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Alexia the Hedgehog


"If anyone says they're useless, I'll tell them they're not, no matter how many times I need to. All life is precious, and I won't let anyone live on thinking they're an exception!" Images by Xoph and Lee, thank you!

Character Name Alexia
Full Name Alexia "Aqua" Wynter the Hedgehog
Nicknames Aqua
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Hedgehog
Alignment Lawful Good
Relationship Status Single
Height 3'1"
Weight 69 lbs.
Birthplace Green Hill Hut
Current Residence Wild Wind Village
Relatives Cyan the Hedgehog (deceased father)

Tulip the Hedgehog (deceased mother)

Crys the Hedgehog (brother)

Affiliations Guardian, Provider, Apprentice, Explorer
Likes Aqua is a fan of peace and likes times where everything is quiet. She is one of violence's enemies, for she always suggests for things to be settled in a harmonic manner.

She especially likes fruits and veggies, and (on occasion) breakfast foods like cereal, pancakes, and waffles. She usually drinks water.

Aqua, after hearing about Amy's routine, trains with her in boxercising. She is also inspired to work out in other things, so she runs a lot, lifts weights, and generally works out a TON.

Chao. Don't even get me started. After seeing Chocola and Cheese playing, she was like "OH MY GAWD I WANT ONE" and now loves all chao. Angel, Light, Dark, Fire... you name one, she'll like it.

She likes the ocean and all of its magnificent features. The flowing waves, the beautiful coral... it's why she swims a lot.

Dislikes Violence. She hates people getting hurt, and would love it if people would all just get along. People always tell her that she's dreaming of a fantasy, but she never stops believing.

HUH?! HUH?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE LOUD MUSIC THAT SHE HATES! Aqua really, really hates loud music. She doesn't mind quiet, soothing music, but if you put "Live & Learn" at volume two million, she'll leave the room faster than Sonic could ever hope.

She doesn't like candy, other sweets, salty foods, friend foods, fast foods, or milk. She think they're all bad for her... except milk. She just doesn't like it.

Friends Terra the Ocelot (sister-like figure, also crush)

Max Irvaron/Mackenzie the Tiger (brother-like figure... even when he's an asshole. She only views the good in him)

White the Rabbit

Tina the Bat

Sephtis the Eagle

Schnee the Hedgehog (leader)

Sonic & his crew (her heroes)

Foes Luna the Rabbit

Dr. Eggman


White the Rabbit (formerly)

Tina the Bat (formerly)

Sephtis the Eagle (rivalry)

Luna's army

Romantic Interests She has a huge attraction to Terra, but she doesn't show it because she's scared that it'll make Terra hate her and ruin the relationship they have.
Occupation See Affiliations.
Skills Hand-to-hand combat

Could be a very successful doctor

She can speak Chaonese

Can tame Chaos naturally

Abilities {{{Abilities}}}
Powers Hydrokinetic, Aquakinetic, and Cryokinetic abilities (but overuse WILL tire her)
Weaponry {{{Weaponry}}}
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Alexia "Aqua" the Hedgehog is a shy, anthromorphic blue hedgehog who is an FC of MaxIrvaron. She plays as the Bash Sister to Terra the Ocelot. She is still a WIP, however.

Though she used to be the damsel-in-distress character who was simply used for the "shy blue-haired girl" trope, now, she's something more - she's a shy yet intelligent girl who still loves peace, but won't be afraid to pull her punches when the going gets tough and life gets tougher. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Alexia the Hedgehog.


Aqua is a 3'1", 69 pound hedgehog. Her fur is a neutral blue, and her skin is white. Her eyes are light purple, and vertical ovals. She has two eyelashes on each eye. She has two spiky quills that go straight down, and four locks in the front of her face.

She usually wears an cyan-colored jacket that kinda droops when it meets the wrist. Over it, there is a black, strapless tank top over the chest and a dark blue half-shirt on the bottom half, covering her stomach. She never wears gloves - she prefers to just go around with bare hands. Her legs have a streak on them where the rest is dark blue. She wears yellow shoes with white bands above and below them. Her tail is like a zig-zag.

Her usual expression is a smile, because she's usually happy. However, if something wrong happens, her mood and her face can change from happy rainbow to sad dumpster very quickly.


