her... but then, he felt an enormous wind pressure. Flash continued to press through it, running off at Aegis. If he took a step that was in a straight line to Aegis' front, he'd get knocked aside by a strange force. Flash saw the force coming and moved to the side, letting it blast by him.

That force was Aegis. She was running around Mobius in a straight path, hundreds of times a second. Flash saw Aegis and waved. "Psssh, bye!"

She began to slow down, and he'd begin to see hundreds of Aegis' in a single line. Then she began zigging and zagging around, causing hundreds of more lines of Aegis' all around him. Flash rolled his eyes and began to speed up as well, which would allow him to pinpoint the single Aegis. "I already asked if you were too slow! Speed is my thing, puppet! Like, sure, Sonic the Hedgehog himself is a lot faster, but that doesn't make me shabby!"

Even as he sped up, there still seemed to be dozens of Aegis'. She was only slowing down slightly to get an idea of how to go about using her ultimate move. Then, she speed up again. Since he was going faster, the flickering effect was replaced with thousands of Aegis afterimages. The real Aegis came flying in from behind, jumping forward and trying to kick him in the side of the head. The sound of her attack shout took a minute to catch up. "Ultimate Momentous Occasion!"

Flash grunted when the felt the pressure. Ugh, what do I do here? I'm nearing my max speed without using it, so I can't phase through it or dodge, really... guess I'll just have to block it! Flash put his arms up in front of his face to block the attack.

The bones in his arms probably snap like twigs once all the gathered momentum transferred from the top of her foot into them. Flash's bones were intact, but the force created a large push that sent him flying backwards at insane speeds. Flash's heel dragged acros the road, leaving fire where he was launched, and his body hit the road but still moved, created a massive pile of rubble that caught him. Flash fell as red blood trickled slowly down from his arms; he was bleeding but he still landed on his feet. He took heavy breaths. "D-Dammit..."

Aegis ran forwards him, her fur briefly turning red as she tried to end the fight with one punch to his gut. "Not that easy!" Flash proclaimed, phasing through the pileup and disappearing, leaving Aegis to hit the rubble.

The rubble she hit ended up becoming a twenty foot deep crater. Smarter to dodge. "Tch." Her fur returned to normal. "Like hell I can rely on that form."

Flash stood on top of a nearby streetlight. Okay, I know she has way more power than me... but the whole purpose of this is to distract them! I'm not dying here today!

"Lying always works." She thought, turning to Flash, and putting on some bravado. "And that's not even half my speed."

Flash's eyes widened, but then they returned to normal. Damn! I might have to go Surge if she can really go much faster than that! But I'll stay normal, dodging will be easy enough. "Oh, really? Eh, I could pretty easily go triple that, you don't scare me! Especially if you're working for the wrong team!"

"I should clarify. That's without even using my transformation, which boosts it hundreds of times."

"Ha! Really? Then what was that little fur change you did?" Flash shrugged. "Besides, Boss probably wouldn't leave us out here to lose, anyway. Trust me, after seeing her..." Flash remembered his experience seeing Keira. "...yeah, you'll have some trouble scaring me."

"The first stage. You haven't heard of the legendary five stage Super-Speed form?" She spoke in a matter-of-fact, slightly curious tone, as though it were common knowledge.

"Guess not. But you took an awfully long time wasting energy if you really had that much to bust out," Flash remarked.

"What kind of pathetic fighter would use their full power right away?" She tilted her head, a genuine question.

"...honestly, I'm kinda questioning why I didn't go ahead and slap the crap outta your puppeteer," Flash answered. "She was super slow! But hey, can't go back now."

"Puppe-who?" She squinted. "Are you on drugs?"

"Nah, that's what my buds are good with, and I'm more of an alcohol person," Flash genuinely responded. "The other chick I started fighting with, dumbass!"

"What on Mobius makes you think she's a puppeteer?"

"Eh, one of you is, and she came first, that's all I'm saying. As far as I know..." Flash wiggled his fingers like he was telling a ghost stories. "She switched bodies with a ghoooooooooost!"

While they were chatting, Aegis had attempted to telekinetically grab him. "Wha-" She succeeded, and Flash's movements had stopped completely.

"You just lost." She pulled him over at full speed, trying to deck him in the face full force as she did.

Flash was hit, and saliva and blood flew out of his mouth as he was launched to the side, the force of the blow, sending him through a large amount of rubble and flaming cars, which all exploded as he was launched inside of them. Flash laid in the final non-flaming car bruised, dizzied, and unconscious.

Aegis was spent afterwards, kneeling down and pressing her palm to her chest. With a bright flash, Saturn was back in her body. "I need to learn to fight speedsters properly..." Saturn huffed, standing. She was still full of energy, luckily.

Vendeta ignored this whole situation and raised his sword at Seigfried. “Stop playing around, kid. Your move.”

Mac eyed Vendeta with anticipation. "Ooh! You have a sword now, too?!" he asked before pointing Angel at Siegfried as well.

Siegfried shot more light orbs at the duo, and began to advance towards them. His form was glitching a bit, but he kept going. The tiger grinned, backflipping and disappearing. Light orbs kept appearing as Siegfried zipped about at the speed of light, hoping that they'll start shooting at the orbs so that they'll get a temporary blind. On the other hand, another figure lurked in the shadows.

Mac looked around. "Hey, Ven, can you stop this kid from moving?"

”He’s too fast for my psychokinesis to pick him up,” Vendeta replied “And he’s way too fast for me to keep up with normally. If you can hit him, I might be able to follow up with my powers.”

"Alright," Mac responded, focusing intensely yet again. Then, he sensed where Siegfried was and fired a bolt of lightning at him, trying to disorient him and allow Vendeta to catch him. With a grunt, Siegfried was hit. The tiger was sent out of his light speed state and back into sweet, slow reality.

"Nice," he grinned, flashing his eyes to overlook all his floating light orbs.

“Gloat when you have something to gloat about,” Vendeta replies. He used his psychokinesis to try and hold Siegfried in place before bombarding him with kicks and punches, finishing by uppercutting him into the air.

If Vendeta's combo landed, then Mac would smirk and fire an additional attack, an upwards blue beam of energy straight from his palm. Siegfried enveloped himself in another light bubble, but it only withstood a few of Vendeta's hits, before shattering into bright light. The tiger was then hit by Mac's beam, free falling for a few seconds before switching place with a light orb. Siegfried stood back up, bruises and singed fur staining his figure. Going back to light speed, the tiger threw a light orb to the ground, and from within, light exploded everywhere, and Siegfried only hoped it would disorient the two enough to bide him time. Vendeta looked away from the flash, using the flat of his sword to shield himself from the glare.

"Kid, you never learn your lesson, do you?" said Mac. He wasn't able to see or hear, but he fired a lightning bolt at Siegfried's location again. "You can't hide so easily!"

"How the heck can he follow this dude?" Vendeta muttered to himself.

The other figure hid below the roof, ears twitching, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Siegfried dodged the lightning bolt, swapping places with a light orb to try and bring his claws down on Vendeta. Vendeta was still trying to avoid being blinded and didn't have enough time to dodge out of the way of Siegfied's slash, leaving a claw mark along his armoured arm. Vendeta reacted by trying to kick the tiger in the face.

With a big glitch, Siegfried disappeared, and another guy came to replace him. The same Siegfried came from below the rooftop, back hunched and breathing heavily. He had his goggles still on his eyes, and he gave the two a nod of approval, grinning. "Nice," he muttered, throwing a light orb upwards and letting it hover in the air.

Mac ignored the light orb and glanced at Vendeta. "The kid's using the orbs to teleport," Mac whispered. "I'll charge him, you wait to counterattack if he appears where his light ball thing is."

Vendeta nods.

Siegfried's stripes glowed, and his breathing steadied. A telekinetic and someone who either has good prediction, or good sensing abilities. Repetition won't do. Clones waste too much energy. I only have so much to keep me up till I need to go back. I did teleport already. Too many orbs waste my energy too. He grabbed one of the many orbs near him, squeezing it and absorbing its light energy. But this should be worth a try.

Mac's hands crackled with blue lightning, and two yellow bracelets he was wearing turned into thick yellow gauntlets over his hands. With those gauntlets charged with electricity, Mac jumped at Siegfried, sending a punch towards his stomach. A realistic clone sprung from Siegfried's body, taking the hit. The real blue tiger sidestepped, taking a glance at Vendeta. Siegfried brought his claws down on Mac, trying to hit his side whilst his clone held the electrokinetic's gauntlets.

"Okay, didn't see that one coming," quickly remarked Mac. He jumped a short distance in midair attempted to do a split kick to the real Siegfried while firing a burst of energy from the gauntlets at the glove.

Siegfried widened his eyes, leaning back to closely dodge Mac's kick. The tiger's clone acted on impulse - to protect its original, and in doing so, it vanished while taking Mac's attack to the face. Siegfried absorbed the remaining light energy the clone had, and made a much weaker flashbang, aiming to blind Mac and Vendeta again. Following it up, Siegfried shaped a random light orb into a clone, silently ordering it to follow Mac.

Vendeta ducked away from the light, once again protecting his eyes with his sword, and saw the clone as he looked around. He teleported up to the clone and tried to kick it in the head. The clone swapped placed with a light orb, so that Vendeta's kick will collide with the orb and create yet another blinding light. Dropping to the ground, the clone lunged at Vendeta like a wild animal. Vendeta was blinded and knocked to the ground by the clone. Siegfried flicked his finger, and the clone began clawing Vendeta. Vendeta blocked the attacks with his sword and tried to punch the clone in the gut.

In the meantime, Mac fired more ergokinetic bursts at the real Siegfried, blinded but sensing the original's location. The blue tiger heaved in a breath, steadying himself as he made a light shield to cover him from the bursts. Siegfried ran straight at Mac, getting himself to breathe at a certain pace to avoid getting tired too easily. Mac stopped firing the gauntlet bursts and now charged at Siegfried, winding up his gauntlets for a hefty punch once he got in range. The blue tiger kept running, reflexes ready to help him dodge Mac's attacks. "Alright, here goes nothing!" Siegfried grinned.

Mac threw a his fist forward, aiming for Siegfried's face. The blue tiger leaned to the side of Mac's punch, going in to kick his back. Mac was sent forward and small distance by the kick, but then he turned around and punched the ground. A small inferno of lightning would rise from underneath Siegfried.

Scarlet had a look of concern for Lee. "Sorry, kid, we'll have to hope Ken, Schnee and Terra are on their way back. In the meantime..." Scarlet glared at Medusa. "I'm about to skin a snake alive."

"Lookssssss like the numbersssssss have been reducccccccced," noted Medusa, standing up after being hit with one of Scarlet's explosive shells. "Lorenzzzzzzzzo, thisssssss could get messssssssy."

"The only thing getting messssssssy here," began Scarlet, rolling her eyes as she mocked Medusa's pronounciation skills, "is going to be your blood all over the entrance to Hartley Mansions."

"I'm terrified," teased Medusa, crossing her arms.

"Then you have some sense in you after all," Scarlet shot back, getting into a fighting stance. Then, she shot herself forward, dashing towards Medusa with her revolver and Lee's shotgun and her jeans' combat belt. Scarlet threw two jabs at Medusa, but despite Medusa's lack of legs, on her single tail she was able to move from side to side with ease. Medusa paused, letting Scarlet throw a few more punches and jabs, before she punched Scarlet square in the nose, sending the fox staggering back for a little bit.

Scarlet regained her wits quickly to see Medusa slithering towards her intensely. Medusa jumped up a short distance and whipped her tail at Scarlet, who shifted her body to the left in order to dodge... but then Medusa spun around while still in midair, slapping Scarlet in the cheek with her tail. Scarlet clutched her cheek, and Medusa began to fall, punching downwards. Scarlet jumped back, and Medusa's fist hit the road, leaving a small crater.

"Not that easy, Snakebite," Scarlet quipped, jumping onto Medusa's shoulders. Medusa looked up in fear, and Scarlet's right leg began to glow red as she charged it with energy. Scarlet sent her foot flying forward to Medusa's face, and it landed square in its target, the energy released and launching Medusa a good distance backwards, even knocking the snake a good distance backwards.

The multi-colored snake hit the ground peacefully, but Scarlet didn't stop her physical assault; she leapt forward and swung a downwards hook, and Medusa's head was hit downwards. She responded with an uppercut, but Scarlet bent over backwards and dodged it. Then, Scarlet did a backflip, her legs kicking Medusa's chin. Medusa clutched her chin, giving Scarlet the opportunity to twirl around and perform a roundhouse kick to her face, flipping Medusa over.

With her tail, Medusa latched onto Scarlet's arm and hissed in her face, her breath smelling of poison and meat. Scarlet grunted and threw her arm out with strength, sending Medusa over to a streetlight, that was split into half by the snake's impact. Medusa fell on the ground behind it, dizzy, but she snapped out of her trance when she saw Scarlet flying out of the sky, trying to stomp on her neck. Medusa rolled on her side, dodging Scarlet's foot and jumping onto her tail.

There was another streetlight behind Medusa, and she threw her fist back, snapping it in half. Medusa caught the top half and jumped at Scarlet, slamming the half-streetlight down at her head. Scarlet put her arm above her head to lessen the damage, but she still felt a significant impact as the broken streetlight crashed down on her. Medusa wasn't done with it, however; she swung at Scarlet's side, and she landed her attack, knocking Scarlet over to the side and onto the fox's stomach. As Scarlet got up, Medusa slammed the streetlight onto her back, making Scarlet go down once again.

"Give it up, foxxxxxxxxx," ordered Medusa, lifting the streetlight and slamming it on Scarlet again, making the fox yell. "Our team will end up victorioussssssss anywayssssssss-"

"SHUT UP WITH THE STUPID 'S' SOUNDS!" yelled Scarlet, her red aura flaring up around her. The sheer force of her aura disintegrated the part of the streetlight that was on her back, and Scarlet jumped onto her feet, turning around to face a Medusa who was charging forward, trying to stab Medusa with what was left of the quarter-streetlight. Scarlet glared at Medusa, and when Medusa stabbed at her, Scarlet moved to the left, easily dodging it. Then, Scarlet delivered a clean punch to Medusa's gut, making the snake clutch her stomach. Scarlet yanked the streetlight (or whatever was remaining of it) out of Medusa's hands and lifted Medusa by her hair before taking out her revolver and placing it against Medusa's stomach. The gun glowed red before an explosive bullet was shot out of it, carrying Medusa to a flaming car and colliding into it.

Scarlet blew the tip of the smoking gun and put it back on her combat belt, thinking the fight was over. However, from the flames, Medusa jumped up, flipping and landing on her coiled tail. Medusa grinned evilly, and her arms transformed into feral snakes. Scarlet was appalled at the sight of it, but what she wasn't expecting was a ranged attack, which Medusa performed; one of Medusa's snake arms shot towards Scarlet's stomach, carrying her over to a trash can.

Scarlet and the trash can crashed into each other, and Scarlet landed on her back. Scarlet sat up, and she saw both of the snake-arms heading towards her. Scarlet immediately jumped into the air, letting them shoot behind her and landing on them, but she was tripped when they retracted. Scarlet fell again, looking at the arms angrily and cursing. They began to head for her once again, and Scarlet had to perform a series of movements, redirecting as the snakes bit at her repeatedly. Scarlet did open-palm strikes, kicks, and even spinning attacks, but the snake-arms never relented. Eventually, the snake-arms wrapped around Scarlet and squeezed her tight.

"Oh, shi-" Scarlet's curse was cut off when the snake-arms kept continuing to trap her, tightening their grip. Then, Medusa lifted her arms high, and then ascended into the air. Scarlet looked to the ground in worry, and Medusa threw her arms down, and the snake-arms and Scarlet all went flying down to the ground. After the impact, rubble and dust shot into the air, and Medusa looked triumphant.

Her expression was change dramatically to onlookers, though, as it instantly turned to one of massive pain. "OWWWWWWW!" she yelped, and the dust settled a little bit, allowing some of what was inside the dust cloud to be seen. Scarlet had removed the snake-heads off of Medusa's snake-arms by savagely ripping them off, and Medusa retracted the arm, purple blood leaking from them rather violently. Scarlet smirked at Medusa, whose arms began to... regenerate?!

Medusa's arms turned back into normal arms, and Medusa shook her head at Scarlet in disapproval. "How rude of you! Ripping off another person'sssssssss armsssssss issssssss jusssssssst-"

"My God, do you ever shut up?!" Scarlet angrily asked, her aura flaring once again and completely dispelling the dust and rubble around her. "Actually, don't answer that, I'll shut you up for you!" Scarlet put her palm forward, and orange energy began to radiate around it; she was charging up her Sun Shot. Medusa began to run over, determined to interrupt Scarlet's attack, but the distance between the two allowed Scarlet to finish charging the attack.

The Sun Shot was released in the form of a beam, but it consumed far more space than just Scarlet's palm. A circular, yellow-orange beam shot out at Medusa, and Scarlet put her hand further forward, giving the beam more force. Orange levels of energy traveled through the beam, and after a few seconds, Scarlet stopped firing, the attack leaving Medusa smoking and coughing. 

Medusa fell to her knees, her arms a bit blackened, and Scarlet seized the opportunity to land a cold fist against Medusa's face, knocking over the snake. Medusa rolled over a bit and lashed her tail at Scarlet's chest, but with extremely high precision, Scarlet grabbed Medusa's extended tail and pulled the snake over to her. She played a violent game of pin-pong with Medusa, hitting her away and then pulling her tail to bring her back for another blow. Scarlet ended the combo by throwing Medusa diagonally upwards into the air, and she made finger guns. She fired two red lasers at the airborne snake that sent Medusa higher into the air, and then finished by sending a larger, combined beam from both finger-guns, blasting Medusa into the air before the snake rapidly came crashing down.

Medusa hit the ground, and Scarlet ran to her and jumped, attempting her stomping attack once again. As Scarlet descended, Medusa's eyes turned green, and Medusa raised her hand in Scarlet's direction. A small, purple orb of energy manifested, just enough to hit Medusa's palm, and Medusa sent it launching towards the fox, hitting Scarlet in the stomach and blasting her to a wall, where a purple explosion occurred upon impact, leaving smoke and a hole in the building's wall.

