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Celty is a female Mobian swallow from the Kronos Mobius dimension. She was born in a small village called Knothole, and when she was around six, she and her mother Lena moved to Mobotropolis so they could open up an Extreme Gear shop there. She and Lena worked and maintained the shop for about ten years- until the then Prince Manik usurped the throne and started ruling the Acorn kingdom with an iron fist.

When this occurred, both Celty and her mom fled along with many other families to safety in the Wolf Pack Nation. Not long after, The Alliance is formed, and a year after King Manik’s takeover of the throne, Celty joins the newly formed Team Freedom, in the hopes of freeing the kingdom.


Celty is a very calm and collected bird, rarely showing her emotions unless they’re very strong. She often likes to take a step back and look at things in an orderly fashion, without making a huge fuss. She also tends to be respectful while speaking to people, even her enemies- however, she can be very rude and vicious with her words if said people (especially her enemies) say or do something she considers to be absolutely abhorrent.

When participating in an Extreme Gear race, Celty’s usually calm nature does a complete 180- she becomes aggressive, extremely competitive, and even loud. She also seems to take great pleasure in insulting the competition, and especially name-calling. Celty also makes it very clear she doesn’t like cheating/playing dirty, and if she finds someone who is doing just that, she will make them regret it. (More info tba)



Celty has blue feathers all over her body except for around her eyes, where she has bright orange feathers. Some of her feathers on her head are parted to resemble bangs, while the rest on the back of her head are poofy and not arranged in any specific way. She has a dark brown beak, and yellow irises. She has an average build for a Mobian.


Celty wears a pair of pink and purple headphones on top of her head, and a pair of small rectangular-rimmed glasses sit upon the top of her beak. She also wears a yellow tank top, which is covered by a usually zipped up sleeveless (and also yellow, albeit darker) jacket. Additionally, she wears a pair of yellow elbow sleeves with bright teal trim around her arms. Celty's blue shorts are held up by a purple and pink belt with pink tassles, and underneath her shorts she wears a pair of bright teal leggings. And finally, she wears dark green shoes with light green soles.