Aqua is a shy girl. She does not do well against big things that she's scared of. However... She isn't a pushover. Well, she kinda is, but that's only if peer pressure situations, which happens a lot, so -_-.

She's brave in her own right - she's just quiet. Very quiet. When she feels like somebody else is taking charge, you can be sure as heck she'll listen to them. She's the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" type of girl who simply follows instructions given. Though she won't pipe up to take charge, she won't decline if someone suggests her to be the leader, though chances are she'll get really shaky and need some help.

Aqua depends on her friends for everything. If one of them dies, you can bet she'll be crying for two months (long enough to be mistaken for having bipolar disorder). They make her feel useful, and she carries on that kindness to others. It's like a path to what she thinks is the purpose of life - if you can't do good, then what are you doing, really? Are you just going to set out to make a bad mark on the world, or are you just going to give hugs? Aqua does the latter.

Aqua has no idea how to stand up for herself. If someone is a jerk to her, she'll probably ask them to stop and leave, albeit very quietly and nervously. She needs to learn how to be tougher, but this conflicts with her mindset, because she thinks that everyone else has to be softer. Due to this, she is very fragile, especially compared to her older friends (she's the youngest of the cast, only being 15 - the average is 18, and yes, I did the math).

Aqua is easily the most innocent of the gang. You have a silent bookworm, a cocky/deadpan snarker, a used-to-be criminal who loves to sass folks, an agent who loves to whip people into shape, a thief who treats everyone like a child, a village guardian who people better give respect, and a socially awkward thief. Now, read all those, and keep in mind that Aqua is simply a village guardian who loves peace.

Alexia is prone to stammering, sighing, and stopping mid-sentence. This usually happens when she is with new people, but not as oftenly with her friends. This is mostly caused by her shyness, though.


Way Back When

Aqua was born in the Green Hill Hut, a hut in... Green Hill Zone. It was extremely peaceful and laid-back there - everyone usually got along, and they all had a generally pacifistic attitude and outlook on life. Their lives were fun and all, but the only reason that such a calm tribe of sorts had lasted so long was because of a moment that had pretty much been branded into their history.

Similarly to echidnas, Chaos went on a rampage and attacked the tribe a few eons ago, and they were all powerless to stop him. He was so infuriated, not even Tikal could stop him - it looked like Aqua's tribe was going to be wiped from history. But them, wanting to not die, begged for his forgiveness, saying that if he let them live, that they would always be his servants in need.

Chaos accepted and gave them the gift of aqua/hydrokinesis. But before they left, Tikal left them with a prophecy - something like this would happen again, and that someone in their tribe with sacred ice powers would help seal Chaos back, saving them from any further trouble. But for the time being, Chaos was their god, so the tribe was usually helping out with things that worshipped Chaos, like building shrines, cleaning polluted water, and doing whatever then could to make Chaos happy.

Now, there was something worth mentioning, and that was the fact that while the whole story of Chaos was mostly regarded as fact, the prophecy Tikal had left had been lost in time, with no one even bothering to remember it - so, when Alexia demonstrated that she also had control over ice, despite the fact that she was the first ever cryokinetic in the history of the tribe, no one really reacted.

Things were relatively normal until one fateful day, Dr. Eggman had gotten some strange mystical energy signatures from the Green Hill Hut (specifically, from Aqua), and wanted to find out what it was, thinking it was an Emerald. His robots attacked, and a lot of people who were in the hut got robotized and tried to kill Aqua. Cyan and Tulip protected her and unrobotized the hut members. After the attack, they all decided to move somewhere else...

Onwards, to the Chemical Plant Zone, where Eggman attacked again!... Only this time, he killed some people... And then they moved again and again and again. However, the tribe members were usually safe from his attacks, and the hut was happy.

However, Alexia had an older brother named Crys. He was... strange, to say the least. He was incredibly introverted, paid no attention to the Chaos worshipping, and was rarely ever home. One day, he left the hut without a word, only for Cyan and Tulip to question where he went a day later. The tribe searched for him for a month before giving up. With much sadness, Alexia's family decided that he was probably dead, and that though it was very difficult losing a relative who was oh-so close to them, they would eventually have to move on.

