Space was bleak, to put it simply. On a normal day, it was merely its spacey self, black and brightened in some areas by the burning glow of nearby stars, though most were scattered far, far away from each other. However, on this day in particular, there was a disturbance; racing at speeds easily surpassing light, a magenta beam shot through space, whizzing around stars, asteroids, and debris with ease.

The light stopped and dissipated when it neared a planet, and this planet was Baixo. It had purple skies and a dense atmosphere, and on it were large, purple-furred and green-spotted caterpillar-like creatures that walked on what appeared to be their hind legs. Their activities resembled those of an early human; carrying rocks, using fire, and hunting lesser lifeforms.

Walking among these creatures was yet another strange organism, this one appearing more humanoid than the rest. She was a purple bunny with shaggy purple hair, and at the ends of her hair and ears, red, spiky highlights jagged across. Two black horns poked through her hair on the top of her head, and she had red scales on the back of her hands, along with very dark purple and long nails. She wore a purple, open jacket and a blue undershirt separated by a golden ribbon-like line across her torso, accompanied by black pants and blue and grey shoes with more jagged red edges. Across her neck was a brown scarf with several Black-Arm markings across it. In her hands, she was dangling a star-like grey pendant with a small, green gem in the middle, and she gripped it once she got a look at the other organisms on the planet.

"How repulsive," she vocalized, her voice sounding gruff and harsh as she looked over the Baixons. "It seems the Black-Arms really are the only species in existence that don't disgust me. How unfortunate. I might've required slaves... but oh, well." She looked to the skies and yelled, "Mother!"

In a fierce flash of white light, another bunny manifested next to her. She was white-furred, mostly, but had random streaks of pink and cyan throughout her fur, and she had long, flowing lavender hair. She merely wore a silky grey cloak that was large enough to completely cover her body, save for her arms. "Oh, dear... Do you not prefer Baixo? They're already beginning to evolve into a civilization! Isn't it exciting?!"

"Save it, mother," the purple one answered, rolling her eyes. "I don't share your strong sense of pity. I don't need these foolish creatures' help, they'd do nothing but weigh me down. You already saw my judgement on the Falconians, and even they were much more competent than these clowns."

"You really are picky, Luna," the white one followed, sighing. "I wonder if you're even taking the time to appreciate these planet's inhabitants. The way I see it, it looks like you're only joining for a chance to use... its power."

Luna grinned like a madman after she stated her hypothesis, knowing exactly what "it" was. "You know me too well, Mother," Luna replied, putting her hand out. Instantly, a golden scepter popped into her hand from a purple light, but at the top, a teal gem cut perfectly in half was on the section of the scepter that seemed to be there solely to hold things. "It's abilities are frankly quite intimidating... to my enemies. So what if I want another test run? Baixo is garbage, and I'm the trash collector."

"More like the trash burner," Luna's mother muttered under her breath. "I really liked watching this one grow, but if you insist, my dear." The white bunny clapped twice, and they reappeared in space, with the white bunny floating normally and Luna standing on a pink, generated platform. "Do what you will with it."

"It's what I do best," Luna responded, raising the scepter into the air. It brilliantly shone turquoise before it shot one dark violet flare into the air that shot off directly towards the planet. To Luna, her mother, and the citizens of Baixo, it was one harmless little star-like blast, just big enough to fit in Luna's hand... but its power would be realized once it entered the planet's atmosphere and was about to hit the planet itself.

Here comes my favorite part, Luna thought with excitement. As soon as the flare touched the planet's solid surface, Baixo as a whole was covered in a thick, white light. Seconds later, that white light exploded, sending debris, ice, and corpses of creatures on the planet flying everywhere. Luna grinned once again, looking at the carnage. I will make this entire multiverse bow to my feet.... and then I'll bring you back, my family. And we shall regain our pride. But first... I need to get the other half of this blasted gem. Shortly after that, Luna and her mother turned into the pink light and shot off once again.

A few hours later, a grey tiger wearing a purple shirt, grey jacket, and grey pants warped where Luna and her associate had once been, only to see Baixo in pieces. He gulped. Scale was right. This is insane! He yelled, and his aura flared purple. I have to warn the others! Then, he, too, blasted off in a direction, heading to a planet called Mobius.


Luna the Bunny has gotten a powerful new weapon from an unknown supplier that threatens all the dimensions... but so far, she only has half of it, with other shards being scattered throughout time and space. Unfortunately, she's acquired some allies herself to track the missing pieces down. Fortunately, Kennedy is aware of this incoming threat and warns his friends. But when characters of all kinds began warping into the Lamak Zone due to Luna's disruption, where will they go from there?


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  • Mackenzie the Tiger (MI)
  • Scarlet the Fox (MI)
  • Kennedy the Chaos Tiger (MI)
  • Schnee the Hedgehog (MI)
  • White the Rabbit (MI)
  • Tina the Bat (MI)
  • Lee Prower (Jello)
  • Vane the Chameleon (Jello)
  • Raindrop the Lynx (Jello)
  • Link Prower (Jello)
  • Vendeta the Hedgehog (Skibabble)
  • Dragen the Oblivion (Skibabble)
  • Marcee Archer (Skibabble)
  • Venom the Echidna (GB)
  • Jim the Dog (GB)
  • Lena Fischer (GB)
  • Rain the Sifaka (GB)
  • Chase the Wolf (Lucky)
  • Ishvati Delaroja (Saren)
  • Mars the Wolf (Saren)
  • Kibo the Wolf (Phantom)
  • Ryador the Wolf (Phantom)
  • Cursed!Kibo the Wolf (Phantom)
  • Aegis!Saturn the Wolf (Phantom)
  • Swap!Tenebris the Tiger (Phantom)
  • Reens Maricina (Reens)
  • Xavier Scoria (Xoph)
  • Raindrop Scutes (Jello)


  • Luna the Bunny (MI)
  • Keira the Bunny (MI)
  • Medusa the Snake (MI)
  • Flash the Cheetah (MI)
  • Scratch the Kitsune (MI)
  • Mecha Aqua/Kana (MI)
  • Sephtis Briona the Fifth (MI)
  • Coffin the Bat (MI)
  • The Kine Gang (leaders led by MI; members played by anyone)
  • Scale the Devourer (MI)
  • Raidon the Thorny Devil (SK)
  • Mysta the Cat (SK)
  • Siegfried the Tiger (SK)
  • Keira the Halfling (SK)
  • Scorch the Lion (SK)
  • Brutus the Shark (SK)
  • Tel-Eth (Skibabble)
  • Glass the Gecko (GB)
  • Sickle the Jackal (GB)
  • Locar Du-Mas (Saren)
  • Lorenzo Mapaís (Saren)
  • Spin!Kibo the Wolf (Phantom)
  • Dr. Alexander Nameless the Tiger (Phantom)
  • Tenebris the Tiger (Phantom)
  • Storyflip!Aegis the Cheetah (Phantom)
  • Tenebris!Saturn the Wolf (Phantom)
  • Xophtre (Xoph)


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