Scarlet jumped from the out of the hole with crossed arms. "That's.... energy. How'd you learn how to use that? Mac's old gang were the last people out of the Solvage Tribe to learn how to use energy besides me."

Medusa smiled a wide grin. "None of your concccccccccern."

"God, you're insufferable!" Scarlet was about to rush in for another attack, but Medusa was quicker to the punch, transforming her arms into snakes once again, and the snakes opened their mouths as similar purple orbs of energy manifested. The snake-arms extended, chasing Scarlet down, and they began shooting the orbs at Scarlet, who was running around the area in order to dodge.

"Tch, you can't run," threatened Medusa as the snake-arms continued to pursue Scarlet. They went in all directions; up, down, to the sides, through walls, through cars, and they didn't relent in their attempts to shoot Scarlet, still shooting the purple orbs at the red-furred fox. Scarlet bounced off of streetlights, jumped over cars, and tried hiding to get the jump on the arms, but they never stop pursuing her. Eventually, they fired a ball of energy at her foot, and Scarlet tripped before one of the snake-arms wrapped around her leg and threw her to a wall.

Scarlet was thrown, and her impact in the wall left a Scarlet-shaped crater that the fox was trapped in... but Medusa and her weapon-like snake-arms weren't done. Medusa extended her snake-arms and punched at Scarlet while she was on the wall, and the snake-arms ruthlessly hit Scarlet in all areas - her face, her sides, her stomach, her legs - not stopping. Scarlet's red aura around her body flickered, showing that her defenses were lowering, and then Scarlet's outward aura exploded, blasting Medusa's arms back as Scarlet began to yell.

"YAAAAH!" Scarlet grunted in anger, the wall she'd been trapped in exploding. Scarlet hit the ground and began running towards Medusa, with her snake-arms retracting nearly immediately after she noticed Scarlet's approach. Scarlet grabbed Medusa's hair and flipped the snake over her head, smashing Medusa's face into the ground and making Medusa bounce up a little bit. The mercenary took advantage of the slight bounce and released a hard roundhouse kick to the snake's stomach, sending Medusa a good distance.

Scarlet's aura shot up before she ran to where Medusa was launched to with speed, while Medusa was still in midair. Scarlet got ahead of where she was going to appear and put her arm for a vicious clothesline to Medusa's neck and throwing her into the air. Then, Scarlet did a high jump into the air, her fists glowed red, and she spiked Medusa to the ground, leaving a small crater.

Scarlet stayed in the air for a bit, two large orange orbs of energy in her own hands. She flipped over Medusa and threw them at the ground near her, which caused massive orange explosions that Medusa had to lunge to the side to dodge. Throwing the orbs gave Scarlet momentum, and they sent her upwards a small distance.

"Who's hiding now?!" taunted Scarlet, more orbs of energy appearing in her hands. Scarlet rapidly threw them down, and Medusa had to run aound to dodge them, but the various explosions occurring everywhere eventually trapped the snake in the center. Scarlet put her palm downwards, firing a Sun Shot directly at Medusa's trapped position which connected all of the explosions and sent a beam of light into the air.

Scarlet's various energy bombs and the effect of them sending her higher into the air had left her at quite an ascended point in the sky. The explosions began to fade, and various craters began to come into view from Scarlet's onslaught. The mercenary sighed, thinking the fight was over, when a snake-arm rose from the smoke and wrapped around Scarlet's leg.

"What the-?!" Scarlet's question was cut off when the snake-arm brought Scarlet down to the ground at drastic speeds, sending Scarlet's back crashing onto the ground. Then, the snake-arm went up, and traveled in the opposite direction, slamming Scarlet once again. The snake-arm would then throw Scarlet in the air, where the other snake-arm would wrap around Scarlet's stomach and travel in a wide arc, bashing Scarlet against a hard, brick wall of another nearby building.

The snake-arms repeated this process several times, hitting Scarlet's ragdoll-like body against several surfaces, and Scarlet's aura flickered several times as the combo continued on. It finally ended when one of the snake-arms threw Scarlet into the air, and another came from above, smashing Scarlet into one of the craters formed by her earlier energy bombs. The snake-arms retracted, and Scarlet laid in the crater, struggling to get up. 

Medusa began to walk to the heavily-injured Scarlet, a look of pride and victory on her face. "Looksssssssss like thisssssssss isssssssss the end for you." In her normal arm, an orb of purple energy appeared, and Medusa continued approaching Scarlet (who began to formalize a plan).

When Scarlet was close enough to the snake, she'd eject from her position, leaving a pink, ergokinetic clone of herself, similar to the one she'd used against Lorenzo, in her place. Medusa's eyes bulged before the clone exploded, blasting Medusa backwards into the sky.

Scarlet growled, and her red aura flared once again before she sped up, appearing as a red streak. The red streak that was Scarlet essentially bullied Medusa in the air, hitting her again and again and knocking Medusa around. The combo continued for a little while, but then it ended when Scarlet slowed down, made her legs glow red, and delivered a flying kick to Medusa's stomach that made the snake spit up acid and spit (which fell to the ground and passed by Scarlet). This heavy blow launched Medusa over to Lorenzo, putting her in a similar position as she was covered in purple blood and bruises.

"I think it's time we end this," said Scarlet after she jumped over to where Lee, Lorenzo, the unconscious Flash, Saturn and the damaged Medusa were. She took out Lee's shotgun. Damn, hanging out with Mac for so long almost makes me wanna name it, she thought, annoyed, before firing several shells into the air. "Spiral Shootout!" she chanted, and the shells began to fly through the air like rockets, moving unpredictably as they left red streaks in the air. Some shot into the air and exploded like fireworks, leaving a loud sizzling noise as they popped. If they came close into contact with anything, they exploded, which caused quite a bit of trouble for the onlookers.

Lee trudged along, most of his movement coming from the shells that exploded near him and pushed him around. Lorenzo, with what strength he had left, ran around, dodging nearby shells. Medusa followed, using her snake-arms to grapple onto walls, streetlights and cars and propel her forward. Saturn flipped through the air, doing various aerial tricks to avoid the shells and their resulting explosions. One of the shells hit the car Flash was on, blowing it up.

"YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY THAT EASY!" announced Scarlet in anger, firing a few more shells into the air before putting the shotgun back on her belt. Scarlet began to move her arms in a circular move, and some of the shells that weren't just randomly shooting off began to head towards Medusa, who was still desperately grappling onto to anything to avoid the fox's violent rampage. This is where the shells turned into bullet-rockets; one of them shot off at Medusa like a meteor, hitting her in the stomach and then exploding and sending her into the air.

Scarlet, sweat dripping down her face as she strained her body, lifted her hands up, and several of the explosive shells fired themselves into the air, where Medusa was still launching upwards. The shells began one by one; they would hit Medusa, explode, send her farther into the air, and the next shell would continue the attack. All of the shells now turned the sky into a fierce red color. After seven respective shells had hit Medusa, the shells are circled each other, the red streaks they'd left now making them appear like a single red beam with the speeds they were going at, and the all hit Medusa, carrying her higher into the air.

"Going.... down!...." Scarlet exclaimed with passion, throwing her hands down. The energy-rocket-shell-beam that'd been carrying Medusa began to change course, gradually traveling in an arc and then going down at much higher speeds than it'd been going up. Medusa was still conscious, but Scarlet's Spiral Shootout had left her very much beaten; she was powerless to do anything about it as she faced the ground, waiting for her to crash. The rocket beam pushing Medusa finally crashed to the ground by Lorenzo, causing a large gathering of dust and smoke flying everywhere from the shells' explosion upon hitting the ground.

Saturn was now finished dodging rebellious shells and clapped her hands, the force of it allowing her to clear the gases blocking her eyes' pathway to the fight. Lee had to duck to evade benches, streetlights, cars, and even pieces of building that were sent flying at him due to the force of the explosion. Flash's unconscious body was pushed back easily by the outwards force, and he was sent crashing to the walls of a building, where other contents launched by the crash of Scarlet's attack piled onto him.

And finally, Medusa and Lorenzo. Lorenzo was coughing due to the intake of dust, smoke, and fire he'd just received, and he was lying on his back in the largest crater on the street, just as unable to move at he'd been before, if not more. Lying down next to him was Medusa, who simply didn't stand a chance against any threat at her current state. Her scales had been burned so badly and consumed by so much smoke, some of them had turned to grey. Her hair was nearly completely eradicated, save for some on the direct top of her head, and purple blood was scattered throughout her body; Scarlet's furious effort to defeat her had opened several wounds on the snake's body. Despite all of this, Medusa was still conscious, but just barely, her eyes still somewhat open.

"UGHHHH!" grunted Scarlet, throwing her hands into the air once again. The red streaks the shells left began to circle over her head, creating a... tornado of sorts? Random shells were still shooting around, causing chaos all around the street, but two red-colored shotgun shell whirlwinds were formed next to each other high above Scarlet's head, looking to be just as violent as Scarlet had been. The whirlwinds didn't fire any shells.... that is, until Scarlet punched forward. "TAKE THIS!" From the two shell whirlwinds, a rocket of shells shot at Lorenzo and Medusa, looking like a red beam. Medusa and Lorenzo looked at the beam, and it seemingly made impact on the ground, causing a huge red explosion that left tremors on the ground and throughout a wide radius.

Lee tried to look for Lorenzo and Medusa in the explosion's smoke, wondering if one could even survive that big of a blast.


It didn't take long for White and Tina to arrive at Ringmart; it was only a few blocks away, and Tina flew herself and White over. Tina flew to the road, and they examined the area. Cars were knocked over, and chaos was breaking out. The Ringmart logo had dropped off of the store, and the perpetrator and his allies were standing right near the store.

Sephtis Briona the Fourth waved his spear, Kyoya, at the store, releasing a powerful blast of wind that knocked a good chunk of debris off. "Ooh, how's that for 'distracting?'" he said to himself, pleased with the chaos. 

Brutus grinned widely at the floors, chuckling. The shark could slip around and speed wouldn't matter anymore! He then grinned darkly, "There should be a water pump or a fire hydrant in every place like this, right?" His hand strayed to his legs, picking up a stub metal stick with a button. "Now now... I'm just trying to put a fish back into water."

The villain's Kibo showed up afterwards, spraying out purple flames around the area with a look of general anger. "This is completely pointless."

Though, on the heroic side of things, another Kibo showed up. Fed, specifically. He took out one sword, and one pistol, prepared to take on the villains until he saw the villainous Kibo. "You're shitting me... another another me?"

Dragen walked up behind him, having followed White and Tina to the Ringmart.

"You have clones or something?" He asked the heroic Kibo.

Fed responded, shrugging. "Apparently?? You wanna take him on? Something about him makes me feel that he's stronger than I am."

Sephtis directed Brutus and Kibo's attention to Fed, Dragen, White and Tina. "Hey, those look like the guys we're supposed to beat down!" yelled Sephtis, readying Kyoya. He didn't say much more before he flew to Fed at high speeds, creating wind behind him he blasted forward.

"Ah," he clicked his tongue. "Fair enough." Brutus' legs then changed into a chestplate skateboard, in which he propelled using his hands to approach the heroes.

Fed quickly brought up his handgun, shooting three shots at Septhis before causing a single spike of purple crystals to rise up, threatening to run through Sephtis. Sephtis did a barrel roll, ducking underneath the crystals before flying at an upwards rise and attempting to whack Fed on the head with his spear.

Fed leaned back, almost comedically, as he tried avoiding the head bonk and grabbing the spear. Sephtis kept his grip on the spear, ejecting wind from its tip. Fed simply diverted the winds though, and kicked out a fireball towards Sephtis' face. Wind blew the flames out, and Sephtis yanked Kyoya (his spear); if Kibo held on, he'd be punched in the face.

Fed got decked, but responded by trying to deck Septhis himself. "Hey, so, like, what's the point in being evil? It sounds pretty lame!" 

Sephtis flew backwards, Kyoya in hand. The eagle twirled his spear with confidence. "What? I'm not evil. Sure, I kill people for a living, but is that really evil?" Sephtis pointed Kyoya at Fed, and a sort of sideways tornado formed, threatening to blow Fed away.

"Uh... yes?" He redirected the tornado towards Sephtis.

"How is killing people for a living evil?" questioned Sephtis, who, with a wave of Kyoya, dispersed the tornado. Then, he stabbed Kyoya downwards, and an enormous wind force would fall down on Fed.

"Because you're, uh, killing them??" Kibs threw his hands upwards, splitting the wind just above him and preparing explosions under his soles to launch forward. He acted like he was struggling to hold the winds back to try and get Sephtis to lower his guard. However, Fed's defenses had the opposite effect; Sephtis fired more winds, much stronger than the one he was fired previously, and from behind Fed they sucked like a vacuum.

"Tch, what a start," groaned White as he and Tina ran towards the evil Kibo. White's robotic legs made a clicking noise, and fom his legs White fired a flare of fire while Tina shot a sonic scream at him.

Kibo gave White and Tina a look of disgust as Tina screamed, calmly dispersing the flames. "How pathetic. I was right, Luna's dimensional shenanigans brought in stronger heroes. Septhis, you better take care of that inferior me!" He immediately appeared in front of Tina, trying to spin kick the side of her head. "How weak. I can sense the massive difference between you and your partner's power level."

Tina put her arm up to block it, but she was knocked heavily off-balance. Seeing this sudden retaliation, White jumped forward, sending his leg flying towards Kibo's side.

"What a disappointment you two are." Kibs vanished, reappearing behind Tina and trying to stab her through the arm with a fancy armblade, made of purple energy.

Tina jumped back and dodged the energy blade. That's giving me Kennedy vibes, Tina thought before sending another sonic scream towards Kibo. Meanwhile, White fired bullets at Kibo's side.

Kibs calmly caught all of the bullets, and flung them back at twice the speed. "Firearms? How crude."

White fired a burst of fire from his legs, blasting himself to the side. At the same time, Tina flew to Kibo, aiming a sweep kick while White shot a flare of fire from the side, though the flare was calmly dispersed before it even touched him. Kibs tried to stomp on Tina's ankle, an attempt to break it and then try to sever her arm. Tina flew backwards, dodging the stomp, and then flew forwards to try to kick Kibo in the face. White blasted to Kibo and Tina's area and kicked at Kibo's side.

Every attempt at a melee attack on Kibs resulted in him countering with a far more lethal attack. He let White kick at him, only to try and leave a huge gash on her leg. Tina was met with an attempted laser through the chest. Tina flew upwards when she saw the laser begin to move, and while White launched another kick, Tina fired a sonic scream from above.

Kibs vanished in a puff of smoke, trying to make White run into the smoke. If she did, the smoke would suddenly become a solid, trying to trap her and make her watch as he attempted to slash Tina in the back full force.

Meanwhile, Dragen removed his first limiter and flew towards Brutus, going to punch him in the face. The shark's chestplate skateboard transformed back into his legs, and he leapt, turning around to meet Dragen's punch with his tail and feet. The two attacks clash, and Dragen is thrown back, landing on his feet. He created several Plasma Missiles that hung in the air for a second before flying towards Brutus. The shark too, was thrown back from the impact, landing on his metal legs. Brutus, noticing that missiles were at him, pressed a button on the stub stick he was holding, and let it change into a spear. Waving it around, he began trying to dodge and slam some missiles the other way, getting hit by some as a result. While he's distracted by the missiles, Dragen covered his arm with energy and tried to shoulder barge Brutus.

Rudimentary tactics. Dragen thought. Ringmaster would be so proud.

Flung back, Brutus kept silent, his legs changing into a hoverboard chestplate to catch his fall. Letting it change back, the shark used his legs to boost at Dragen, about to do a roundhouse kick. Dragen was unable to defend himself and was knocked to the ground, the energy surrounding his arm vanishing.

Tremors began shaking through the ground, which might've thrown some of the attackers off. The sky also suddenly turned red.

White fell onto the ground mid-kick due to losing his balance, the tremors throwing him off. He fired flames from the soles of his legs to back off of Kibo, and Tina continued to aim her sonic scream at him.

Brutus fell on his tail, cursing at the lack of slippery ground. He then let his legs change into a chestplate hoverboard again, beginning to feel rather sick. Dragen also collapsed, before flying into the air to avoid the tremors. Brutus waited till the tremors stopped, before his chestplate changed into rocket boosters on each side of his tail. He shot into the air, landing on a high ground. Dragen flew towards him and tried to punch him in the face. Brutus caught his punch, and swung Dragen around, attempting to fling him over to the walls of the place.

Ikibih Bank

Link sprinted into the bank, carrying the sword he'd had on his back this entire time. Touching his bare finger to the handle, it hummed and displayed a white light. The sword itself had been used hundreds of years ago to seal away an entity that had a rather high body count... Link didn't need it to do that, just be usable as a weapon.

Vane dropped from a portal in the ceiling, carrying a blade as well. Unlike the broadsword her partner held, though, she had a simple katana. In another day, she would have carried two, but all she had now was her Light Chaos blade, which used her as a power source.

Reens followed behind them, her plasma cannon readied and an orb of water in her left hand. She also had a sword, though rarely used it anymore, and kept it in her home. "Darn... I should've brought it with me."

"Oh good, it's not just us." Link said.

Vane squinted, looking around. "It's... rather quiet."

"Hmm. A bit too quiet, if you ask me," Reens said in a slightly hushed tone. "That news reporter lady said this bank was being attacked, but we're by ourselves..."

”Oh good I caught up to you guys, my sense of direction feels all wrong since that portal spat me out.“ Chase said approaching the group.

In a bright flash of light, Lux arrived in his knightly armor with his giant blade. "I too, have arrived here. Where are our foes?"

"I think they're behind the counters." Link shrugged.

"Well, I guess we should investigate," suggested Chase.

However, upon further inspection, the bank wasn't empty at all. Like the other locations, there were lots of fire, and civilians ran amok. However, there were also large spikes of rock throughout the bank, chilly icicles, and random bursts of wind knocking innocents over. 