A day after that, Cyan was found impaled with a yellow ice sword, and Tulip was missing. Now, tribe members were sure that people were out for her family - Crys and Tulip disappearing, and Cyan had been killed. Alexia was absolutely horrified, and when they told her to run and leave no trace of herself, she didn't waste any time. She packed her bags and ran for the hills.

The Journey Begins!

Aqua needed somewhere to stay. She decided to explore the world to find a home, and found the Wild Wind Village, an Anti-Eggman Village and a part of the Flora Cats Tribe. She was scared, lonely, and scarred, and though most of the villagers could see that, one particular ocelot named Terra (who seemed to be the village's guardian) doubted how sincere Alexia was, saying that it could be a ploy from an enemy to infiltrate the village and destroy it from the inside. Alexia tried her best to convince her, but to no avail. One of the elders managed to get Terra to budge, however, saying that if they were looking at it that way, then they should've at least heard her story and given her a chance to prove her worth.

Alexia, with many tears, told them about everything - the Eggman attacks (which everyone, especially Terra, showed great disapproval of) and the mysterious murder and disappearance (which just overall frightened everyone). They now seemed more willing, but Terra (now looking more mentally troubled about whether she wanted to let the hedgehog in or not) asked completely frankly if Alexia had good will, to which Alexia replied that though they had no good reason to trust her, she was just an earnest refugee looking for a place to stay, and no matter what she had to do to prove it to her, she'd do it. This finally got the ocelot to change her decision, allowing Alexia to join the village.

Alexia would observe and watch as the village life continued and word of a refugee spread. The village wasn't exactly as peaceful, and it wasn't her home just yet, but for the time being, Alexia knew that she could find comfort in it, especially since everyone was so welcoming to her and told her that they were extremely sorry for her loss (which usually resulted in Alexia tearing up, thinking about her parents, but she appreciated the thought nonetheless).

One thing Alexia witnessed a lot of the time was Terra's pure determination to contribute to the village, always protecting them from threats, going to the market to get supplies, etc. In a way, she was everything Alexia was not, and frankly, what she wanted to be. Deciding that it'd be good to both get to know Terra and show the village that she wasn't an enemy, after days of thinking about it, Alexia offered to be Terra's apprentice.

She seemed to have caught Terra off-guard with her offer, but the ocelot said yes, seeming more happy than usual. However, she said that the softie Alexia was wasn't going to be able to stand up for the village, so she'd have to undergo a lot of training to really show that serious about helping the village. But Terra didn't show any anger while saying this - in fact, she sounded more excited about the entire ordeal.

Over time, Alexia and Terra would spend time together both training (and in the beginning, Alexia honestly sucked at it, but she was determined to improve, which seemed to get on Terra's good side) and hanging out. After becoming her apprentice, Alexia felt like Terra had a soft side too, and behind her lonely exterior, she was a friendly and likable woman... that Alexia eventually grew to have a crush on (though she usually ignored these feelings). One fact was definitely true for Alexia, however - life was looking up.

A Wild Wind Rescue!

As she was with the Wild Wind Village, everything was nice. Though being Terra's apprentice was brutal, Alexia always aimed to not disappoint and gave her everything in whatever was thrown at her. She sought to perfect her water and ice powers, and defended everyone when danger rose to challenge her.

One day, however, a new threat emerged. Metal Sonic - a modified Metal Sonic called Turbo Metal Sonic, to be exact - was searching for new victims with an impressive amount of power to roboticize. Eggman had sent the robot doppleganger to kidnap anyone who seemed like they were worth kidnapping and to kidnap Alexia (knocking two birds with one stone), and unfortunately for Alexia and Terra, the Wild Wind Village was the first place he attacked. Aqua and Terra tried their best to defend the village, but Metal Sonic quickly subdued the two and went further on to attack the villagers.

Later, Aqua found herself in a tube, waiting to be roboticized. Eggman was getting all prepared for the roboticization to begin, and Aqua was immensely disappointed in herself. She wasn't going to let all of those innocent villagers be roboticized so easily, so she froze the system Eggman was using, causing it to explode and the explosion letting her out of her tube. She then Spin Dashed everyone out of their tunes, freeing them all.

