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Chica Nunnally Chica Nunnally 4 days ago

Hello, Everyone

Hello, everybody. I'm Chica Nunnally, and I'm a new member on this wiki.

Honestly, Sonic Fanon Wiki felt like it became little more than a ghost town, so I decided to leave and make a fresh start here.

I look forward to making new friends and reconnecting with old friends.

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Tails2018 Tails2018 4 August 2020

Sunglasses at Night

Maybe there will be something cool tomorrow.

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Leeprower1012 Leeprower1012 21 April 2019

Ask My Characters

Here you can ask any of the characters from this list anything you want, only one rule is included.

1: Stay within the wiki rules.

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MaxIrvaron MaxIrvaron 8 April 2019

Maybe we should....

Host an RP on here sometime! Tha way, our close group of users could just privately brainstorm and have fun. It doesn't even have to be canon, since all that dimension stuff gets old.

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Lucentstar Lucentstar 2 May 2018

Multiverse Theory

I've come up with a theory about how some Sonic fan universes interact with one another, and how characters can travel between them. Below, I'll outline that theory, for the edification of anyone interested; all my characters and fanfics will abide by this theory, and anyone else who wants to is welcome to use this theory for their works as well. (This theory will probably evolve over time. Feel free to comment with suggestions.)

  • 1 Theory
  • 2 Possible Applications
  • 3 Notes
  • 4 Acknowledgements

  • Areas of three-dimensional space which constitute closed systems to the standard laws of physics, hereafter referred to as universes, coexist within a larger quasi-dimensional field of being, hereafter referred to as the multiverse. The multiverse contains many uni…

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