There were generally four factions of antagonists in the havoc; Kasai the Tiger was leading several other members who looked over him; it was clear he was their leader. All of his mooks, no matter the species, had grey coloration, and they assisted him in spouting fire all over the place.

Next was Khione the Lemur, whose lesser allies were all blue-colored. She was trapping civilians in blocks of ice,  and all of her backup gang members who just shooting ice shards everywhere.

Another leader of the gang was Brac the Lion, whose allies were all brown-heavy in appearance. He made strong, violent hand motions, and earth shot out of the ground, creating large rock spikes that trapped civilians in corners.

Finally, there was Feng the Fox, whose allies all had some sort of whitish appearance. She was the only leader to wield a weapon; she had a bo staff she swung around, and when she wasn't using that to batter enemies, she shot wind to knock people off of their feet.

"Wow, looks like quite the party we walked in on." Link said."I'm taking Fire Captain over there." He'd rush for Kaisai, doing his best to cyclone around his group to put out their fires. Kasai saw him approaching and put his leg out, trying to simply trip Link into the fires. Link would roll, placing the boots of his outfit in the flame, then propel himself upwards, out of the flame. Spinning his body, he'd brace his legs against one of the walls, then push off back at Kasai. Kasai made a circular motion with his hands, and a circle of fire appeared before Link. Link would curl up, spinning fast enough to push the fire out of his way with a buffer of wind as he moved.

"Huh. Looks like this punk's not afraid of getting burnt," Kasai noted before jumping. He flipped upside-down and shot flames at Link's back as he passed under him. Uncurling, Link stuck his foot up as Kasai went over him, trying to drag the fireproof boot across his opponent's chest in a kind of speed-kick. Kasai was hit, and he flipped over again before he landed on his hands. He did a sort of handstand-kick at Link, shooting fire at him. Landing on one foot, Link spun around, blowing the fire away from himself.

"God, you're persistent, punk!" Kasai exclaimed, releasing two slashes of fire and aiming them at Link. Link grinned, crouching and dashing forward. He would jump through the fire, emerging on the other side in a full-body kick. "What the-" Kasai was kicked and staggered back a distance. "What the hell is wrong with you? The boss never said you guys were super-powered! That's our thing!"

Kasai put his hands around his mouth and blew, and a fire whirl erupted from out of his mouth at Link.

"Pfft, superpowers aren't that rare, ya know!" Link used his scarf to tank the blast, tossing it to the side after as he got closer. He'd land in front of Kasai, then kick up, then down, then a spin, comboing his moves like a fighting game try-hard.

Kasai was hit by the combo and was knocked over before growling. "Err... you're just like that kid we fought four years ago, you trash." Kasai got up, and his arms lit on fire. "But I ain't going out too easy." Kasai charged at Link, throwing a punch to the gut with fiery arms. Link caught both punches, protected by the gloves he wore, then tried to pull Kaisai over his shoulder and slam him into the ground.

Before Link would pull Kasai, he threw his head forward in an attempt to headbutt, and the flames from his arms shot at Link's face. Moving faster, Link waved the fire away with one hand and then headbutted first. Their heads clashed, but Kasai seemed to be resilient; after headbutting, his knee shot up towards Link's chin.

The knee hit Link, and he spit up some saliva, but he managed to recover in time to throw a kick at Kasai's other leg, spinning as he did. Kasai simply stepped back to dodge, and then his arms lit up again. Kasai threw several punches at Link, fire shooting all around the area. Link ducked under the strikes, then backed up, running in a circle around Kaisai. If he tried to shoot fire, it would all be sucked up.

"You think you're clever, kid?" inquired Kasai. Fire was now outside Link's circle, and it closed in, possibly trapping him from all directions. Link sighed, and sped up. Once the fire got close to him, he'd jump, then blur as the fire went right through him and into the wind trap with Kasai. Kasai laughed maniacally; the fire stayed onto him, and it consumed his entire being... but he didn't look harmed.

Vane pointed at Feng. "I'll take them." She'd drop into the floor, re-appearing above one of the members' heads for a drop-down takeout. Feng appeared like the wind in front of the member, a blank expression on her face before she swiped left, bringing a massive gust of wind to Vane's side. Wherever Vane was thrown, another portal would pop up, and the Chameleon would re-appear right behind Feng, trying to drop kick her as the portal faded. Another blast of wind was shot upwards from underneath Vane.

Vane flew upwards gracefully, her tail wrapping around a support beam and holding her there. She'd move her hands around, placing a portal under a desk, and the other above Feng. Purely as a distraction, wooden dust would rain on the wind-user. Feng released a burst of wind in all directions, still silent and dispelling the dust. Then, she chopped her arms forward, and the wind released was so sharp the support beam fell right off. Then, Feng shot her fingers forward, and another sharp burst of wind was sent at Vane.

Another portal popped up in front of her, but no exit was seen. Vane had teleported to up in the scaffolding, sneaking around as she used to. Feng made an audible grunt. waving her hands and shooting wind in random directions in an effort to find Vane. While Feng knocked things around like a maniac, Vane would try to sneak up behind her, then place her katana in front of her throat. A bluff, for sure, but hopefully an effective one. "Move, and breathing won't be something you do."

Feng was still silent, and seemingly just to mock Vane, she hopped repeatedly in place, shuffling her body in no effort to escape and smiling. Vane sighed after a bit of this, keeping her blade in place but aiming a solid punch to knock Feng out and stop this nonsense.

If Vane punched, she'd find Feng having dissipated into wind while another gust of wind flew at Vane's back. Vane fell forward... into another portal, coming up in a random spot, then portalling once more. She would basically bounce all around the room, throwing random portals down. Feng grunted again and clasped her hands. Wherever Vane was, before she would fall into her next portal, wind would come behind her and pull her closer to Feng. Vane actually let her, waiting for just the right moment to drop a portal. The shimmering distortion would form right in front of Feng, while the exit was right behind her, but not to where she'd fall into the entrance. Vane would speed into the first portal, and come out behind Feng at full speed.

Feng wasn't able to notice, and she looked around, completely unaware. Vane would plow into Feng, her entire weight used in the kick, amplified by the wind being used to bring her closer, although Vane had redirected it. Feng was sent streaming through the air, still silent as her body went through rocks, flames and ice. Feng emerged from fire, and she conjured a ball of air before firing it at Vane's feet. Vane jumped, backflipping onto a nearby desk where she put her sword away for now.

"Is that your only trick?" She asked, a taunt... that was an actual question, to be honest.

Feng only sighed in response, and then she lifted her hands. Where Vane was standing, a mini-tornado formed, threatening to suck Vane in and sweep her up. Vane was tossed about like a toy, easily disoriented by the wind. She tried to open a portal, but every time she did, the wind would move her away from it. Feng smiled, and she dispelled the tornado a bit, launching Vane to a wall. Vane slammed into the wall, too dizzy to throw up a portal and attack from some other direction.

Feng's smile grew more malicious as she threw her hands down, attempting to slam Vane into the ground with another surge of wind. Vane faceplanted into the floor, and struggled to get back up.

Kasai glared at Link, still on fire, and geysers of flames erupted around Link. Link stopped, standing place for a moment. "Oh look, more fire." He would then notice Vane, dizzily getting knocked around by Feng. "You know, you stay here for a second, I gotta go help my girlfriend."

​​​​​A new burst of wind, not caused by Feng, would soar towards the wind-bender. Link had dashed over, and was aiming a spin kick at her stomach. "Hyaaaadoken!" The speedster would shout as a battle-cry.

Feng gasped and blocked the kick by putting her arm up. Then, she blew air form her mouth, releasing a massive whirlwind at Link. At the same time, Kasai fired a beam of fire at Link's back.

"Well, that's just rude." Link said, spinning as the whirlwind blew towards him. When he noticed the fire coming from the opposite way, he would out his hand to the ground, then push himself upwards inside the whirlwind and out of the flames' way. Vane wobbled around, safely away from the fight.

Feng looked at Kasai, and both of them nodded towards each other. Feng pulled her hands close to each other, creating a gust to pull Link to her. Then, Kasai jumped in front of Feng and fired another beam of heat at him. Link would promptly burst into flame, but still kept coming, putting one boot forward, which that and the gloves were the only thing not on fire.

Feng let out a noise of annoyance and lifted her hands, and underneath Link, a geyser of wind shot up, which would potentially launch him into the ceiling. Flying upwards, Link would pull a similar trick to what he'd done earlier, and wait until he touched the ceiling to push off, coming in again at top speed, curling up into a spiky ball.

"I'm taking the earth-bender," Reens replied, running towards Brac and coating herself in water, turning into an Aquatic Spindash. With her spinning, she fired her plasma blaster multiple times. Her plasma blasts would hit the rock spikes, attempting to shatter them.

"Oh, of course these guys have powers," Brac told himself as the rock spikes melted. He stomped his foot into the ground, and a thick wall of metal popped up before Reens, separating him and her as he tried to stop her from approaching.

Lux placed a hand onto the ground, a bright pulse of light spawning a small army of completely white, glowing Mobian figures. Lux pointed his blade forward, and the light Mobians began fighting the Kine Gang mooks. Lux himself kicked off the ground, quickly flying at Khione and trying to shield bash her.

"God, you all just love picking fights you can't win, don't you?" asked Khione. She created three ice spikes in front of her, and she fired them directly at Lux.

Lux let out a small kiai, pure air pressure causing the spikes to go off course. He swung his massive sword towards her wrist, of all places. Khione created an ice glove around her hand and caught the sword, a cold glare in her eyes as she looked to Lux. She began to apply extreme cold to the sword in an effort to freeze it.

"You disgust me." He tried to slam the top of his shield into her chin while she was looking him in the eye. Khione moved her head to the side and released a sound of annoyance before putting her hand out. A giant icicle extended from it, threatening to stab Lux. Lux disappeared in a puff of white fog, appearing behind Khione and trying to run her through the middle of the spine.

He'd only break ice, and Khione flipped to the side, dodging it. Three ice spikes rose out of the ground near Lux, which would trap him if he didn't move. Lux unleashed a massive burst of light energy, attempting to shatter the makeshift prison.

The shards shattered, but then they twirled and pointed themselves at Lux, closing in on him again. They were put to a halt by his newly generated force-field. Khione clapped her hands, and a cold force began to chill inside the force field. It was clear this took concentration, but if the force field stayed up, Lux would eventually freeze, and if he set it down, the shards would home in on him once again.

Looking at all the chaos was one gang member who stuck out from the others; a ten-year-old purple hyena with black highlights wearing a magenta shirt with a yellow lightning bolt on it. "Hey, I'm second in command, why's nobody after me! I can help!" Volt the Hyena locked eyes with Chase, and he began to glow with yellow lightning.

"Hey, you, wolf! Fight me!" Volt challenged, pointing at Chase.

”Well, kid let’s see what you got.” Chase replied as he entered his battle stance.

Volt's electricity are went to his finger, and he pointed at Chase again before releasing it in the form of a lightning bolt.

Chase took the bolt and let out a painful roar, as the lightning refracted releasing smaller bolts wildly off his body. he began to focus the sparks running around his body as he took in a deep breath. Ok took some recoil there, not the brightest idea. Chase thought to himself. The now electrified Wolf stomped a black boot forward before dashing at his opponent. 

Volt ran at Chase as well, jumping to try and perform a flying kick to the stomach. Chase saw the Hyena and attempted to dodge by leaning on his right to drop into a roll. Volt flew over Chase and recovered by flipping, turning around and shooting a yellow wave of lightning at Chase's back.

Chase moved his head and caught a glimpse of Volt in the corner of his eye. In a instant he planted his hands and pushed off the ground with his feet leaping out of the way of lightning strike. Catching his balance Chase thought to himself Okay, clearly this is a young kid with a lot of power in his hands, from my experience he has to be arrogant. ”Okay you know how to point and shoot but can you actually fight?” he asked in a mocking tune.

"You tell me!" challenged Volt, running to Chase and throwing a hook for his cheek. Chase saw the punch and quickly raised his forearm to redirect the young Hyena’s blow. Volt missed, due to Chase's attack redirection, but he turned around and swung his fist sideways at Chase's hip.

Reens slammed right into the wall of metal, disorienting her for a moment as she regained her balance. "Neat trick," she complimented before turning into another spindash. This time, Reens would try to act as a buzz-saw, trying to cut the wall in half. "Thanks! I needed to sharpen my quills!"

Reens' spindash broke through the metal wall, leaving Brac in surprise. In retaliation, Brac summoned two boulders out of the ground and kicked them at Reens, trying to throw her off-guard.

After coming out of her spindash, Reens took a moment to compose herself before catching one of the boulders with a whip of water, throwing it back at the lion. The other boulder hit her in the chest, but she had her plasma blaster in front of it, which took the brunt of the hit. Winded, Reens crushed the second boulder before a soft golden light began to cover her. 

Brac spun around, and the boulder began to twist. Then, he shoved his hands forward, and the boulder began heading to Reens at top speeds, nearly catching fire with the short distance it was traveling.

Raising her arms up, Reens tried her best to brace for impact. The boulder, with its increased speed and heat, slammed right into Reens' body, sending her thrown backwards with it. The resulting impact caused her to slam straight into a wall. Afterwards, Reens cracked the boulder in two, the golden light still covering her body and slowly healing her injuries.

"Just my luck," Brac reacted grumpily before punching forward. A whole desk in the bank was thrown at Reens as soon as she cracked the boulder.

"Oof," Reens exclaimed, the desk slamming her into the wall again, breaking her concentration. She was pinned, and pushed the heavy desk with her arms, trying to get it off of her. The effort of fighting Brac had weakened her arm strength somewhat, so it was slow going. Brac smirked and walked to the desk, kicking it to increase the weight on Reens.

Huffing, Reens grunted and pushed harder, slowly getting up and moving the desk. The wood began to splinter and crack. Brac sighed. "Of course, I doubted I was strong enough to win anyway..." Brac created a rock spear and flung it at the desk.

Ducking her head, the rock spear struck the desk as Reens was finally able to break it apart. Picking herself up, Reens regrouped herself. Grunting, Reens shook it off and prepared to rush at him again. Brac pulled his hand close to him, and the rock spear returned to his hand. Brac charged at Reens, stabbing forward with it. Reens charged him back, tackling him, the spear barely missing her chest. 

Brac was tackled, and he hit the ground with a THUMP! He growled before slamming his paw onto the ground, and a column of earth rose from under Reens, threatening to smash her against the ceiling.

"Whoa!" Reens rose up, then threw a puddle on the ground, and another puddle onto the column. She was gone for a moment, 'teleporting' through the two puddles. Appearing behind Brac, Reens huffed. "Heh, first time I tried that."

"...of course she comes up with new powers," Brac complained to himself, turning around and shooting a column of rock from his hand and trying to pin Reens against the wall.

Tremors began shaking through the ground, which might've thrown some of the attackers off. The sky also suddenly turned red.

Losing her footing, Reens tried to block the column of rock with a wave of water, falling backwards as she did so. "Whoa! What's with the earthquakes, huh?"

She succeeded, and the rock column separated into various shards before firing themselves at Reens' feet.

Because of the sudden earthquake, Kasai and Feng tripped over, getting them out of Link's way and leaving Link to crash on the ground. Link caught himself with his hands, then dashed over to Vane, covering her in case anything fell from the earthquake.

Feng created a whirl carrying her and Kasai, and the whirl shot a ball of explosive air towards Link and Vane. Link stood up, then picked Vane up and ran a few feet away. "No, that's not allowed."

"Too bad, kid. We rule the streets, we don't follow what's 'allowed,'" shot back Kasai as he and Feng punched forward, sending two separate fire whirls towards the couple.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure your playground is real nice." Link said, vanishing from sight. He set the recovering Vane away from everything, then went to go get his scarf and sword back from where they were sitting. He'd come from Kaisai's side, swinging the blunt edge of his sword at the hot head. Kasai was knocked off of Feng's whirl to the side, and Feng retaliated, shooting a sharp burst of air at Link's back. Link would get knocked forward some, then spin around, changing hands and spinning the blade fast enough to divert the wind gust.

Vane, now recovered, would portal behind Feng and try to clock her in the head with the metal handle of her blade. Kasai saw this from the ground and punched forward, sending a storm of flames heading towards Vane as soon as she portal-ed behind Feng. Vane would sigh, grabbing Feng instead, pulling her into the path of the fire blast and safely falling back through the portal before closing it. Feng clapped, sending the two bursts of fire homing in on Link while Kasai ran at him. Vane would portal up a few feet away from Feng, and motion for her to attack.

Feng threw her hands up, and wind shot out in all directions, threatening to slam Vane against the ceiling. Vane threw a portal at the ceiling, coming up right next to Feng, once again using the momentum given to her in an upwards kick to the Fox's chin. This time, Feng was the one sent to the ceiling, and she bounced off of it, vulnerable. Deploying yet another portal, Vane would come out in mid-air where Feng was, planting a foot in her stomach in order to drive-kick her to the floor.

Vane and Feng crashed into the floor, with Feng on the damaging end. Then, she blew forward, shooting strong whirls of wind at Vane. Vane threw out a portal in front of herself, which the wind flew into. The other end came up behind Feng, and although the portal did purify the air, the momentum it carried wouldn't be dispelled. Feng's head and fur blew forward violently, and winds began to eject from Feng in all directions, shooting off everywhere. Vane jumped, ducking under the last desk that hadn't been smashed, disentigrated, burnt or blown away to hide from the windstorm.

Link sidestepped the fire, and brought his sword up while dashing at Kasai, hoping to bonk him in the head. Kasai tried zoning Link around, swiping his limbs in all directions with punches and kicks, sending several thick waves of fire at Link. Link backed up at the sight of the flame, then held the sword out in front of him before slashing forward with it. The sword's glow increased, and the waves of flame split down the middle. "Kid, this blade was made to handle elemental attacks."

"Who do you think you're calling 'kid,' punk?" asked Kasai rudely, still blasting wave after wave of fire.