The roboticization process was destroyed, and the villagers along with countless civilians were freed out of Eggman's clutches. Eggman, not able to believe he was going to let them go so easily, initiated the self-destruct sequence on the base, and sent Metal Sonic and another one of his bots that was very large named 632-RK to keep the inmates busy before fleeing. That was when a red-furred fox with orange hair kicked her way into the base and opened a hole, giving escape routes to everyone. The fox would then fight Metal Sonic to stop him from hassling them. However, RK was still there, leaving Terra and Alexia to battle it for their freedom.

After an intense and troubling battle, Alexia, Terra, and everyone else escaped, and not soon after, Scarlet defeated Metal Sonic, and quickly ran before the base could explode (as Eggman had set it) with Metal in it. Scarlet offered everyone a ride home in the Scarlet Cycle (her air-cycle) but not wanting to get separated, the group walked home.

Alexia and Terra then confronted Scarlet and rewarded her for her deeds, giving some of the village's profits and many thanks to her. Alexia said that she wanted to know more about Scarlet along with Terra, so Scarlet took them to Hartley Mansions and introduced the pair to Mac, one of her adventurous friends. The four would all grow closer and become a quartet, making Aqua and Terra a part of the gang.

Konton Chaos

Aqua did not play the most important of roles in this part of the timeline, but she did show up to help the others with subduing Konton (though she did more defending than attacking). She did not stand much of a chance against the Green Terror, but she was able to take a few hits before being defeated.

When Konton was beaten and transformed by a now unconscious Mac, she and Terra hurried everyone to the Wild Wind Village and she treated both of their wounds (even though they told her to ignore Konton). When they were both conscious, she was happy that "Konton" (who now went under the name of Kennedy McLeod) was now a new person.

Luna's Onslaught

Time came and went. Ever since the whole kidnapping incident coupled with their failure against Konton, while Terra and Alexia had both been trying to generally heal up, Terra seems more.... shaken. Far more discouraged than Alexia had been after their complete defeat. She'd seemed really doubtful lately, even when they did something as simple as going to the Trikon City mall to get fancy new materials. But Terra definitely wasn't the same, not after the battle against Konton.

Alexia had tried her best to cheer Terra up, but she didn't have any idea how to. She could've convinced Terra that it was a lost cause, but that would completely break Terra's pride, and Alexia knew that wouldn't be good for anyone but the future villains that they'd eventually encounter. She could've also told terra that she'd tried her best, but that would just be giving her a participation award, and Aqua knew that wouldn't be any good either. It wasn't just Alexia, either - practically everyone in the village noticed Terra's decline in enthusiasm, so they were all worried.

Things were looking bleak for Wild Wind Village already, so of course things had to turn even worse. A few days after all of this had gone down, a purple rabbit with strange and unknown clothing came into the village, saying that she was but a humble traveler who wondered if she could've gotten some food. Though Alexia had a very doubtful feeling about her, Terra reminded her that Aqua herself was similar when she first came, so they let her into the village. The traveler thanked them multiple times, and found a hut to stay.

With so much happening around them, Alexia realized just how scared and afraid Terra was. Scared of not being worthy to be called a guardian, worried that she's a disappointment... it was like Terra was having the same exact troubles that Alexia was. Alexia, realizing how bad of a buddy she would be if she didn't help out when Terra would've helped her out, decided to talk to Terra. She asked Terra how she was doing, and the ocelot responded with a nonchalant "Stressed." Deciding to just jump into the topic instead of dancing around it, Alexia told Terra that she needed to mature, trying to imitate what Terra would've said to her if their roles were reversed.

This was definitely not what either of them was expecting, and Alexia felt like she was being incredibly rude and was only making things worse, so she tried to go away. Terra, however, called out to her and earnestly told her to continue, giving Alexia a bit more courage. She said that she needed to mature, for believing that she was unstoppable and getting down every time she didn't win wasn't something that was going to benefit anyone, and quite frankly showed cocky behavior. She said that she needed to realize that there was always going to be someone better than her, but if she couldn't deal with that simple fact, she was going to drive herself crazy.

Terra seemed really affected by their speech, and they shared a nice moment of silence, just friends relaxing. It didn't last long, however, because a few seconds later, there was a large purple explosion.... and the corpse of a nursing villager. Out of the hut came the cackling traveler, who was now shimmering with a bright purple aura. Terra asked her who she thought she was, and the traveler told them the truth - her name was Luna Raven, she was a part of the nearly-extinct species of "Black-Arms" while also being half-bunny, and that she was going to take revenge for them all by killing every Mobian on the planet. At the mention of Black-Arms, Terra seemed miffed, but she knew that this woman could've killed everyone in the village if she wanted to. Telling Alexia to go evacuate the villagers, Terra looked to Luna and dashed at her while Alexia rushed to save the villagers.

