Not much is known about Carlos save for his early life. It is presumed that he passed away, but his sister Reens searches around the clock for any information about him or, hopefully, Carlos himself. (She will find him eventually in the main continuity.)



Carlos typically wore a blue shirt with black shorts and yellow sandals when he was younger. As of now, the creator has shown him wearing a grey zip-up shirt with blue pockets, blue athletic shorts, and blue sneakers with grey soles. He also wears a purple and grey scarf around his neck and black gloves with straps.


As a child, Carlos had to look after his little sister. He was kind enough to her, but eventually started to get fed up with the life he was living. After the death of their father and intense reaction of their mother, Carlos hid his feelings deep inside until exploding one day and leaving the house. The creator believes he is still kind to Reens, but has a tendency to speak to her harshly.


Birth and Early Childhood

Carlos was born in the continent of Eurish in the town of Aildae to his loving parents, Alonzo and Carmen Maricina. His parents immigrated from Soumerca, which is why he gained some of their physical traits. He was three years old when his younger sister, Reens, was born. Since she had a birth defect, most of his parents' time and money was dedicated to finding help for her. As a result, he felt relatively ignored.

When his parents left to see the magician who would give Reens her powers, Carlos stayed behind with his grandparents to look after him. Once they returned, Carlos noticed Reens looked a little different. Carmen and Alonzo explained about her powers (to the degree he could understand) and they never spoke about it afterwards.

The rest of his childhood was ordinary, despite having a younger sister who was fawned over. Secretly, he supported her endeavors and discovery of her powers.

Deaths in the Family


It isn't clear what exactly happened, but it is said that a rival of Alonzo's tampered with important equipment, causing it to malfunction and kill Alonzo in the process.


When the news of Alonzo's death arrived to Carmen, she was devastated due to her intense love for him. The loss caused her to suffer from a mental breakdown. Frightened by his mother's downward spiral, Carlos left the house with necessities, leaving Reens behind.

Present Day

No one knows where Carlos is living and working, nor whether or not he is still alive and well. Reens hasn't given up on searching for him, though, and during her adventures she takes the time to hire private investigators. It could be said that Carlos doesn't want to be found at this time, but Reens will find him eventually.

Powers and Abilities

Carlos does not have any powers. He was slightly jealous of Reens having both aquakinesis and her heart energy as a child, and the creator believes he is still slightly jealous of her powers and adventures.

However, Carlos had the same athletic abilities as Reens, including running, parkour, and lifting several times his own weight. He is also very flexible, taking gymnastics classes with Reens when they were children.



Carlos is very skillful with his hands. He uses them to make works of art, such as painting, sculpting with clay, and woodcarving. His first woodcarving piece was of a slightly misshapen snowman, which Reens keeps on a desk in her apartment.


Carlos also enjoyed science as a child. He would often join Reens in the backyard to conduct science experiments and capture small insects in jars. When his father died, he dropped his love of science. It is unknown whether he went to public school and received a diploma or GED.



Seeing his mother's downward slope and mental break scarred Carlos for life. He never mentioned the incident in front of Reens until he left the house. The creator believes he still has scars, which manifest in panic attacks.

He also has all of the normal weaknesses attributed to a non-super-powered person, such as extreme cold or heat, hunger, thirst, etc.

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