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Kara tries to explain the bizarre coincidences of her listener.


Hey, um, hi, it's me, Kara. Not sure if you'd remember this, but here goes.

The day after you might have stopped remembering, I took you over to Oil Ocean to test out your abilities, because you'd become Nega, as I like to call it. In short, you were super powerful, but I didn't know quite how powerful, so I went over to Oil Ocean to check.

Dad wasn't pleased. He didn't like that I'd left Metropolis and gone over to a dangerous and polluted bit of the island, so he came chasing after me in a big coat, to protect him from the oil, the moment he realized I was gone.

"Hey, Kara!" he yelled, just as I was about to start testing your powers. "What're you doing out here?"

I decided that it was best to pretend that I didn't know him, so he'd go away. "I don't talk to strangers," I said tartly.

"Kara, it's your dad, Yarden!" he said. "What, you don't recognize the coat or something?"

"Maybe this would work better if I could see your face," I said.

Predictably, he didn't raise the hood. I mean, who would? It was Oil Ocean, man. You'd get hit in the face as likely as not and that would take forever to wash off.

"Fine, you beat me," he said, "I'll show you the coat when you get home." Then he walked off, muttering, "I trained her too well." I think he seriously thought I couldn't hear him. I take that as a compliment to my hearing.

After he'd left, I pulled you out of my backpack and tried out your powers. Seriously, those powers were amazing! I mean, sure, you sank a platform and knocked over one of the standing columns, but who's going to notice?

Then I took you home.

When I got back to college, I wouldn't tell anybody about you, because they'd react violently. I knew it. I mean, your best or second-best or friend of some degree comes back to college and says "Hey, I sucked the life force out of a Wisp and he's still behaving normally," they'd stop me halfway through that sentence and say "Kara, you're a monster!" Maybe I am a monster. But that's irrelevant. What's important is—

Maybe now's not the best time to say it, but I think I have to do it some time, and what else is there to say about your past? So here goes.

Officially, you are…

you have…

"passed away".

I had to kill you when you got out of control.

Let me be clear, I just killed your body, and if you're reading this, then my theory that your life energy can be placed into a new vessel and thus bring you back to life is correct. But for now, you're kinda…dead. I think. As of the time of this writing.

Well, anyway, I hope that helps. If you see this, this means that you're in a new body, safe and sound, and I've entrusted you to read this so you'd get your memories back from…after you'd remember. Let's put it that way.

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