"You, I thought it was pretty clear." As he split one of the waves, Link would quickly dash towards Kasia, bringing the sword up in another attack, but with the blade side this time rather than the blunt. Kasai began to do something to his hand - melting it?! - that gave it a magma-like appearance, and then he grabbed the sword, looking kike he hadn't taken any damage. 

"Kid, I'm going easy on you. Don't push your luck with me anymore if you want a chance at survival in this world." Kasai pulled the sword forward, trying to punch Link in the cheek in response. Link ducked sideways but was still struck in passing. He released his grip on the sword, then jumped onto it, putting his entire weight on the object and spin kicking for Kasai's face with his hand holding him up like a breakdancer.

"Really? You've been going easy on me? Man, that's nice of you." Kasai took the kick and growled, throwing Link's sword to the side before it was blasted away by one of Feng's stray gusts. Kasai ejected fire from his feet and elbows, allowing him to fly.

"I'm giving you a chance to run, twerp," warned Kasai.

"Kid, all I do is run." Link grinned, crouching in place.

"Your funeral," confirmed Kasai, his body being completely consumed by flames once again before shooting off towards Link like a rocket and shooting thick waves of fire directly at Link. The Lynx closed his eyes, and dashed forward as fast as he could go, shattering the sound barrier after two steps. A tunnel of wind preceeded him, punching a hole through the massive flame wall. Once close to Kasai, Link would kick upwards, then downwards, then a spin in mid-air with a set of chambered kicks to his chest before finsihing up with a flip kick back down to a standing position.

Kasai hit the ground, and the flames around him began to die out, and grey flames began to shoot out... only for Feng to jump near him and pat his shoulder, and the grey flames dissipated. Feng grunted, pointing at Vane while looking at Link.

Vane ran over, sensing the fight was over, carrying the Daybreak Blade but careful not to touch the handle so it didn't zap her. Link took the sword, sheathing it and took Vane's hand.

Getting up, Reens rubbed her backside gently, checking her tail. "Whew, nothing broken. So is this earthquake thing gonna be constant or what?"

The earthquake ended immediately after she said that, and Brac fell onto his stomach, leaving him vulnerable.

Walking over to him, Reens stood in front of him, then bent down. "Ya know, I could totally beat your butt right now if I wanted to, but... I'm not going to," she told him with a slight smile. "Besides, you're already vulnerable enough. Might as well leave you with some dignity."

"...of course she assumes I have the option," Brac muttered under his breath. If Reens didn't move, her legs would be trapped in rock and connected to the ground, preventing her movement.

Reens walked a little bit away, aiming her plasma blaster at him. "That doesn't mean I'm gonna let you up and let you beat up my partners, though. Fat chance."

Seeing Khione's plan, and quickly piecing it together, Lux kept up the forcefield and warped out. He kept a light illusion out, trying to trick her into thinking he was still in there. He appeared behind her, trying to stab her shoulder whilst she was concentrating. The earlier earthquakes moved Khione slightly, and though he drew blood, it immediately froze. Then, ice spikes rose diagonally upwards around Khione, looking like a defensive technique.

Wild Wind Village

After a few more seconds of conversation and idle chatter, Terra would stop suddenly, and Kennedy would stop flying also while Schnee stopped riding. Terra looked at the area in front of her. "Welcome... to the Wild Wind Village."

By this point in time, the ground was now sandy, almost dusty, with little grass or flora, and whatever grass was there was dead. In front of them, there was a village with several facilities, most of them made of bricks, and some straw huts. There were small, modest ones that families stayed in, and longer ones used for hospitality and schooling and the like. All of the villagers were cats of some sort; some of them lions, some tigers, some normal cats.

Terra walked the group inside, and upon entering, they'd see it was in pristine condition; there was a fountain in the middle of the village, children running around with toys, the elderly were in wheelchairs... but there was one oddity in the village that stuck out rather obviously. A large, titanium building with flashy lights and tinted windows was just to the right of them. "Alright, make yourselves at home," said Terra.

"Ken and I will head to my lab," Schnee informed the group, pointing to the building that was standing out. "It shouldn't take me too long to recalibrate and readjust the Realmmobiles. Aw, dammit, I've gotta come up with a better name than that!" Schnee exclaimed this and stomped her foot.

Kennedy smiled to himself watching Schnee, beginning to levitate over to the lab...  when giant shards of ice surround the group of seven, nearly stabbing Kennedy as he grunted and flipped backwards in midair, landing near the group. The ice shards became more vertical and began to get closer to each other, threatening to completely block the group from escape.

Marcee jumped between the shards and eventually managed to get over them, landing on the other side and out of the encroaching trap that was blocking the others.

Raindrop let her powers loose, flooding her body with chaos energy. "I'm gonna try and smash through the ice." She would say to the others, crouching for a sprint.

Ishvy reacted on autopilot, holding his hands out as Prismions practically flooded into what looked like translucent yellow circles around his hands, solidifying photons into a pair of cutlasses. They weren’t really decorated, and from the looks of it the blades seemed to be made of a material that was seemingly analogous to steel itself. Ishvy would flourish these cutlasses before nodding to raindrop. “Do you require any assistance?”

"It seems like simple ice, should be easy enough to cut it down to size," said Kennedy before grunting. He held his arm up, and it glowed before transforming into a purple energy armblade that he swung at one part of the ice trap, cut it down and allowing him to jump out. Schnee followed him, and Terra attacked a different part of the ice, allowing her escape.

Ishvy would simply shrug, Kennedy probably wasn’t wrong. Seeing the other cut through it only reinforced what he had said. So rather than cut it; he would simply follow after Terra. Choosing to take one of the already made holes rather than waste time cutting his own path out.

Raindrop sighed sadly, and jumped through the opening, dumping her current charge of energy.

Kibs calmly exhaled, his arms growing full infernos on them. "I haven't gotten to let loose in quite a while!" He threw his hands forward, launching massive flames at the wall of ice, likely melting it quickly.

With sizzling flames, sounds of cutting and punching, and other fantastic sound effects, the ice shard trap was broken down in no time by the heroes. The ice either disintegrated and broke and fell to the ground, allowing the seven a good view of what was giving them trouble. However, within a few seconds, they'd see that it wasn't a what... it was a who.

The sound of a jetpack blasted through the air, and Kennedy, Schnee, and Terra all looked up. Kana was floating down with flames ejecting from her legs, allowing her to descend slowly. She was adjusting her arm, which was in a cannon formation similar to one you'd find Mega Man using. After a few seconds, it configured back into an arm, and Kana landed on the ground, emotionless. 

Schnee looked the robot up and down, her eyelids curved to show obvious confusion. "Hey... a blue hedgehog with ice powers wearing pretty much the same outfit you guys showed me in the pictures..." Schnee pondered it. "But you guys never told me she was a robot! The hunt for this 'Alexia' girl would've been a lot easier if you told me that in advance, trust me." It was clear in Schnee's posture that she vaguely recognized the robot... but Terra's stance was even more frazzled.

Though she'd shown pride and fierceness thus far, Terra's hairs stuck up and bit, and she shivered. "N-No... no!" Terra's palm went to her head, and her shuddering only increased. "Alexia... what- what happened to you?! Who did this to you?!"

"Alexia? Name not recognised," Kana replied, shaking her head. "Future victims seem to recognise self, and memory files of victims have been found. Must prevent them from allowing self to be distracted by Creator's mission."

"Creator?!" Terra yelled, both of her hands on her head. She was beginning to work up a bit of a sweat, and she paced back and forth. This action from the village guardian was able to attract quite a number of villagers, and a crowd soon began to gather, watching the robot stare down the seven heroes.

"Alexia, don't be hostile," suggested Kennedy. He'd gulped several times throughout the conversation, but he had finally regained his wits. "I'm not sure who did this to you, but we can assist in seeking justice. Just... stay... calm..." Kennedy began to slowly approach Kana, one foot after another in a slow motion. 

Kana's robotic eyelids lowered, and her eyes momentarily changed to a glowing red color. "Dangerous energy level detected. Absurd signatures of Chaos Energy radiating off of victim who was found in memory files. Termination process begun."

"Termination?" Kennedy asked, looking at Kana confused. "Alexia, don't be absurd-"

Kana's eyes changed back to their blue, and she threw her hand forward in a rising motion. A small ball of cryokinetic energy was fired from her palm and high speeds, hitting Kennedy in the chin. As soon as it made contact, Kennedy's head was frozen entirely in ice... but only for a few seconds. The ice glowed purple for a bit before shattering, spraying harmless shards everywhere that Terra and Schnee avoided.

Kennedy glared at Alexia. "Alexia... I've never seen you throw an attack in your life. Who-"

Kana threw her hands forward, and a series of ice shards began to pop out of the ground, moving to Kennedy's position in a cluster. Kennedy barely had any time to react, and he was hit by them, sending him flying through the air and landing close to a couple of civilians.

It was at this time Terra grimaced and remembered her duty. As Kennedy was flying back to the group, she ran around the village. "Everyone, return to your homes!" yelled Terra, appearing as a yellow blur to onlookers. The villagers took her warnings seriously, and within a matter of seconds, panic broke out within the village with everyone running back to their living areas.

Kennedy cracked his neck, and Terra ran back to the heroes. Schnee let out an awkward, nervous giggle. "Hey, Ken... I think we should head to the lab. She's outnumbered seven to one, but it's really important we get the teleporters reworked, so..." Schnee grabbed Kennedy's arm, and he nodded at her before he flew with her to the lab. 

Kana kept her lifeless glare on them. "Proceeding termination." Her arm transformed into a cannon, and she fired another whitish burst of cryokinetic energy at them, but Terra dashed to it before it could land and swatted it away, leaving her arm frozen in ice that was shaken off of her within seconds.

"A-Alexia..." Terra gulped. "I see you're not thinking. This isn't your choice..." Terra paused. "But I can't let you harm the village you - the real you - swore to protect." Terra got into a fighting stance. 

Kana got into a stance as well, and a blue portal opened behind her, where three more of Kana's associates would enter the battlefield from.

Kibs was already experiencing a blinding rage, despite knowing it wasn't his Alexia, it filled him with a white rage to see her like this. That rage multiplied when Tenebris exited the portal. Kibs was soon engulfed in a massive aura of thick white flames, the only visible feature of him being two glowing blue circles that replaced his eyes.

The second to exit the portal was someone that Ishvy hoped to god wouldn’t be here. Turns out that god literally was not on his side. Because Locar stepped out with a hum in his step. His eyes widening in recognition crossed with absolute malicious glee upon seeing Ishvy. “Ohhh, you’re back too; it’s like a reunion..~!” Locar hummed, twirling his staff before lightly tapping Kana’s shoulder with said staff. A silly gesture, but one meant to inject a script into Kana that, if accepted, should add a slight twist to her ice attacks.

Curled up into a ball, a thorny devil bounced out of the portal after Locar, landing on all fours in a scorpion-like position. "Sounds like we got the most powerful one," Raidon mumbled to Locar. His sclera turned blood red in the blink of an eye, and vanished as soon as Raidon's eyelids met again. "Looks like we're outnumbered. Anyone wants to shoot first in this Mexican standoff?" He darted his eyes left to right, eyeing everyone in the area.

Terra grunted. "Tch. Nuisances," she muttered to herself. Mere seconds would pass, and Terra disappeared; a little bit after that, she'd appear slightly above of Raidon, preparing a kick. Terra threw her leg towards Raidon's cheek, attempting an empowered attack.

Locar on the other hand chose to lunge towards Kibo, letting out a joyous battle cry as he attempted to thrust the seemingly normal staff at Kibo; a black Prismionic circle materializing over the golden snake headpiece for a split second before the snake was ignited in a spiraling torrent of black fire; flames that purposefully had a large spread, so as to intentionally set fire to the most likely flammable huts of the village.

Despite his thick skin (it was kinda hard to feel with it), Raidon felt a breeze to his side, noticing one of the heroes were gone. From the corner of his eye, a foot came into sight. Raidon chuckled, simply giving Terra his back full of spikes. The thorny devil stepped forwards, laying his tail flat on the ground, near where he predicted Terra to strike.

Terra didn't see the spikes coming, and her leg was spiked (no pun intended) just barely, sending her sprawling to the ground. Terra landed on her hands and jumped back onto her feet before shooting off towards Raidon again, seemingly aiming a punch to his face.

Kibs used his own control over flames to divert the black fire, followed by an omni-directional pulse of Aether to fend away the residual darkness. His head snapped to face Locar. "Fine. You first, it is." Kibs flew at Locar at top speed, going for a deck to the face.

Tenebris looked around, recognising the faces of Kibo and Terra and scoffing. "Every universe has those two, don't they. How annoying." He settled his gaze on Ishvy, and decided that was going to be his target. He instantly appeared in front of him, slicing at him with his massive sword.

”So brash~! So bold! This is going to be great~!” Locar spoke while moving with his off hand to grab Kibo’s wrist, shifting his footing into a left facing stance so that if he was successful in grabbing Kibo’s extended arm by the wrist. Locar would immediately disrupt the flow of Kibo’s movement by forcibly bending the wolf’s wrist downward followed by his arm while simultaneously flipping his grip on the staff and attempting to slam the bottom of his staff into Kibo’s liver.

Kibs responded by grabbing the staff with his other hand, and attempting to fire a small beam from his pupils into Locar's. After that, he'd start forcing his wrist back up through brute strength and manipulating the Aether around it. "You're irritating."

Locar simply grinned, tilting his upper body backwards to allow the eye lasers Kibo fired to just narrowly miss the man. Likely searing off his eyebrows yet doing very little else. Yet despite the loss of such magnificent eyebrows Locar did not despair; for his physical strength was nothing to sneeze at even against Kibo’s Aether powered state. Going with the flow, he allowed Kibo’s wrist to slide back up while sliding his left knee in between Kibo’s legs before suddenly jerking said knee upwards for a swift strike to the gonads.

Thanks to Kibs' enhanced reaction speed, he was able to catch Locar's knee with his free hand. He launched a powerful omni-direction wave of Aether-amped winds to try and force Locar off.

In terms of forcing Locar off of him, Kibo actually succeeded. As he had chosen to back off; though his staff seemed to have a will of its own as it injected a series of small Prismion Scripts into Kibo's Aether-Amped winds. The scripts themselves were unlike Lorenzo's or Ishvy's as it seemed to be fundamentally chaotic, disorganized. The opposite of order, however when they were injected into the winds; it's property would take effect. Changing the flow of the omni-directional wind from outwards to inwards in an attempt to essentially immobilize Kibo.

This would allow Locar a brief moment to twirl his staff, producing a flicker of black flames in an overly showy manner before beginning the process of casting a wide scale command over the village itself. One that would ignite every non living flammable object inside the village ablaze with Locar's black flames if the command was not stopped. The indication of this wide scale command was the opaque black Prismatic Circle that would suddenly appear over the village, it's approximate height a few feet taller than the tallest structure in the village itself. Kibs reversed the winds again, promptly flying off.

Ishvy reacted on pure instinct, feeling the sudden displacement In the air when Tenebris appeared in front of him so suddenly. He would cross both cutlasses together like an ‘X’ and block the strike. Though the weight behind the strike forced Ishvy to dig his heels into the dirt lest he be pushed back. Upon the clashing of blades, Ishvy’s cutlasses would emit a sudden, blinding flash of light. Though Ishvy himself seemed unaffected by the flash there was a good possibility that Tenebris would not be expecting it and would likely be disoriented. If that was indeed the case then Ishvy would use the precious few seconds he had to move towards Tenebris’ right side and attempt to thrust one of his cutlasses underneath the male’s ribcage.

Tenebris responded by disappearing into a puff of smoke, reappearing behind Ishvy and attempting run them through with a spike of black and purple energy. Whether that hit or it didn't. Tenebris would a purple, chain like material from the ground, sending them towards Ishvy to try and wrap around him. If they did, they'd start to squeeze. Hard.

Ishvy didn’t remain in one place, choosing to pivot a full one eighty degrees on his back foot before leaping backwards, likely avoiding the spike itself; chucking one of his cutlasses at Tenebris in a wide arc; the cutlass would likely spin in a circular rotation for a few seconds before it was covered in a shell of hard light; essentially becoming a rotating buzz saw headed towards Tenebris. As for the chain, Ishvy would likely attempt to see about cutting through it with his one remaining before it was wrapped taut around him.

Tenebris scoffed, disappearing into fog once again. He appeared high in the sky, going full boss battle mode, and throwing out dozens of huge crystal spikes down at him.

Seeing as Tenebris kept escaping into fog, the only logical conclusion for Ishvy was to prevent such an escape. So when he next appeared; Ishvy struck; channeling Prismions into a script, Hard Light actually materialized around Tenebris nigh instantaneously in the form of a cube; a cube that was rapidly shrinking. However that alone would not be sufficient, as he recalled fighting something called Verzleinir who could effuse himself through the hard light box due to the dual wave emission of photons preventing the box from being solid enough to prevent effusion.

However, he also applied a second set of commands simultaneously to the formation of the cube itself thanks to his second Precept; that being the manipulation of solar energy. Materializing a miniature sun inside the box itself to provide the necessary heat. The purpose of this was two fold, an attempt to force Tenebris to enter his fog state in order to try and escape the cube. Should he attempt to do so, the rapid compression plus the intense heat of a miniature star would end up Ionizing the gaseous form, resulting in the gas form being forcibly changed into the fourth state of matter.. That being Plasma. Of course, this all honestly depended on two factors, one, Tenebris actually being trapped in the cube and two, his method of transportation being turning into gas and moving around rather than teleportation. If either of those two were not the case then it was guaranteed that this attack would fail, resulting in Ishvy practically reaching his Prismion count. Regardless, all of this was done while dodging and weaving through the barrage of crystal shards

Tenebris was completely spiked to the ground, a furious Aether Kibo flying after him. Kibo's aura doubled in size, and there were ten blade-sized claws protruding from his aura in place of his finger claws. His toe claws had become the size of daggers, and he began completely beating down Tenebris, with a feral style of attacks.