After she was assured that most of them had been taken out of the village and were safely protected by an ice dome, Alexia headed back to see that... Terra wasn't doing too bad against the invader. Sure, the invader was winning the battle - they both knew that was what was going to happen. Alexia didn't like how it was going, though - no matter how well Terra was doing, she knew she wasn't going to be able to really help without directly harming the invader.... or could she? With quick thinking, Alexia created an orb of ice around Luna, before giving Terra a thumbs-up. The ocelot smiled before punting the genocidal attacker the heck out of the village, allowing the other villagers to come back.

Alexia and Terra were both regarded as heroes when the whole ordeal was over, and the two were happy that Terra had gotten her confidence back and that they got Luna out of there. But Alexia had a feeling that that was not going to be the last of the bunny that they were going to see.

A Harsh Punishment - Mac and Luna's Rematch!

Alexia really hated being right.

It was a few weeks after their first encounter with Luna. The victim she'd murdered (along with several others killed by her) had their funerals, and tears were shed, but Alexia and Terra were still generally seen as heroes to the public for stopping Luna before things got too much worse. However, Alexia soon got an urgent call from Mac, telling her and Terra that they needed to get into Trikon at his mansion as soon as possible. Terra argued with him, saying that they'd just fought off a threat recently and the village was still repairing, but Mac told them that there was some crazy woman who'd kidnapped his sister, and while Terra was still on the fence about the whole situation, Alexia told Terra that Mac probably would've done the same for her, to which point Terra finally caved in and decided to see what this situation was all about.

Mac explained that he'd gotten a note from this "Serene" character who was a genocidal maniac who needed to be stopped. Alexia was keen on listening for a while, but after she'd heard a fair amount, she asked what "Serene" looked like. After she asked them, she paused a took a heavy sigh when she thought was working everything out... and he was. He was putting two and two together - the attack on the village, why Alexia knew so much, why they were hesitant to leave. Terra revealed that her real name from Luna, and that she was a Black-Arm that was trying to get revenge on this planet. Mac thanked them for the information before telling everyone that Luna wanted them to meet in Lotking. If they could get there, then they'd be able to battle her ("O-Or t-t-talk things out!" -Alexia), win against her, and save Marlee.

When they headed to the outskirts of Lotking, they were intercepted by three mysterious characters - a grey bat, a white rabbit, and a young purple eagle. Mac didn't waste any time to zap away to find his sister, and Kennedy, after a few sighs, decided to follow him. Scarlet asked the trio who they were, and they said that they were Luna's "partners." Scarlet mocked them on how loosely they were using that definition, but they further explained that Luna was the dominating force in the battle, and that it was better to work with the stronger force. No more words were said, and it was clear that a battle was going to begin.

While the white rabbit and the purple eagle attacked Terra and Scarlet respectively (and Alexia worried that the boys would defeat them), Alexia would head to the grey bat. She seemed relatively... meek compared to the other two. The rabbit sent off a "it's eat or be eaten" vibe and the eagle just looked young and immature, but Alexia could see the hesitation in the bat's eyes. So, instead of fighting her, Alexia kindly asked why she was doing this.

The bat explained to her that the rabbit was a childhood friend of hers that had met Luna, and he had roped her into this whole mess. Alexia could relate to being roped into messes (usually by Mac), but she still asked why she couldn't just find another, non-murderous solution. The bat sighed and said that the rabbit might've actually been right - it's possible she could've been one of Luna's victims if she wasn't one of her teammates. Alexia, deciding that using normal people logic wasn't going to get through to her, described Luna's attack on the village to the bat. She said that Luna didn't seem like the type of person who would see a partner as anything more than a peasant, and that whether you were with or against her, Luna seemed like the type to turn on her alleged "friends" in an instant.

The bat was silent for a bit before releasing a sonic scream that blasted Alexia back. Alexia, her ears ringing, tried to yell that she didn't have to do this, but then Tina replied that there was no other way. She said that if she was going to die either way, she might as well avoid her death as soon as possible, but Alexia said that thinking was for someone who was frankly cowardly and didn't have enough of an identity. This finally seemed to get through to the bat, and she stopped her attack on Alexia, giving the hedgehog some time to breathe.

Soon, Scarlet was beginning to head towards the rabbit, with her opponent seeming to be very close to unconscious, but the rabbit grabbed his downed teammate and jumped back towards Tina. They seemed to have a small conversation before ceasing their attack. Alexia took the opportunity to check on Terra. The rabbit seemed to have beaten her down, and Alexia knew how she reacted the last time she was defeated by a stronger opponent, so she asked if the ocelot was okay. Terra gave her a faint smile and said that she couldn't overreact every time she was defeated, and her and Alexia shared a grateful laugh.

Heading back towards the trio that was antagonizing them, Alexia asked them (more specifically, the two boys) who they were and why they were doing this. The rabbit revealed his name was White Ainekas, and he explained that it'd be smarter to work with the stronger side than against it. Scarlet said that they were true idiots for thinking that way, and if they continued down that road, that innocent people were going to die. This seemed to finally get through to everyone but the eagle, and they bid the three girls farewell before retreating.

Scarlet didn't waste any time to dash towards where she sensed Mac and Kennedy, but Alexia knew that Terra was damaged from her battle, so she stayed back to make sue Terra was alright. Afterwards, she and Terra also went to see how things were going, and although Mac and Kennedy were both extremely bruised, the look on their faces told them that they'd won. Alexia smiled and glomped Kennedy, saying that she was worried that he wouldn't make it back. Kennedy replied saying that he wouldn't ever leave her, and though Mac showed his distaste for the scene, he managed to convince them to follow him as they went to go find Marlee.

Mac searched for his sister using energy signatures, allowing him to track her. However, when they found the house she was in, there was nothing but a purple energy clone of Mac - created by Luna, Aqua assumed. While she thought Mac would be disappointed by this, it looked like he was still smiling as he finally announced that the whole Luna situation was over.

The Curse of Day

Training Clearing Encounter

Secret Discord

Alexia's Disappearance & Kidnapping


Aqua was born with water and ice-related powers. She can make them come out of nowhere, she can make them hot of colder, and though she could control someone's bodily fluids, she has no idea how to. She is very proficient with the water part of her abilities, but with the ice, you shouldn't really count on it to be perfect, for she only knows how to make ice objects and how to freeze water. She can turn her whole body into water or ice, or even make a sculpture if herself that she can use to defend herself.


Aqua doesn't have many thing "special" about her. But she does have a few things that are easy to miss if you only know her for a few seconds. These are...

Alexia has super-fast reflexes, reaction speeds, and speed in general. This is a recessive trait among hedgehogs (no, I'm not making this up, it was confirmed in Sonic Chronicles), so it's only natural she would have it. However, her ice abilities make her more slippery, so she can't just run and run and stop suddenly. Her training with Terra, who is also known for her speed, also helps with this.

She also has a photographic memory. If she sees something, there's a very low chance she won't remember it. This has helped her in "detective" work in the past, and is still clear in her skillset today. However, she won't remember things she doesn't want to remember, and if she's knocked out right after, she won't remember what happened.

Also, due to being sent flying through time and space to witness the events of Secret Discord, Alexia has a slight sense of precognition. This has helped her with her reaction speed, and combined with her photographic memory, she can predict and remember.


Knows things about hand-to-hand combat, thanks to Amy and Terra's teaching. When she fights, she fights with her arms. She's kinda experienced, but she doesn't exactly do it a lot, so... -_- ...yeah. She is the least experienced of the crew, which justifies why one of them is always near to protect her. She can't even take down a bank robber by herself, something that everyone else can do in five seconds. Hence the fact that she is Terra's apprentice.

She has no healing powers, but with the right materials, she could heal someone from a fatal accident. She's saved a number of people from dying, and when she gets a bit older, she wants to be a doctor. She keeps Healing Elemental Rings in the village.

She can swim! In fact, she can hold her breath for an especially long time, which isn't a rare trait among OCs, but hey, it's still worth noting... She has perfect sight underwater, and could do an eye doctor test in the water and still get every letter right. But this "enhanced eyesight" is only in water - in air, her sight is as normal as possible.