Raidon widened his eyes, taking Terra's punch to the face. His head reeled back in pain, while his tail swooped in, about to latch onto Terra's arm. The thorny devil stood up, whipping his tail back to yank Terra's hand backwards if he didn't miss. Terra sidestepped Raidon's tail, moving forward and making motions like she was going to make another jab to the face, and then a right hook. The thorny devil closed his eyes and turned the horns on his eyelids facing Terra's arm, bracing himself for the impact.

Terra felt proud; this was exactly the type of situation she'd been hoping to take advantage of. Terra retracted her arm and instead spun around, performing a reverse roundhouse kick to Raidon's neck. If that landed, Terra would spin around again and use the momentum to kick down at Raidon's legs. The thorny devil took the hit to his neck, and from there on out, he felt blood pulsing from his blood vessels. As he was knocked down, Raidon grumbled. So far, his thick skin numbed the pain, but he still had to let his mind come up with a better tactic. He had no fancy powers to depend on - leaving only his reptilian skin, spikes and his senses.

Terra, after landing her combo blows, ran to Raidon, skidding to a stop. "I don't know what you did to my sister-in-arms," Terra began, her fists clenched tightly. "But if you do not turn her back, I will show no mercy. Turn her back now!"

"And you're assuming I have any powers to do so?" The thorny devil stood up, cracking and ripping the spikes away from his elbows. "I'm just a summoned puppet, buddy. I can't act inappropriately." Raidon lunged at Terra, putting up his arms in front of him in an 'X'.

"What a strange confession," Terra admitted, bending over backwards and going onto her knees to go underneath Raidon. "Are you... working for someone?" The thorny devil snorted in response, turning into a ball and speeding his fall, aiming for Terra's stomach. Blood leaked out of his elbow, sliding off of his arms and falling to Terra's knees.

If only there was a wound there, Raidon groaned in thought.

Terra boosted herself up with her hands, flipping backwards in just enough time to dodge Raidon's drop. Then, she ran to him, attempting to kick him in the back.

"You sure?" Raidon chuckled. "Back has spikes too, ya know?" He threw the spikes he was holding towards Terra, repositioning himself where he could see her eyes, and blinked. Raidon's scleras turned blood red, and a liquid (supposedly blood) was shot, aimed for her eyes. Then, he scurried over to Terra's back, jumping and attempting to do a homing attack.

Terra's leg got scratched, but it also blocked the blood shot at her. When Raidon was in range, at just the last moment, Terra used that same leg to try to kick Raidon away.

Grunting, Raidon spiralled away, his vision coming back to him. The thorny devil came back into a scorpion motion, all his spikes erect. Terra made a stance, waiting for the devil to make a move. In a second, his eyes were red again and blood was shot at Terra, while Raidon lunged at her legs, attempting to tackle her and stab her using his spikes. Terra simply moved to the side before approaching his back, looking like she was about to punch him in his blind spot. She disappeared, his mind warned. Once she moved, Raidon followed a second after, shooting blood out of his eyes again, before lunging at Terra and doing a jump followed by a spiky tail slap on her side.

Terra easily dodged the lunge by flipping backwards, leaving Raidon to fall on the ground. "Alright, I'm through with the games. Turn my friend- no, my sister back, or I'll start taking this seriously!"

“Oh..? You mean you weren’t taking this seriously before..?” Came the ever so sinister voice of Locar as a gout of black flames surged through the air towards Terra. The spread was wide and these flames hungered for fuel, spreading towards buildings and homes with ravenous intent. If Raidon didn’t move there was a good chance that he might get caught up in the blaze.

"Go ahead think what you like. I don't have any knowledge on machines, big cat," Raidon answered smoothly. He stood his ground, saving himself by turning into a ball last second. "Kana is just Kana, so drill that to the side of your head, will ya?" He then turned around, taking a glance at Locar before leaping out of the way of the flames.

Now, the reason he joined in was because Kibo has basically left Locar in favor of fighting Tenebris; and with him feeling slighted. he decided to intrude on one of his compatriots fights in order to vent his frustration out on their opponents. The fact that there was a village also spurred some old memories. Memories of fire and burning homes, who was Locar to deny his fire the fuel it craves. It served his purpose, so the village would burn.

Raindrop charged up her right leg, jumping upwards and orienting herself to strike Kana. She had never met Alexia, only heard about her, so she may have been a bit... harsh with this first kick. Kana put her left arm up to block the blow before turning her arm into an arm cannon and aiming it at Raindrop.

"Initiating combat," she said before firing a violent stream of water at Raindrop's face. Marcee tried to kick Kana in the back, hoping to knock her off balance so the steam misses Raindrop. Marcee's clever sneak attack worked, and Kana was momentarily stunned, leaving her open for another attack.

Raindrop, now wet, rushed forward, bringing her leg out to trip the robot. "Aaaand that's for getting me wet!" She'd shout if she succeeded, a rather silly battlecry.

Kana jumped, dodging the blow, before putting her hand out, and the water that was on Raindrop's body would freeze into ice. It didn't really do anything aside from chill her, and she threw a trio of punches this time at the walking ice machine. Kana used her arms to block Raindrop's attacks, and after the third punch Kana manifested arm spikes made of ice and threw an uppercut towards Raindrop's chin. Using that power she had employed for punches, Raindrop would catch Kana's forearm before she could hit her and try to shatter the ice-glove.

The ice shattered, but then it turned into water and fused, making an appearance like a whip. Without making motions, the water whip lashed at Raindrop's side. Raindrop would catch the whip, then yank Kana towards herself before trying to clothesline her. Kana let go of the whip and threw her hands up, and a water geyser would erupt underneath Raindrop.

Raindrop flew upwards with a scream. When Raindrop was launched, Marcee tried to dropkick Kana in the back. Kana was launched forward, and she landed on her stomach before her body... turned into a puddle? Kana then rose from that puddle, and she aimed her triangular arm cannon at Marcee, firing cryokinetic energy at her legs. If any of them hit, Marcee's legs would be frozen in place. Marcee managed to flip and weave out of the way of all of them, before running at Kana. If she got in range, she would try to kick Kana in the chest.

Her kick landed, and Kana flinched a little before her irises focused on Marcee. Then, her hand was covered in ice, and she punched at Marcee's face.

Raindrop landed a few feet away, rubbing her head. Meanwhile, Marcee was knocked down by Kana's strike. Kana manifested two curved ice swords in her hands and threw them at Marcee, causing them to spin like Frisbees while homing in on Marcee. Marcee staggered to her feet and narrowly dodged under the first sword, but was sliced in the arm by the second. Kana blasted off towards Marcee, trying to grab her face. If she succeeded, then she'd continue to fly forward while dragging Marcee's face through the ground.

Seeing as Locar was now left without an opponent, Ishvy could let out a sigh of relief and plop down on the ground. He used up nearly all of his Prismion count and he felt uncomfortably hot.. Like on fire hot.. Oh wait he was.. Goddamnit..

Repositioning himself, the thorny devil stood a nice distance from the flames, leaping over to his free friend. "Hey Locar," Raidon called. "Might need your help." The thorny devil broke off some more of his spikes, holding it by the rounder part like daggers. "She keeps talking about Kana but Kana's just a robot - she's not taking a damn hint."

Terra's pupils dilated. "NONONONONO!" she yelled in desperation, running to the flames. She would go into homes and try taking villagers out of them with insane speed, speed unlike anything the duo'd seen before from her. By the end of it, though lots of the village was now ablaze, the villagers were safe, positioned outside the Wild Wind Village. Afterwards, Terra came blasting forward like a rocket, aiming a kick towards Locar's face.

Though Kana was still attempting her attack, for a split second, looking at the flames, her irises turned pink; however, they quickly returned to their blue. Marcee was caught by Kana's attack. She wrapped her legs around Kana's arm and tried to break it, not knowing if attacks that broke bones also worked for metal. She'd find herself struggling to make a dent in it, and seeing her struggle, Kana lifted her arm, stood up straight, and turned her hand into an arm cannon. Then, she fired water pumps from it to try and blast Marcee of off her. Marcee was blasted off and landed on the ground several meters away.

Locar’s grin couldn’t get any wider, he knew what he was doing. Getting Terra angry, destroying what was precious to her. To unbalance her, make her easy prey. Now he just needed to follow up. Shifting his posture slightly to avoid the kick while simultaneously sticking his arm out with his elbow bent slightly in an attempt to catch the feline in a sudden clothesline.

Terra was caught by Locar's physical trap. "Urk-"

A rush of Prismions, a gold colored Prismatic Circle and there was a pillar of gold in front of Locar; about seven meters tall and fifteen meters thick. Locar would carry forth his momentum and attempt to slam the back of Terra‘s head through the fifteen meter thick pillar of momentum by swinging his arm forward. “You know the best part about this, cat..? Is that burning villages, ensuring the population remains silent, organizing mass depopulations.. I’ve done it all many times, I would lie to myself and say I was doing it to end the wars that plagued my home. Honestly that was just drivel I told those whom had no choice but to follow my orders. Frankly, I did it because I had secrets I needed to keep.. This..? Burning your village? I did it to break your spirit..? You will kneel before me or I will ensure that not only this village is burnt to ashes but every man, woman, child.. Even their pets are reduced to ashes!”

Terra was slammed through the pillar, and she rolled onto the ground, bruised. "I will... never bow to a fool like you! I will protect my village, even if it costs me my own life!"

Kibs' beatdown on Tenebris continued, leaving him bloodied and battered in a massive crater, before Kibs sent out a gigantic beam of Aether that was roughly the size of an island. Thankfully, it was pointed away from the village. Once Tenebris was dealt with, his focus snapped to Locar. He blasted over to Locar, trying to slash through him. He used his fire manipulation to steal the flames that were burning the village, and threw them all towards Locar.

“How annoying..” Locar muttered, referring to Kibo interrupting his fun. Asserting control over Locar’s fire was one thing, but trying to use it as a weapon against him? That was just stupid, stupid equaled boring.. Kibo wasn’t fun at all, with a snap of his fingers. His own fire curved around him and flew back at Kibo; the flames providing ample cover to hide the injection of script into the composition of the flames; giving it more fluid properties.. Akin to that of water, thereby disrupting Kibo’s ability to control Locar’s Fire as for all intents and purposes; it was water.. Yet fire, a paradox. Still, if fire-water paradox did nothing to slow Kibo down Locar would simply move to the side at the last moment. Pivoting on his front foot and raising the back leg up for an attempted heel drop onto Kibo’s skull.

Kibs' movements were beyond fast, appearing as though he was snapping between positions. He blocked Locar's heel drop with his blade-length claws, trying to slash through his heel completely. At the same time, Terra came from behind, jumping up and sending a clawed fist flying at Locar's neck.

Tremors began shaking through the ground, which might've thrown some of the attackers off. It did affect Terra, who missed her attack and faceplanted onto the ground.

Locar didn't seem bothered when Kibo blocked the heel drop, his Aether Claws grinding against something for certain. However to what may have been Kibo's surprise, it was not flesh and it did not give way. It wasn't even the material of his foot wear. Rather, it seemed to have been some form of external armor that had not been there before. A raiment, or at least the partial deployment of one. It seemed to spread to the shins, resembling the ornate leggings of a general.. Or, a dragon's scales. Intricate with its carvings; yet the 'material' it seemed to be made of was supernaturally tough; which was a given as the Raiment's nature was metaphysical.

Though, admittedly, with one leg stable it was likely that Locar would have been affected by the earthquake had Kibo not unintentionally acted as support for the bottom of his heel. "Perhaps I was wrong, you are turning out to be an entertaining spectacle.." Locar spoke, applying more downward pressure with his heel. Though judging from Locar's expression he didn't seem to be applying much pressure. Yet why was it that the pressure he was exerting seemed disproportionate..? That is to ask, why was it that he was applying enough pressure to potentially shatter those claws, if not force Kibo into the dirt? There was no rush of Prismions, no circle.. Was this just physical strength? 

Raidon was on the ground, grumbling something about flight. He waited for the tremors to end, before lunging back at Terra, attempting to stab her leg or foot. When Terra got up and saw Raidon lunging at her, she kicked upwards, trying to nail him in the neck. If she did, she'd continue the combo by grabbing his head, shoving it onto the ground, and throwing his body at Locar. The thorny devil let his reflexes take over, swishing his tail to swerve his body away from Terra's kick. He let his hand stray and try to still stab Terra's foot whilst falling, however. Raidon then backflipped, getting away from Terra's range.

Terra leaned back with a SWISH!, dodging Raidon's hand and tail and then lookng like she was going to try to perform an uppercut to Raidon's stomach.

Locar, seeing the trouble Raidon was having, would have split his attention for a moment from Kibo. Sticking his hand out slightly he would place the palm of his hand on Raidon’s lower back. Specifically in the position where Terra’s stomach would be if Raidon was not obscuring Locar’s hand from view. Injecting errant scripts into the Prismion formation, Locar would have granted the resulting black flames that shot out of Locar’s hand the properties of a laser light; being directed radiation. For just a split second while maintaining the immense heat of the black flames. What this should do is punch and cauterize a clean hole through the spot Locar was touching before spreading outwards to completely engulf Terra at.. Well, point blank range.

Of course, this would all depend on whether Raidon was wary of friendly fire. Rather, he could feasibly avoid damage by rolling the moment he felt a buildup of heat. Though that may ruin Locar’s surprise attack.

With a twist of his head, the thorny devil saw Locar's hand and heat beginning to rise on his back. Raidon shot blood from his eyes at Terra once again, waiting till near the last second to get out of Locar's attack. Once he ducked, the reptile waited for Terra, whilst looking back and forth to see if Locar needed help.

However, Terra wasn't there in the first place; the flames hit the ground, and Terra slowly dissipated from sight. The real Terra was at the sides, looking at them. Tch. That one boy can overpower me easily. I'll have to use tactics to my advantage.

Raidon came back to Locar's side, thanking him for the help.

Locar simply yawned, covering his mouth and staring at Terra in unrestrained disinterest. “If running is all you can do, then I suppose my time is being wasted. If my time is wasted, then I suppose I’ll make up for lost time by ensuring a tragedy befalls your people.” Locar stated, before glancing towards the people Terra had rescued. Before the village was once again engulfed in a literal sea of fire; fire that seemed to burn everything it touched to the point where ashes didn’t even remain. Locar was going to ensure that not even the land would be suitable for rebuilding, all for the sake of leaving such an impact that his name and face would never be forgotten by Terra. “You should learn how to kneel before your betters girl.”

"I have connections. The village can be rebuilt." Terra had sheer determination in her eyes as she continued to glare at Locar. "I won't let you take the lives of my family. Not now, not ever! You already took Alexia, and I'm not going to let your desire to spread pain continue any longer!"

”... Eh..?” In all honestly, Locar actually looked a tad thrown off by Terra’s extreme determination. It showed on his face that he wasn’t expecting to deal with someone of immense willpower here. He honestly figured that if he did enough damage she would prostrate herself before him and beg. So the fact that it didn’t happen went against what Locar was thinking. He didn’t make another move, but the fact that he started to applaud Terra meant that he was pleased with her response.. That or he was mocking her, fifty fifty shot with how he had been handling things.

"Don't patronize me, murderer," threatened Terra, still standing her ground.

”Such willpower~!” Locar chuckled, the clapping of his hands ceasing in favor of spreading them wide apart. “Were you only a Prismite I might’ve kept you at my side as an advisor or a concubine.. Ah, but you would never understand the concept of Low War would you; dishonorable tactics first a dishonorable foe in Malakhia. But, I digress, are you going to do something aside from look threatening; I assume you know that you don’t stand a chance against me; so for your sake I hope you don’t mind a little conversation.. If not, well.. This isn’t the first time I ensured that entire populations were lost to the annals of history.” Locar hummed, glancing in the direction of the civilians Terra had rescued earlier with a close eyed smile; resembling more of a slithering serpent what should have been feasible.

Terra tensed up, and she seemingly teleported for about three seconds before returning to her same spot. She folded her arms, and if Locar looked, he'd see the villagers gone from where they were. "You're not sly," insulted Terra. "As if I'm going to trust a snake like you to have enough pride to not harm innocent bystanders. You make me sick."

As if a switch was flipped, Locar pointed a finger towards Terra. “No, it is you who make me sick you floundering inept! It is people like you who failed to see the truth that led to people like me! I tried it your way! But I could do nothing but despair as those sniveling ‘innocents’ grew fat and leeched off the succor my armies provided!! You dare speak of pride before me! Yet you are too weak to do anything to stop me! All you can do is run! Run and act defiant like that will somehow stop me you sniveling cur! Sister to Neterphos! Malakhian wench! Spawn of Almaliq! Bastard child of Ghenio! Weak! Disgusting filth who doesn’t even deserve the life of even the most wretched of lepers! You are nothing but filth! Cowardly trash who is worth less than the mud I spit upon, knave! Filthy cur! I bite my thumb at thee; depraved Churl! Not even worth the effort it takes to look upon! You will burn with the rest of their sons and daughters! A curse on your household for nine generations!!” Locar practically screamed; of course as his rage grew. His eyes began to bleed crimson. Fire died, and relit, worst of all. With every word he spoke, Locar advanced. Slowly, methodically; for a moment he was laid bare. A sniveling wretch of a man who once bled for ideals that, while misguided, were ultimately born of hope for a better tomorrow.

Terra got into a stance, ready for confrontation, and it was evident she wasn't taking any of his words seriously as she lowered her eyelids at him, resulting in a very insulting glare being shot at Locar. "I have no idea what you're talking about... and perhaps, under different circumstances, I would care. But not here." Terra frowned. "You've harmed my sisterly ally, and you came to my village with the intent to cause pain. If that is what you must do to seek you're worthless 'justice,' then just shut up! I will not let myself be talked down to by an attempted murderer!" 

Terra's fist clenched as she stayed in her stance. "It might be true that I don't measure up in terms of strength against you... but frankly, I don't care. The Flora Cats and the Wild Wind Village have far too much pride to merely bow down to someone like you!"