Chao, chao chao chao chao! (She can speak to Chao, even if they only say chao!) Chao chao chao chao chao chao chao chao, chao. (She learned this ability from one of the village elders, and she is still practicing. She is very proficient with this skill.) Chao chao chao chao chao chao, chao chao chao. Chao chao chao chao-chao chao chao chao chao chao. (However, she still has lots to learn, hence the fact she is still practicing, not an A-Rank. She is still good enough to speak with her chao, though.)


Wild Aqua

Her fur turns half orange and half black, and she loses her pupils and irises. This form is as strong as anyone's Super form. She can only get into this form when really, really, really mad. She can see in the dark, breathe underwater, and sense energy; other than that, she doesn't get anything new. However, she can lose control when in this form for too long, and long for this form is five minutes. Speaking of which, there's a five minute time limit, so you can't save up energy in this form, or else just as you're about to use your attack, you turn back into your base form.


Aqua is soft and fragile, and she does not take jerks well. She can be seen as a person who is weak and scared to voice her opinion, and that's because... well, at times, she is.

Aqua can be a pushover at times. She is prone to peer pressure to an extent, and could easily be pushed around around jerks. In fact, if she didn't have brave friends like Max and Terra... I dunno how she'd survive.

Aqua is peaceful... to a flaw. Mega world-destroying robot on the loose? Everyone else'll agree and say that it needs to be destroyed, but she'll look for the good in it, confront, be a counselor-like figure... and then get knocked into a nearby skyscraper.

Aqua is especially weak in her leg area; she can't do JACK with her legs other than walking. Due to her poor lower body strength, a kick feels like a poke to whoever she's kicking.

She NEVER uses weapons; if an enemy can only be killed by using something like a Holy Sword, you better count on someone else to do it. She really hates firearms like guns, rifles, and machine guns.

Also, she gets motion sickness. If you bring her on a car, plane, jet, helicopter, some Extreme Gear, surf board (that's sad), or bus, please bring a barf bag.





  • Eggman

Aqua and Eggman have a weird relationship. Aqua sees that he could use his smarts to make the world a great place, but instead, he tries to make it his paradise. Aqua gets really annoyed with him, and whenever the time comes, she'll help stop his evil plans, even if it means that someone will have to get hurt. She also holds a grudge against him for attacking her village and kidnapping most of the people, including her.

Eggman sees Aqua as an annoying little pest that needs to be exterminated. Other than that, he doesn't really care 'bout her, for he doesn't know she was the one with immense power.

  • Metal Son- y'know, let's get this done with. Aqua hates Metal for kidnapping her, and Metal Sonic sees her as a threat. Done.



When Alexia got to know more about Scarlet, she also ended up meeting the fox's bestie, Mackenzie Hartley. At first, neither really cared about the other - Alexia was so busy with the village and repairs she didn't have time to go make new friends, and Mac had already been turned off by Terra's behavior, so he assumed Alexia wouldn't be different. However, once Mac went on a dangerous mission to retrieve a core before it exploded, and Alexia, wanting to see what exactly Mac did for a living, followed. Eventually, the core exploded, but Alexia (who came out of literally nowhere to Mac) was the one to cool it down. Mac confronted her, but then, he found out she was kind of cool, and she taught him that it was okay to get help on missions.

Later days, Mac and Aqua would get to know each other more, and Alexia saw Mac as a humorous and fun but pretty immature individual. Mac and her have a brother-sister like relationship, that is, if Mac was the rebellious older brother who didn't care so much for the rules.

When Aqua came to Wild Wind Village, she was scared. Her parents had been killed and her brother had disappeared, so she was scared to death, and also pretty desperate. When she met Terra, who was guarding the village, she could tell instantly what type of person she was, so she knew she'd have to earn her trust, not just take refuge without helping them at all. Over this period of time, Alexia saw Terra and how responsible and dedicated she was, and frankly, it made her a little jealous. She'd always been such a shy and timid individual, but Terra was closer to how she really wanted to be. So, putting her fears aside, Alexia asked Terra if she could assist with guarding and leading the village. Terra fortunately said yes, taking Alexia along as her apprentice.