This prompted Locar to stop for a moment, as if pondering something for just a second. His wrathful sneer melting away, into a more serene smile. Yet one that was no less frigid than when he was calm. “... You almost had me there, your talk of pride almost got to me; but I remembered something.. Your pride, it doesn’t really matter when you die.” With that, Locar dashed forwards; his speed practically a blur even to someone like Terra. Yet it was a straight forward dash, no tricky movements as Locar attempted to thrust his free hand like a spear towards Terra’s gut. If successful, the speed at which he thrusted would allow for solid penetration through the skin, bone muscle; a full impaling.

Terra grunted in annoyance at his "comeback," but when she processed what he'd said, she readied up. Despite that, it was true; Locar's speed was too fast for her to simply blitz away like normal. I might not be fast enough to run away, or strong enough to retaliate with an attack of my own, but... Terra twisted her body around in the nick of time, dodging the potentially fatal stab and taking ahold of Locar's arm. Then, still spinning, Terra went to the back of Locar and tried kicking him in the back while simultaneously clutching his arm. If it landed, then Terra would attempt pinning him down, next.

Though she managed to grab a hold of his arm and throw a kick at his back, Locar instinctively crouched down low; shifting his center of mass forward as he forcibly dislocated the arm Terra grabbed. Allowing her attempted kick to sail over his head; taking a few strands of hair with it. Simultaneously, Locar would use his free arm to grab at Terra’s heel. If successful it was likely that Locar would focus the heat of his black flames into her heel in an attempt to liquefy the flesh down to the bone. Likely disrupting her ability to stand at the very least as her Achilles’ tendon would have been melted away if Locar had succeeded.

There is no good in this man whatsoever, thought Terra as she winced, some of the heat going to her heel. Terra began vibrating her body, and her leg phased right through Locar's entire body. Then, she attacked again, trying to land a swift kick against his rear.

To her credit, he wasn’t expecting her to vibrate and phase through his body like that. Widening his eyes slightly, the blow to his rear succeeded; though it was unlikely to break any bones or cause any serious harm by virtue of Locar’s own durability; still. Terra had a grip on his arm, so he used that to his advantage by pushing himself back against her for a sudden headbutt to the chin. Simultaneously popping his shoulder back into place. The attempt was twofold; to force Terra to let go of him and to stun her for just a brief moment so he could reassess the situation.

Terra was hit in the chin, but her grip on Locar's arm remained. Thinking quickly, she turned part of her body around and tried flipping Locar overhead by his arm and attempting to slam him into the ground. If she succeeded, and use her strength to flip him over and slam him into the ground again, and she'd repeat the attack until he broke out.

She managed to slam him on the ground the first few times, each slam likely shattering the earth below as a testament to Terra’s strength and Locar’s durability; however on the upward motion for the third slam Locar would rotate his wrist and grasp onto Terra’s arm. Specifically attempting to dig his fingers into the muscle in order to provide an excellent anchor for Locar. Simultaneously he would curl his legs up and swing them forward in an attempt to swing both of his feet for the bottom of Terra’s chin. If the blow was successful than Locar would wrench himself free as the force of the blow was more than enough to send Terra a few feet up into the air and give her a concussion based on how hard her brain rattled in her skull.

Though Locar's powerful blow hit and sent Terra skywards, she was sturdy enough to not be too affected by it, though she was damaged. Terra charged a spindash in midair and blasted off downwards, looking like she was attempting to slam directly onto Locar's head.

Locar couldn’t help the ghost of a smile, as the resultant conflict had shifted into hand to hand, he would have dropped his staff at some point. Luckily he had a good memory where and while the two were scuffling in hand to hand he had slowly positioned himself in front of the staff. Raising both arms, he covered them in the scales of his raiment to make it look like he was going to protect his head; while at the same time making a show of creating two black Prismatic Circles that covered his chest and back respectively. They were proper circles of course, and if Terra should make contact with either of them the immediate area would detonate in a conflagration of flames with equivalent power to the fire that raged across her village. Yet the true danger itself was the staff; hidden by the ground, Prismions gathered at the snake ornament of the staff that rested on the ground behind Locar; seemingly of its own will even. Should Terra make contact with the ground directly behind the staff, the trap would trigger, as Prismatic scripts would inject themselves into Terra and slowly attempt to transmute her into gold starting from the feet.

Locar's well thought-out plan would've worked... but Tera was nearly performing yet another one of her feints. As she dropped down, her spindash disappeared, and in front of Locar she stood with crossed arms, not making a move.

Locar just smiled in response, clapping his hands as if he was proud of Terra. “You’re pretty good at evasion you know, I was hoping you’d play into my hands but I suppose not.” He chuckled, briefly waving Terra off as he glanced at the combat between Kana, Marcee, Raindrop and Ishvy. “It’s a shame that the third Prismite was someone I killed once. You might’ve had a chance if it was Ranseith.”

"Humor me," ordered Terra, still glaring at the cobra. "What is a Prismite, or a Ranseith?"

”Ranseith..? He’s nothing but some no named garbage leading a group of four that managed to overcome me in my hour of triumph.. Though not without sacrifice, judging by the fact that one of your allies uses the Prismatic Arts to manipulate light and energy from the sun..? I can only imagine that Ishvati is here, fighting the metal golem.” Locar explained with a smile, staring at Terra with those malicious eyes of his. “I wonder how he’ll react when I tell them that all of his precious died to stop me~? Oh I had forgotten how much fun this level of schadenfreude could be!”

”As for Prismites.. Well, it’s what Ishvati, myself and a third one are.. Tell me, do you not notice anything unnatural about my abilities as we fought; it did not rely on an external or internal source of energy~” He hummed, oh he would love to spoil the surprise; but even he wasn’t arrogant enough to believe that Terra couldn’t figure out a way to hamper him if he spoke freely. He wasn’t stupid.

"...I can't say I've encountered many superpowered beings," admitted Terra. "But not relying on a source of energy..." There's no way he's not pulling from an existing source of power. If I can continue this long enough, he'll eventually run out; that's when I strike.

Locar just unfurled his arms; kicking his staff into the air and catching it with a lazy smirk. “Any more questions, I’m humoring you now because I’m in a chatty mood; best not to waste your opportunity~” Of course, he also stretched his arms wide, purposefully leaving himself open for attack.

"If you can keep up," Terra responded, vibrating yet again. "I don't need to waste time with you, Kennedy and Schnee should finish up soon.'

”Oh my dear sweet feline..” Locar crooned, almost mockingly. “With an invitation like that it’s like you’re begging me to stop playing around and act serious~!” The man hummed, twirling his staff as he took a single step forwards.. Simply vanishing in a burst of.. Something, leaving behind his staff; which seemed to produce this emerald green circle as it floated.. What was going on..?

Kibs still existed though, and he attempted to fly through Locar, full speed with his blade-claws out. He wanted to run through Locar and then split him in two.

To Kibo’s credit, had he acted sooner things could have turned out a little different; but he did not, Locar would ‘vanish’ only a second before Kibo reached his location. His claws would pass through with no resistance aside from the wind; why was that? As it stood, Kibo didn’t even draw blood. Yet, the group could hear foot steps all around them. Hear, but not see. Nor could they smell; add to the fact that Locar did not have any Aether that could be used to track him.. What sort of game was Locar playing?

"Locar. This brat's coming," Raidon growled, maneuvering to Kibs' side and leapt at him, attempting to throw him off from getting Locar at the right time. Terra shot herself with a flying kick at Raidon's cheek once she saw him aiming for Kibo.

That was just the distraction Locar needed, while Terra was distracted with attempting to kick Raidon; Locar would allow himself to reappear off to the side; thrusting two fingers into her nose. If he succeeded in hooking his fingers inside Terra’s nostrils he would then swing her into a rising knee strike aimed for the back of her skull. Now what Locar did was essentially apply another variant of Apophys’ chaos; though rather than using it to create a mild paradox that by all means shouldn’t work; he had used it to temporarily distort his connection to the physical plain so badly that by all means he just did not exist; though he had to leave his staff behind to act as the focal point to restore the connection. As for how he had any idea of what was going on, he did share sensory information with the serpent on the staff; a cheeky little trick of his.

Upon seeing Locar's attempted attack, Terra didn't have time to run away like usual; however, she grabbed Raidon's head and flipped over him, positioning him for Locar to hit instead.

Locar would have had no problems simply running his hand through Raidon for an impaling strike; but given Terra’s method of intangibility he just wasn’t sure if taking out his teammate slash punching bag was even worth it; which was why instead of charging right through; he would pivot on his back foot and flip over Raidon and Terra; attempting to deliver a solid kick to the base of Terra’s skull mid flip. If the hit was successful it would more than likely disrupt her motor control and possibly shatter a few of the vertebrae in her neck. Terra slipped under Raidon's legs, leaving Locar's attack aimed at Raidon once again.

Lord bless my soul, Raidon thought, leaping over Terra as she slid underneath him. The thorny devil leapt up, curling into a ball for Locar's kick to propel him right at Terra.

Locat smiled, pressing his already extended foot against Raidon’s balled up form and using his own momentum to rocket himself towards Terra for a solid upside down knee strike to the nose; to further aid in ensuring that he landed the blow; space itself would twist and writhe; Locar’s staff creating another emerald Prismatic circle. The circle’s purpose was to execute a command that would twist the boundary of space between Terra and Locar to the point where it was nonexistent; resulting in Locar essentially pulling himself towards Terra in an instant just to slam his knee into her nose.

Ishvy had just finished extinguishing the flames on him and started to stand up.. Only for the shaking to disrupt his already tenuous ability to stand; leaning forward he would hop a few times in a vain attempt to stay on his feet; only to fall over, face planting against one of the village homes with a groan. “... Ranny, is this karma..? Was this for stealing your bacon strips..?”  

Suddenly, at Ishvy, a cannon of cryokinetic energy was shot out at him from Kana, threatening to freeze him into a block of ice if he didn't get his act together.

’Hey.. This reminds me of Mi-crap!’ Ishvy thought, though his train of thought was interrupted by Kana shooting at him. Having been unresponsive for most of the fight on account of him losing his trail of thought and staring off while bemoaning the existence of Ranny. Now that he was brought back to earth. He wasted no time in making sure that he wouldn’t leave earth in a permanent fashion. Running up the wall of the building he had collided with, he kicked off; his cutlasses connecting together by the hilt in order to form a long bow; with a string made of hard light; he pulled back and notched a single projectile made of hard light. Imitating the max draw of a long bow for maximum tension; before letting go as numerous small hard light arrows were released from the bow. Heading straight for Kana and the surrounding area just as the bandages Prismite landed in a roll; redrawing the string and preparing to fire again.

Flames ejected from Kana's legs, and she flew backwards, having to go in all directions in an attempt to dodge the hardlight arrows. One of them hit her, back, making her spiral, but then, she recovered into a spindash. Then, her arms both turned into cannons, and she fired a material much like Locar's water-fire, ice that was boiling hot and spread throughout the air like an explosion as it traveled towards Ishvy.

Ishvy was honestly a little distracted watching Kana avoid his arrows, then recovering via a spin dash to fully pay attention to her cannon arms. A mistake that almost proved costly, because quite frankly his shock was compounded when he saw her create what was essentially boiling ice. This was a tactic Locar used back home.. A scary tactic that wiped out scores of fighting men and women like wheat to the harvest. Now it was heading for him, so on reflex he ’forged’ another arrow. This one with the head of a drill; twisting the string to add rotation he would fire an arrow at the boiling ice. If the arrow hit, it was likely to shatter the ice, to a point where even Ishvy couldn’t avoid it all. Which would result in some shards digging into his right arm and left leg.. Rather painfully might I add.

Meanwhile, Marcee jumped to her feet, having taken the pounding she took from Kana quite well.

"Wow, these guys are tough!" She commented.

The ice shattered, but some of it was dispelled, but then something strange happened; it scattered just like a fire, traveling through the air as it spread out into three separate parts; one heading towards Raindrop, one heading towards Marcee, and one towards Ishvy.

Ishvy couldn’t take any chances, waiting for the ice to get closer, he would leap forward; barrel rolling across the ice as he drew back his bow and fired after landing the roll in the form of a crouch. This arrow however, did not split; rather it was launched very much like a condensed beam of energy; it’s head rotating like a drill meant to pierce the heavens; and it was heading for Kana.

Kana created a long, thick cube of water in front of her, waiting for the right time as the water cube floated. Once the light arrow came into the cube, Kana immediately froze it, essentially nullifying the projectile. Then, Kana pushed forward, and the now-ice cube was sent at Ishvy.

Ishvy would stare at the ice cube in shock, snapping his bow in two as the string dissipated into harmless Prismions as he flourished two cutlasses again. Lining the edges of the blades with a command that would superheat his Armament with a temperature equivalent to that of a star, Ishvy would attempt to slice through the ice cube; likely succeeding and creating a cloud of steam that would envelop the immediate area.

Marcee quickly dodged our of the way of the stream of ice and ran towards Kana.

Raindrop charged her arm, and the shards just shattered against the black fur. She would begin running alongside Marcee, trying to rush Kana. Kana put her arm cannons to the ground, and large ice spikes would begin to appear all around the duo; if they didn't keep moving, they'd both be soon trapped in an ice prison. Raindrop would punch through any in her path, shattering the spikes with ease. Marcee, meanwhile, jumped between the spikes that Raindrop didn't manage to destroy.

Luckily this didn’t include Ishvy, who dashed out of the cloud towards Kana in a blinding fury. The moment he got close enough; he dropped into a sliding position; pivoting in a full rotation with his cutlasses extended outward in an attempt to relieve Kana of her legs. All while trying to tune out what he could hear from Locar. Kana tried her previous cube technique again, making a water cube where Ishvy was heading. If he went into it even partially, she'd freeze the cube completely.

Ishvy was too close to simply avoid the cube, and as with his projectile; he could only assume that her ability to freeze was on par with his reaction timing. So he did the only thing he could, charge forward as his cutlasses radiated with an increasing amount of solar radiation; the heat alone causing the molecules surrounding him to set ablaze. The purpose was to make the surrounding environment hot enough to realistically hamper any attempts at freezing liquids.

Once Kana noticed Ishvy's continued approach, she made several thick dry ice pillars in front of Ishvy in an attempt to completely stop his movement.

Rather than stop completely, Ishvy would slam the butts of his Cutlasses together again in order to initiate the reconfiguration of his Prismatic Armament from twin cutlass to long bow; pulling the hard light string back and firing a series of three long arrows into the dry ice; each spaced about a few meters apart in ascending order like stairs. He would then leap up onto the ends of the first arrow he shot into the pillars and use the ‘flexible’ nature of his makeshift platform to spring up the last two arrows and over the wall; likely descending towards Kana as he fired an arrow comprised entirely of solar energy at the machine’s legs.. Unfortunately while he wasn’t plagued by sentiment or attachment to whoever this was; he did catch glimpses of Terra’s attachment to Kana.. He just couldn’t in his right mind attempt to deliver a fatal blow after hearing of that.. He just couldn’t. ‘Please let the arrow hit.. Please for the love of Aedr don’t force me to risk ending its existence..’

Frankly none of his strikes have been to kill, except for maybe the drilling arrow but that was admittedly a blunder on his part. Ishvy didn‘t know how to hold back after all.

Raindrop glanced over at Marcee. "If I get you closer to the robot, do you think you can take it down without killing it? That guy over there is gonna wind up turning it into scrap!"

Marcee nodded excitedly. "Just let me at 'em!"

With a nod, Raindrop jumped in front of Marcee, powering up completely. She would speed up, trying to get to Kana before Ishvy. Raindrop succeeded in clearing a path through all the ice spikes, leaving a straight road for Marcee to get to Kana while she was slightly levitating over the ground, moving quickly from side to side to try to dodge Ishvy's light arrows, but there were still some more approaching. Marcee leaped up and tried to grab Kana. If she succeded, she would leap into the air before flipping around and chucking the robot into the ground with enough force to crack the ground below her.

Kana was sent straight to the ground, the impact of it leaving a medium-sized crater in the ground. It wouldn't stay medium-sized for long, however; Ishvy's final arrow would come crashing down into it, making an impact with Kana and resulting in an inferno of light shooting into the sky. When Kana emerged from the canyon, her eyes were flickering on and off, sparks were circulating her body, and she had trouble moving. The group had won!

"That was great! Just like the team moves we practice back home!" Raindrop said with a smile.

Ishvy landed just outside the crater, breathing a small sigh of relief before dispelling his Armament; just in time too. The build up of heat was causing him to sweat profusely, fur and bandage rather damp from using his Prismatic Arts. “Yeah.. Go team.” He gave the others a thumbs up despite speaking with a very flat deadpan, giving off the impression that he was unenthusiastic. Marcee was quite the opposite.

"That was AWESOME!" She exclaimed "Love me a good team attack. When we're all together, nothing can stop us!"

Ishvy just sort of stared at Marcee, admittedly a little disturbed by her optimistic viewpoint. ‘I.. Don’t think that is necessarily true.’ He thought, though he kept his opinion to himself out of respectfulness.

The Conqueror's Grand Entrance

Tenebris' Crater

A purple light burst through the sky, shooting off only able to be seen as a magenta blur. Clouds dispelled, oceans parted, and even canyons formed with the sheer speed of the traveling object. Luna was flying at breakneck speeds, and she came to a sudden halt, her unexpected stop destroying a large part of the civilization around her. Luna instantly dropped, the blur now going downwards, and rather peacefully hit the ground next to the battered Tenebris with a look of disappointment on her face.

"Useless," she muttered. "Of all of the failing servants I have working for me, you've easily taken first place." Luna pointed the scepter at him. "Had I not been a merciful person, I would've killed you right here on the spot..." Purple energy began to shine from the tip of the scepter, focused on Tenebris' battered body. "But I'll give you another chance. The more on my side, the better. But first..." 

Luna walked closely up to Tenebris, who was still lying down. "Swear your loyalty to me. Work as my slave now, I can strengthen you, and you'll reap a few of the benefits that come along with being on my side. Or else, you die right here, without anyone bothering to remember you, and I'll spread your bloodied remains through so many Zones, you'll never have a chance at revival. Promise you'll stay on my force of workers to me... and that won't have to happen." Luna's third eye glowed red, so bright it was easily visible through her hair.

"What do you say?"