Now, that off-putting and cold demeanor she was used to seeing of Terra was all gone. When they changed from clanmates to partners, Terra seemed to find her a lot more likeable, and Alexia the same. The two always had each other's backs, no matter what type of danger they were in, which was a pretty big step for Alexia, having some who could finally help her conquer her fears and place her worries aside. Along with that, Terra has seemed generally more emotional and kind to people ever since she and Alexia became best friends. However, here's where a tiny flaw in their relationship comes in - while Terra sees the two as sisters, Alexia actually has a crush on Terra, admiring her fearlessness, her compassion, and her will. So, sometimes, this can make situations between the two awkward due to this disconnect, especially since Alexia never plans on revealing her crush to the ocelot.

Scarlet and Aqua have a mutual friendship. As Scarlet was the one who saved her and Terra from Eggman, Alexia thinks that she is forever in Scarlet's debt. Scarlet doesn't think highly of Alexia, but still sees her as a friend. Scarlet, knowing how fragile Alexia is, always a tempts to protect her from possible threats. However, Alexia notices that Scarlet seems to be a little jealous of her, for whatever reason.

Alexia sees Kennedy as a really good older brother figure in her life, one that she really thought she needed ever since Crys' disappearance. Due to Kennedy's calm and protective nature, the two compliment each other well, with neither ever faltering to open up to one another. Kennedy also has a pretty good relationship with Terra, so that allows the two of them to interact and hang out much more than usual. They place all their trust in one another, making their relationship go really well.

  • Schnee the Hedgehog

Schnee and Alexia... oh, where do we even start with those two? Schnee is not like anyone Alexia has ever met - not even Mac was as upbeat, extroverted and friendly as Schnee was when they first met. When Alexia learned that Schnee had been part of the search of her when Luna had taken her, it allowed her to appreciate Schnee more than she normally would've, and Schnee got to know more about her in person. The two, along with Terra, all complete each other - despite their vastly different personalities and natures, they all get along really well, which is why they decided to become a "team," Team Saturn.

Ever since her first "battle" with Tina, Alexia could pretty much sense the conflict between Tina and the world she was stuck in. When the two first had their conversation, they were able to completely put their trust in one another, which was strange, because their friends were all duking it out. Meanwhile, Alexia and Tina have a very good relationship, two people who don't exactly like the violent setting they're in but deal with it anyway. Alexia is actually one of the reasons, Tina decided to introduce her and the rest of Team Watts to the main group.

When Alexia first met White, she got a very cold, very cynical vibe from him, and she was very scared that that was how he was going to be - someone who could only see the selfish and negative aspects of life without being able to appreciate the positive ones. However, when actually getting to know him, Alexia found out that though he had a slightly cynical perception of the world, he was actually a nice guy who was likable because he both had that serious air to him, but still some of that charm. Though they don't really interact too much, they have good amounts of faith in each other.

Foes and Rivals

Sephtis and Alexia tend to flat-out be the opposites of each other. Alexia is a shy, humble pacifist while Sephtis is a cocky and boastful warmonger. Ever since Sephtis had stopped assassinating people again, Alexia never really got a good vibe from him - he still seemed like pretty much the same person as before Luna's whole interruption. Alexia sees Sephtis as a dangerous person, and she honestly doubts f he can be trusted, the two don't hang out together that much, and they usually avoid conversation, but a lot of the time, if they do interact, it usually isn't positive.

Alexia was never able to really get a good look at Luna - she just seemed like someone who had no positive qualities whatsoever, and that was actually pretty difficult for Alexia to process, for she believed that everyone had a bit of good in them. However, she could see just how warped Luna was when she attacked the village, and though it was hard, she knew that Luna was a large threat who needed to be stopped. However, even to this day, she still wonders what would've happened if she could've had a heart-to-heart conversation with Luna and not always be placed in an intense situation with her.



Purity and Strictly (Orie's Theme)

The rushing, light tone of the song represents Aqua.


  • First hero! Yay!
  • First hedgehog! Clich-yay!
  • Aqua is bisexual, showing interest in both genders.
  • Aqua does not do well with Extreme Gear, or vehicles in general. Thanks to her motion sickness, she'll only get on some if she's forced to, or it's really important.
  • Alexia adores ice cream, and cold foods in general. In fact, she loves it so much that when it's even mentioned, she becomes far more talkative and excited.
  • Alexia's voice actor is Brianna Knickerbocker. After DoD, her voice actor is changed to Christina Vee.
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