Tenebris laid in the huge crater, a chunk of his helmet having been blown off. Part of his face was visible, including an angry looking eye. Under other circumstances, he would have simply threatened Luna, or done something in defiance, but he was too clouded with vengence. "I... I swear my loyalty to you, whatever it takes... to prove I'm worthy of your power."

"Alright..." A ravenous grin surfaced on Luna's face, and her third eye glowed even brighter, with light that'd even be blinding to a normal person. "Excellent. Now, if I've been watching separate dimensions and your enemy closely enough, I presume that Kibo is able to utilize a source of energy... Aether, was it?"

"Aether... yes. It runs in tandem with Chaos Energy to power the universe," answered Tenebris.

Luna scratched her chin with her free hand, taking on an expression that was evidently confused as she toyed with various ideas, and then she smirked upon finding a good one. "Well then... combined with your umbrakinesis, this should serve well."

The still-glowing tip of the scepter shot a light-colored laser at Tenebris; upon being hit, he would feel re-energized at full health, maybe even stronger than he felt when he originally entered the village, and he'd feel a... strange power?!

Tenebris rose up, not using his arms and appearing supernatural. He put his hand against his helmet, and it was fully restored to how it was before. Although, it had a white variant of the Black-Arms insignia over the formerly destroyed part. He took a knee out of respect.

"I've given you a large amount of restoration, Dark Aether, and a form similar to the one I saw your main adversary Kibo manipulating," Luna clarified, her scepter's glow diminishing. "Will you be able to utilize it to my benefit? If you can, you will surely be an important asset."

"With the powers of the Void at my disposal, I will be able to create even larger armies for you, and absolutely use this new form to your benefits," confirmed Tenebris.

"Perfect. Well then, I'll send you on your way. Don't disappoint me." Luna tapped her scepter on the ground twice, and Tenebris would disappear to one of the alternate planets in a flash of purple light. Luna smiled once again before blasting off once again, appearing as that same blur of light as before.

Ikibih Bank

Bursting down through the ceiling, Luna hit the ground in the center of all the chaos. The light mobians that'd Lux had created and the Kine Gang mooks all stopped their combat, staring at the newcomer. Kasai, Khione, Brac and Feng all immediately ceased their attacks and faced Luna, with Kasai being the first one of them to speak.

"M-Miss Luna?! I didn't th-think you'd show up? Is there... something wrong?" Kasai was fiddling with his thumbs, and a single sweat bead raced down the side of his face.

"Oh, I just thought I'd pass by and see how the distractions were handling themselves..." Luna looked around the bank, through the frozen areas, rocky disjoints, flying objects and burning parts. "...though it looks like you've been doing a great job, Kine Gang. Even your lowest-ranking warriors have managed to find use in the battle." Luna sniffed the air, and if one looked closely enough, they'd see her third eye scanning the area.

Luna's expression took a giddy appearance. "Ah! You haven't even shown your adversaries your... unique abilities, have they?"

"Y-You told us not to, ma'am, so we complied," explained Khione, who was biting her fingernails when she wasn't talking.

"I-I didn't want to endanger my life by not taking you seriously," followed up Brac, earning a slap to the back from Feng, who flew over to him.

"Well, don't be mad at the geokinetic, he's right," Luna remarked. "Though... I do believe you could be more potent with a godling's divine assistance. Kasai, magma and lava would assist you..." Luna fired another one of her power-lasers at Kasai, and he looked brand new, as if he was just joining the fight.

"Khione, snow, hail, and sleet would benefit your arsenal..." Luna repeated the process with Khione, and a similar effect happened with her appearance.

"Brac, instantaneous damage nullification for a short period of time makes you a possible weapon," Luna thought out loud, doing it again with Brac.

"Have to hand it to her for how quickly she comes up with this stuff," he muttered.

"And Feng, flight is good for you, so let's hammer in on that... perhaps healing wind and enhanced hearing and touch?" Luna shot the laser at Feng, who looked like she wanted to say something, but she simply nodded at Luna excitedly.

Volt jumped in place, waiting to be acknowledged... but Luna merely ignored him, not even looking in his direction, making the young hyena mope. "Well, I do hope you continue this good beginning streak you've started," complimented Luna, "but I can't say the same... for our enemies." Luna turned around, glancing over Link, Vane, Chase, Reens, and Lux. "Oh, what fools you are."

"You know, you could try and be a bit more creative with your insults." Link held his sword up, having a suspicion the newcomer was an excuse to use the blade's full power. He would crouch, then suddenly dash sideways, running alongside a wall until he was even with Luna. At this point, he gripped the sword with both hands, trying to activate its final ability. Time and space began to seperate, as the blade tried to reach out to the prison it had been linked to. Except this was a different dimension and it couldn't. Link would still be flying at Luna, bringing the sword down despite his confusion.

Luna's aura grew sludgy and dark purple, and Link's would pass right through her, ending up behind her. Luna's aura then disappeared. "Well, I do believe that when I get what I deserve as the empress of all space, I'll have plenty of time to think of insults with more imagination." Luna whipped around backwards, grabbed Link by the end of his fur, and chucked him at a wall with ease, the impact leaving a dent in it.

She can become intangible? There was to be a weakness, right. Chase thought to himself trying to come up with something to survive this scenario.

Luna eyed Chase up and down, no hint of sypathy on her face. "Wolf. You're trying to figure a way to get out of this situation, aren't you? Don't waste your time."

”Well... that’s clearly not your way of looking at things because with that logic you should’ve stopped wasting your and everyon’s time with this crazy ‘trying to destroy all worlds’ scheme that shouldn’t work. Yet here we are.” Chase exclaimed, hoping this would at least cause the rabbit to take pause.

Luna smiled a wide grin, and then she burst into laughter, all while looking Chase straight in the eye in an admittedly creepy way. "'Shouldn't work?' How naive! Unbeknownst to you, it has been working! I've destroyed thousands- no millions of planets, even entire galaxies in my conquest, with even more species bowing down to me!" Luna went back to her emotionless expression immediately after finishing her sentence. "The intelligent move would be to cease the tomfoolery and join me... I might show you mercy."

”No, how insane are you to think we would agree to preforming extreme genocide to all existence,” Chase said defiantly. "Psst, somebody get us outta here!” Chase whispered under his breath.

Vane whispered back. "I'd love to, but if I tried, I'd kill you even faster than she would."

Looking over at Luna, Reens shook her head. "Hmph. Now we see the mastermind behind all this crap. Too bad I'm not in the mood for rabbit."

Luna chuckled, looking over Reens. "Female blue hedgehog... I think I saw you controlling water as well. Shall I make you into one of my slaves as well? So many choices... so much time."

"No, thank you. I'd rather not be controlled by a power-hungry monster who wants to destroy my world and many others like it. Besides, I've had people try to mind-control me before. It doesn't work too well," Reens replied with a little frown. She subconsciously rubbed her heart pendant.

"Oh, dear..." Luna's third eye glowed. "It's humorous that you believe you have any choice." Luna turned to Kasai. "I'm going elsewhere. It appears you all can handle yourselves. Continue to stall." Then, Luna disappeared in a flash of light, and Kasai blinked several times.

"Oh... okay then," he quietly said to himself. Next, a line a fire erupted, separating the Kine Gang from the heroes.

Forming an orb of water in her palm, Reens prepared to fire it. "What did she mean by 'stall'? We aren't here to mess around. If beating you gets us answers, then be prepared."

"Please, we've been toying with you all since we got here. Frankly, it's boring not going all-out," Khione snarked, crossing her arms and looking at Reens.

Brac nodded. "You all should just start saying your prayers.... I'd be depressed if I knew what was about to go down..."

Outside Hartley Mansions

Scarlet put Lee's shotgun down in an erratic motion and then put her hands to her knees, panting heavily as she tried to regain her breath. That attack... without any sort of boost, it took a lot out of her. The gunslinger wiped sweat off of her forehead, looking up. At least there's no way those bastards survived that. That was pretty much my all. Looks like I can hold my own in a fight!

The large, red explosion caused by Scarlet's gigantic attack began to settle, and debris and dust flew out of the way. Scarlet lifted her head, thinking she would see corpses... but instead, a medium-small red beam flew out of the rubble at amazingly quick speeds, heading towards the fox with no warning whatsoever.

"What the-?!" Scarlet began, though she wouldn't get a chance to finish. The beam traveled straight through her chest; it was the perfect size to eradicate her heart, leaving a hollow chest in Scarlet's body. The red-furred mercenary looked down, not prepared for what'd just happened, and then her eyes lost any indication of a soul, and she fell backwards, showing no movement whatsoever besides coughing up blood.

Those looking at the explosion would only see a large, transparent but slightly purple shield, and through the shield they'd see the battle-damaged duo of Lorenzo and Medusa, protected by Luna (who had her scepter out). Luna's hair was lifted, and her eye was glowing bright red, indicating that she was the one who instituted the attack. Luna waited until everyone was able to see her, and then she began to laugh, doubled over.

"Ah, what goes around really does come around, doesn't it, fox?" taunted Luna, looking at the about-to-be corpse with a strong sense of victory in her posture. "Medusa, before she dies, stone her completely."

"B-But..." Medusa was still damaged, and she had trouble speaking. "...won't that prevent... her from dying?"

"A hostage makes these types of situations much simpler," Luna explained before pointing aggressively at Scarlet's body. Medusa took a quick glance at Scarlet, and the fox instantly turned to stone completely, grey, rough, and frozen in the near-death stance she'd just been in.

Mac quit his attack of Siegfried, his focus broken. Wait... where'd Scarlet's energy just go? And why is the other signature so... scarily familiar? Mac whipped around, and he saw the events that'd just transpired. His pupils dilated, and his yellow aura shot up before it quickly turned blue. Mac's hair and fur turned to various shades of blue as well, and even his clothing was altered to blues and whites.

Now in his TAI form, Mac shot off towards Luna at insane speeds, lightning following his trail. "LUNA!"

Luna scoffed at the attempt, insulted the tiger would dare approach her, and she waved her free hand in a straight horizontal motion. Telekinetically, a nearby bench flew at Mac's side, and the tiger gulped as he was hit by the bench and pinned against a wall. Luna kept her hand out, but that didn't cease Mac's struggling. "How dare you! You don't get to kill another person I care about, not anymore! I'm going to-"

Luna waved her same hand, and a fire hydrant rose from the ground, and water spouted from under it before the hydrant itself hit Mac in the face, shutting him up and obscuring his emotions from view. Rolling all three of her eyes, Luna turned to Medusa and Lorenzo with a pleased expression.

"My oh my, I must say that you all have been mildly successful here. I'm impressed with all of your dedication-" Luna looked at Flash's body, that had been catapulting everywhere during Scarlet's big attack. "-even if some of you weren't successful."

"Thank you, Bosssssssssssss," Medusa thanked, nodding rapidly.

Lorenzo on the other hand would breathe a small, silent sigh of relief. Cracking a smile at the wonderful display of irony with Scarlet taking a beam through the chest. “A hostage situation I see, I had thought of something similar; but I suppose it works.” With that said, he materialized what could only be described as a reddish beak mask with a golden trim. With a few circular air holes running along the ‘beak’ for breathing. “I do suppose I feel a little envious, I wanted to deconstruct that pretty little head of hers.” Though he did nod his head to show appreciation for the compliment.

"Well, first things first," began Luna, pointing the scepter at Flash and shooting a purple beam. All of the speedy cheetah's wounds disappeared instantaneously, and he jumped up, rushing to Luna.

"Boss!" he yelled, next to herin an instant. "I'm sorry, I-"

"Telekinetic are difficult to manage if you can't disable them," Luna admitted, not judging him too harshly... at least, at first. Then, her glare turned cold. "However, it'd be wise of you to not fail me again. I could've blown up your body right then and there. Don't give me an additional reason to when I see you again."

Flash gulped. "G-Got it, Boss..."

Luna looked at the three around her. "Well, I do believe that all of you could use a boost in order to make sure we don't see any failure once the hunt for Katastrophe begins." First, she turned to Medusa. "More heavy acid manipulation would suit you well... Perhaps you recover health and stamina for damage dealt? Yes, I quite like that addition to your skillset," Luna rambled. Then, she blasted Medusa with a similar beam to the one she used on Flash, and Medusa was healed as well.

"How... impressssssssive," Medusa said to herself, acid appearing and disappearing in her hands.

"Flash, your speed serves you well, but you're extremely vulnerable... I believe that being able to redirect Aether and magic would assist you greatly with your high reaction speeds," Luna explained, blasting Flash with the recovery laser. Flash stepped in place quickly, smiling anxiously, as if he was ready to fight once again.

"And Lorenzo." Luna turned to the final member. "Your abilities are rather unique, but you're one of the most vulnerable to Aether or magic. A strong resistance to them would make you very powerful." Luna blasted him with the laser, which would make him feel restored to higher amounts than usual.

Lorenzo couldn’t help but laugh raucously, he could feel his Prismion count; the inescapable limitation for all Prismites, rising. Actually increasing the complexity and the length of the commands he could use. This was great news! “I have no clue what this Aether is, but I have such a useful boon; I’ll gladly take another benefit~”

Siegfried leapt down from the rooftop, practically following Mac. The blue tiger was confused at the sudden turn of attention, but exhaled when he saw who it was. "I see y'all are alright now," he chuckled, letting himself fall to the ground and sit in exhaustion. Siegfried dipped his head toward Luna, relieved to see one of his foes done with.

Lee ducked behind a bush, saddened to see what happened to Scarlet, but aware he was in no state to fight.

Damn it. Vendeta thought. Luna's back. I can't handle her alone. I need help.

Vendeta teleport dashed over to Mac and sliced the bench in half to free him from being pinned. He then turned around and pointed his sword at Luna "Long time no see."

Mac bared his fangs as he fell to the ground, throwing the fire hydrant behind him. The tiger was so upset, he'd accidentally been charging electricity into the hydrant, and as soon as Mac threw it back it burst into pieces. "She... she should be dead! How is even possible?!"

Luna sneered, and the scepter floated behind her horizontally. Luna jumped onto it, using it as a cushion of sorts as they both floated slightly above the ground. "All of you nuisances should be honored. You have the esteemed privilege of getting to witness divine intervention at its finest." Luna's glare on the duo harshened. "It doesn't matter whether you're a Chaos Energy mistake, a petty thief, an arrogant mercenary or a worthless space traveler; all of you will be crushed directly underneath my heel!"

Mac rolled his eyes and looked at Vendeta; his eyes were becoming more bloodshot as he spoke, even with small tears forming. Despite this, it looked like Mac was ignoring his expression, or he didn't even notice it. "All this dimensional stuff.... and I can't even sense Luna's energy signatures." Mac took a heavy breath out. "There's no doubt about it, Luna's been fucking with the Zones like Kennedy said."

"Then we stop her here," Vendeta replied.

"Agreed," replied Mac, growling before turning to Lee. "Twerp, if you can barely fight, I'll give you some energy that can heal your wounds! We're gonna need all hands on deck if we're gonna deal with this bastard!"

Lee bounced a few thoughts around before gripping the chunk of metal in his leg, then ripping it out with a screeam and limping into view, where he would hold it up like some sort of cheap weapon. Of course his leg was bleeding out pretty badly now. In a hurry with care to Lee he hadn't shown before in his life, Mac zoomed over, placing his palm on Lee's head. After a few seconds, the bleeding would slow, though the pian wouldn't cease completely.

"That's... better, thanks." He said through somewhat clenched teeth. He chucked the metal chip into the air, a long sword forming in his hand from the blue substance he'd used before, with the metal becoming the tip of the weapon.

”Honestly, I don’t understand people like you guys.. Why fight when there isn’t even a small percentage of victory?” Lorenzo called out, specifically towards Mac and Lee. Surely they saw what the evil bunny overlord could do; what was the point in trying to fight against it? It didn’t make any logical sense.

Vendeta used his psychokinesis to clamp Lorenzo’s mouth shut “Stop making sense, it’s distracting.”

Lorenzo sent Vendeta a withering glare, though his attempt at preventing the man from speaking resulted in failure; as the strange looking beak mask he wore seemed to repel Vendeta’s psychokinesis. “I see you are a blithering dolt as well, much like that thrice damned operative and his cohorts.“

"Luna's horrible. That's all I need to convince me in order to fight," Mac reasoned. "And now.... Sc-Scarlet.... I won't let her keep taking people!"

Lee had a tiny surge of confidence, honestly just from standing beside Vendeta and Mac. "Sense isn't what we do! Saving people is!" This may have been misplaced ideals, but it worked for him.

“By your definition she is horrible, and while she does have her brutish moments; I can hardly say she is horrible; she is after all my ‘employer’.” Lorenzo explained, actually cringing in disgust when Lee uttered his line, it was disgusting and full of hopelessly naive sentimentality. “You shouldn’t get too attached, people die all the time; if Scarlet is dead then it was simply her time to die.”

"Lee, the middle finger, the middle one, flip him off..." Onyx said, pushing his mental roommate towards the gesture.

Lee aggresively pointed upwards, using the wrong finger. "Not on my watch! I promised Glitch, and I'm keeping it. I refuse to let things play out the worst way they can." He said. "I'll fight through anyone I have to."

”You really shouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep, especially when my employer has successfully managed to bring what is by all accounts one of the greatest legends and worst monsters in the storied pages of Crystialgan history to this world.” Lorenzo stated, his eyes remaining as cold and impassive as ever. “Though, I wonder if that churlish Malakhian will learn from the past mistakes that led to his downfall, or perhaps he will thankfully fall again before he awakens the power that allowed him to leave his miserly mark on our illustrious history.”

"Do you even know who you're working for?!" yelled Mac, taking off his gauntlets and turning them back into bracelets, and then equipping Angel and pointing it at the villains. "She's a freak and a murderer! She just killed one of my best friends, and you think there's nothing wrong with that?!" A vein throbbed in Mac's head.

Siegfried chose to zip his mouth, observing his 'allies' and 'enemies'. So, we've sided with this world's villain, huh? Freak? Murderer? The blue tiger averted his gaze to the ground, an all too familiar feeling blossoming in his chest. It robbed him of his pride and confidence, and trashed him in a pit. For you, it's wrong. For us... it's all part of the job. How do I say this? I don't feel anything, that's for sure. Villain or hero, it's all in perspective.

”Well, your friend was trying to kill me; you’ll have to forgive me if I shed no tears over her death. After all it is quite hard to emphasize with The friend of your attempted murderer.” Lorenzo responded, a slight elevation in his voice that indicated what seemed like.. Glibness? Sarcasm? Who knows really, but the man had an apathetic gaze that merely hinted at a larger picture with Lorenzo. “But I suppose you’ll simply ignore what I say and continue on with your notions, besides; this is simply a business transaction between myself and the client; you’re all simply obstructions, there is nothing personal to your removal.. It’s just business.”

Vendeta glared at Lorenzo, getting more and more annoyed at his babbling by the second. "Kid, if aren't planning on doing anything other than spouting cliches then get out of my way. We have better things to do right now then listen to you prattle."

“Listen to your own words you dull witted grunt, you opened your mouth for the second time and already proved yourself to be the worst cliche possible; the angry hot head of all things.” Lorenzo spoke yet again, rolling his eyes.. To be fair he was asking to get punched, why else would he continue on and on?

"I'll have some 'business' with your skull if you don't get the fuck out of my way. Your little ragtag group is pissing me off," Mac threatened, his growls slightly subsiding as he clutched Angel tight and began to move forward. "I won't leave survivors if none of you give up now."

Lorenzo only chuckled, before holding out a hand as a gesture for Mac to ‘stop’. “While I’m most certain that you will attempt to make good on your words; I should warn you that such actions will not bode well for your friend over there should you continue, I’m sure my lovely client would like to speak with you anyways; why don’t you go and hash it out with her?” He was, of course, directing Mac to speak to Luna. The veiled threat against Mac’s companion Scarlet might not have been entirely necessary but in his experience people were less willing to do something foolish if they knew their actions had tangible consequences.. Of course, this could have all just been talk on Lorenzo’s end and nothing more, it all really depended on whether the Heroes were willing to call Lorenzo out on his bullshit.

"Oh, no, let the boy run his mouth. This is my favorite part," Luna interjected, savouring Mac's threats. "Ah, several different planets' inhabitants did the same thing... it makes it all much more fulfilling in the end when they reach their inevitable destruction. It really is wonderful, but this is much more fun." Luna's scepter glowed. "I am invincible, and your little friend was the first to witness my power. It's a blessing, really, that you-"

Mac wiped the tears off of his eyes while Luna rambled and shot at her, yellow lightning trailing behind him like before. Luna merely swiped to the side, and Mac was telekinetically slammed against the wall, but Mac immediately bounced off and jumped off of the wall towards Luna, slashing at the hybrid while in midair. Luna rolled her eyes, moving backwards from her position while Mac's attacks passed by her. 

Mac twirled around and slashed at Luna's neck, but the bunny caught Angel. "Oh, Mackenzie. You've barely managed to improve since last time. No matter how many loved ones I kill, you're still beneath me, no?"

Mac's eyes began to water again, and he yanked Angel out of Luna's hands with bared fangs. "Don't try to get into my head, you bastard!" Mac thrusted forward with Angel, but Luna's sludgy, dark purple aura returned from her previous usage at the bank, and he went directly through her. Mac was going at high speeds, and he recovered in a roll, quite a distance away from Luna. He turned around, and her aura disappeared.

Mac grunted and swung Angel in a wide motion, shooting an arc of yellow lightning, but Luna simply levitated over it, leaving it to cut the building behind her in half. Luna looked disappointed. "Oh? You've run out of witty insults? Perhaps you've realized that you've tampered with the will of the gods?!"

Luna shot forward forward, flying until she was super close to Mac's face. She analyzed his expression, expecting fear, but only saw defiance. Luna clenched her fist and gave Mac a swift punch to the cheek that made the tiger reel back. "I have every right to conquer this world... this pitiful world your pitiful species calls a home. And yet you... you ended it. The girl has already gotten her retribution, but your suffering will be increased a thousandfold!"

Luna began walking to Mac slowly, and Mac struggled getting up. Luna had only performed one attack in the short bout, but Mac seemed heavily damaged already. Lee moved quick, dashing in between Mac and Luna, holding his sword long ways in front of him. How ironic, given how they'd met. The sword would light up brighter, Lee beginning to regen his energy.

Lorenzo on the other hand would simply watch Lee for a second, quirking an eyebrow before making his way towards a pile of wreckage; placing his hand on the debris as metal and glass creaked and groaned; releasing a loud shriek before it broke apart; recombining into numerous small flechette like objects about the size of a dime. Reinforced by tweaking the molecular structure of the former pile of debris into molecular chains resembling carbon nanotubes with an edge as precise as monofilament. He would then direct these flechettes towards the heroes using force equivalent to that of Mach three via a directed explosion. “You know, I suppose I’ll need to get my clothes washed and dry cleaned, but dry cleaning is so expensive these days.”

Mac's eyes widened as he saw the projectiles. "Goddammit, twerp," he insulted, and he appeared as yellow lightning before he and Lee disappeared, reappearing next to the other heroes. Then, Mac would point Angel at Lorenzo and shoot five lightning bolts before focusing again on Luna. Lee would throw the sword into the air, and once Mac's shots had left the vincinity, it would form a shield on the side where Lorenzo and Luna were.

"An interesting toy." Lorenzo muttered, transmuting more scrap into a copper pole that stood directly in front of the two. This would would likely prompt the Lightning that was fired at Lorenzo and Luna to curve towards the pole itself; following the path of least resistance. Failing that, Lorenzo would arrange for the ground itself to surge upwards in the form of spikes; these defenses were crudely made and would likely shatter if struck by the lightning, but at the same time they would serve their purpose and cancel out the attack. "A lightning gun? I'm quite envious; you simply must tell me how you acquired such a tool, I could make a killing in the patents alone."

Mac fired more lightning to break the earthen spikes, and then he slowly began to walk to Lorenzo. "I sensed your, the twerp's, and Scarlet's-" Mac paused for a second before continuing, "fight. You couldn't even handle those two without your little snake buddy helping. Me? I'm Scarlet's trainer. And this is a form boosting me. Shut the hell up! You're starting a fight I don't see you winning, and I have bigger fish to fry."

Medusa hissed at Mac's insult, while Luna was chuckling at his threats. Flash looked like he was ready to go at it with someone as soon as possible. While everyone is focused on Mac, Vendeta teleport dashed behind Luna and tried to slash at her head with his sword.

”Yet here I am, still standing while your friend is a near dead statue.” Lorenzo stated oh so calmly; he spoke of forms and boosting; none of which were familiar concepts to him. However he had his own reasons for standing in front of Mac. “Though I suppose you’re right; unfortunately.” With that said, he simply rolled his neck as a Prismatic circle materialized underneath Lorenzo for a second before dispersing seemingly harmlessly.

"Tch, smart move," Mac commended the human before dashing at Luna and making a mighty jump. Next, he'd come down with an electrified Angel at the same time as Vendeta attacked, aiming for the direct top of her skull. Luna did a single clap, and an invisble force would shoot out from all around her, blasting Mac through a window of a nearby restaurant. Vendeta is knocked back, but manages to stab his sword into the ground and stop himself from flying back any further.

Luna spun around, and her eye shot a red laser that shot just a few inches before where Vendeta was keeping himself stable, and she moved the beam to create a line in the ground. Then, that line exploded, possibly consuming Vendeta along with it.

Lee's defense... actually worked, absorbing the clap-attack easily. He grinned slightly, but didn't bother trying to exit his shield.

Lorenzo on the other hand simply shrugged, his fight was against Lee; dealing with Mac and his friend was something he was certain Luna would do just fine. With that said, he just approached the barrier; rapping his knuckles against it like it was a door. “Hm, have you ever considered marketing your unique skills? I’m sure you could make a killing off of royalties alone.”

"No, I made a promise to someone and it comes first." Lee growled, the shield pulling back from Lorenzo's touch after he got away with one knock.

“A shame really, and here I was hoping to buy out your services once this is over.” Lorenzo hummed, of course he continued to approach the shield with an almost lazy countenance. “I’m actually quite envious; were I to possess your abilities I would have established a monopoly on the production of goods.”

Lee chose to not explain why his powers didn't work in mass, and kept backing up with his shield, his ears tucking behind his head.

As they all begin to approach one another, Siegfried couldn't help but mumble something about how stupid this all was, and how dumb he was. Nevertheless, he came back to the rooftop, letting a clone of himself fight his battles if necessary.

Lorenzo’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly at Lee, taking note of the way his ears were tucked back; flattened almost. “You are scared, unnerved, are you not..? A valid reaction; but ultimately unfounded for now, I am much more interested in using my words rather than acting like an uncivilized tool; and I’m sure you know that were I to act your barrier would not be able to hinder my abilities.. So, let us talk.”

His ears perked up slightly, to... listen, for whatever reason.

"What I want to know, what motivates you? You mentioned a promise to someone, why do you hold on to that promise; surely it has made life more difficult yes?"

"Yup, in ways you would never get." He admitted. Doing what he did certainly cost him, constantly being hurt or damaged, with almost endless pain. "But the person I made it to... I'd still be dead if it they hadn't helped me, so keeping that promise is the least I can do."

“Keeping a promise despite all the pain it has undoubtedly caused, all for a person.. I can understand that much.” Lorenzo stated after a brief nod of his head. “It may sound foolish, but I’d be a liar if I said I’ve never done the same.. I asked my question, so what do you wish to know, barring my client’s plan of course.”

Lee looked down, as if thinking, then looked back up. "What's your endgame? Not hers, what are you doing this for?"

“What am I doing this for..? As good a question as any I suppose; I expect that you are bracing for something cliched or expected.. Truth be told, I’m doing this because I am contractually obligated to; not by pen and paper or by some magical or arcane means; but I simply gave my word as a business man, in business my word is my lifeline; credibility is the gold standard. Though the reward behind it is enticing, ultimately it is of limited value. It’s nothing personal.”

"How...questionably honorable of you."

"Honorable? No, it's simply practicality." Lorenzo answered, though Lee couldn't see it; his smile could be considered smug. Based on the glint in his eyes after all. "After all, I'm only as good as my word; if my word does not hold weight then I am unable to make a profit; or rather, it's much more difficult to do so."

With that, Lorenzo spun on the heel of his left foot and headed back towards Luna's little engagement. His eyes settled on Vendeta, or, well the brief glimpses he got due to the mobian's fast movements. "It's been a delightful conversation Lee, if a little short; we should do this again sometime~!"

Vendeta teleport dashed to the side, dodging the laser blast, and flew at Luna again, aiming to slash at her chest with his sword. Luna rolled her eyes, and the scepter dissipated while a short, curved, dark-violet glowing dagger appeared in her hand. Wtih one elegant motion, Luna deflected Vendeta's slash. Before she could make another action, Mac came slashing at her from behind with Angel, but in response to that Luna created a fiery orange Black-Arm glyph underneath the three of them. She teleported away, and then it exploded, sending Mac catapulting into the air. Vendeta was also hit by the blast, but managed to spin around in mid air and recover.

Lee gasped, then waved towards Mac. His shield would fly away from him, moving to catch the flying tiger as gently as Lee could make it, given it was catching a speeding person. Mac tensed up for a bit, but then he let himself be caught. Without any sort of smile on his face, he stated, "Nice save, twerp." He didn't seem to show specific hostility towards Lee; he was still glaring daggers at Luna as he readied Angel again.

While Vendeta remained in the air, six concentric circles would materialize around Vendeta; moving as he did. However that wasn’t their purpose, their purpose was to release tiny, infinitesimal strings of coding between the six circles in an instant; anything caught within those circles by the code was likely to have the moisture that comprised it dissipate. Essentially causing organic matter to wither and dry up within the span of seconds. Lorenzo had to contribute something to this engagement after all. Vendeta naturally didn't know what the rings were or who they were from, but it was clear he had to get away from them. He teleport dashed through the rings, hoping his teleporting abilities would keep them off him.

Surprisingly, the circles seemed to be a touch more solid this time around; not enough to stop Vendeta completely; rather it was like swimming through a tub full of molasses; likely cutting his speed down tremendously; still, he was able to escape the full effects of the circle.. However, were he to look back; he would notice that water was leaving his body as he pulled himself free.

Mac turned to face Lee. "Alright, I can't beat this freak alone. You willing to help?"

Lee looked over to him, that same deep-seated will ever present from the first time he'd met Mac. Strange how the feelings that had urged him to fight Mac back then now urged him to stand beside the tiger. He nodded, and the construct would rearrange into a rather conspicuous large spring to get him close to Luna.

Mac began crackling with lightning, and he was sent springing at Luna, Angel in hand to slash at her neck. Luna merely lifted two of her fingers, and with just that little effort, she completely blocked Mac's attack, all with a bored expression. Mac grunted and fell to the ground finally, twirling Angel around for some fancy slashes to Luna's side, but Luna was able to deflect all the attacks with very little effort.

Finally, Mac was thrusting Angel to Luna's chest, but her sludgy aura reappeared and he went through her. The aura disappeared at Luna grabbed Mac's foot before he could escape her range, and then she threw him towards Lee. Mac slammed into Lee, toppling him like a cheap jenga game.

Of course, given the spectacularity of the scuffle; Lorenzo couldn’t help but applaud Luna slightly. “An unexpectedly nice throw, perhaps you should work as a stuntman for the sentai genre; hmmm~?”

"What is sentai? Some mortal affair? Hmph, it is beneath me." Luna would then wave her scepter, covering the edge of a nearby building in a purple glow. It'd then fire itself at the duo, and if it smashed them, it'd be able to do a good bit of damage.  Lee managed to throw his hands up, and the shield formed above them. The building would still cover the shield, but under the rubble, they were fine.

”It’s supposedly televised entertainment, though I don’t quite understand why one of my employees told me about it.” Lorenzo shrugged, deconstructing the dust and debris that was likely scattered to the winds as a result of the building colliding with the shield in an instant so as to deny the heroes any sort of potential cover. “Honestly it’s a little cheesy but I can see the appeal, especially after half a bottle of Champaign.” Yeah he was completely ignoring the lingering tension in the air.

Using his psychokinesis, Vendeta lifted up the rubble covering Lee's shield to allow him and Mac to escape while constantly hurling the rocks at Luna. Luna tapped her scepter on the ground, and all of the rocks would turn into light sprinkles, fizzling out of existence. Mac composed himself and stood up, breathing heavily.

"Well... Mackenzie, Vendeta, you two are even more miserable than I remember. And it seems your newest piece of dead weight isn't much of a threat, either," Luna mocked. 

"Is there a story behind this, it sounds a touch more personal~" Lorenzo asked with a rather whimsical smile, though he chose not to do anything direct against the three heroes. After all it seemed as if Luna had things under control, there was no need to interfere too much.

Lee jumped to his feet at being called dead weight. Once upon a time, he would have agreed with her, but the insult just made him angry, and not many things made him angry. Raising a hand upwards, tiny sparkles of blue began to lift a large portion of the surrounding rubble into the air where they halted in place, as if waiting for a command. Chucks of cars, bits of rock, even a street lamp hovered above him like a sea of scrap.

Luna merely chuckled at Lee. "Oh, does the 'dead weight' think he can put up a fight?~ How laughable."

He took a moment to breathe. "I hate to use his tricks, but I don't think I can do anything else right now." Lee pointed his hand at Luna, and the wave of garbage, wreck and metal soared towards Luna as fast as he could make it. A low sonic boom blasted through the air as his attack moved forward.

Lorenzo's eyes narrowed, a feeling of revulsion nearly overtaking him as he saw all the trash and other assorted detritus flying towards Luna, more importantly flying towards his general direction. This could not stand. Without the usual flare, the very ground itself was reshaped; concrete; copper wire, sewer piping; all of it had been broken down and reconstructed in the form of rising pillars; raising up in an attempt to block the spread of trash while also surging towards Lee and causing widespread property damages.

Lee whipped his hand back, recalling the onslaught he'd released, or at least what was left of it. Fully aware of the incoming attack but slowly claming down, he moved his hands around again. The scrap closed in together, forming into a ball, then into a maskshift drill, at least 20 feet in width. Balling his hand into a fist, he swung forward. The tremoundous monstrosity of a weapon flew at the new wall, hopefully shattering it completely. Luna simply smiled, watching the chaos.

Mac, in contrast would start moving towards Lee while twirling Angel in a circular motion, hopefully deflecting some of the incoming garbage pieces flying at them. Vendeta catches any pieces that fly at him with his psychokinesis.

The weapon managed to destroy the wall of debris and scrap that Lorenzo had constructed, however in scattering those pieces everywhere. Lee had sowed the seeds of more carnage as Lorenzo moved to make contact with the large weapon; deconstructing it the second it made contact with his palm before reconstructing numerous smaller variations of it; akin to sowing needles yet numerous.

These needles simply remained in place as Lorenzo tilted his head to stare at Luna. "Far be it from me to question your plan, but don't you think you should move up the timetable just a bit?" He asked, flicking his wrist to send a volley of needles numerous enough to blot out the sun towards Vendeta, Mac and Lee. At the same time; the ground writhed and twisted as shards of metal and concrete practically erupted from the streets and buildings at nearly the same time; the attempt was simple. Spikes rising up from the ground and sides to impale the heroes while their attention was caught by the needles heading towards them with enough speed to punch clean through.

Pulling his hand back again, the bits of sparkles re-absorbed into Lee. "If I can get up a defense, can you two get out?" He asked Mac and Ven, raising a finger in front of him.

Luna's scepter began to blink, and her eyes widened. "Well, look at the time! It seems that all of you are losing the war before it begins, but I care not. Lorenzo, I appreciate the efforts, but I must be going. Here is all of you 'heroes'" parting gift from me." Luna twirled her scepter once, and where Mac, Vendeta, and Lee were standing, a large, random explosion of godly energy, one that they wouldn't be able to detect clearly, erupted. Mac was sent catapulting through the air, through a car that was cut clean in half by the tiger's impact.

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